24 Dec 2014

Best working Xposed modules for Motorola Moto devices

If you are an android enthusiast and you are here reading this then you might be a kind for person who loves to customise their device according to your needs.The first step first which paves a way for ultimate customisation is obtaining root access for your android device.No matter how costly our android device is at one point of time you will sure root your device and flash custom Roms and kernels.

In earlier days, it was difficult for a noob to root his device.But now android development community have come a long way.You can now simply root your device with just a click on your computer or simply use a apk file on android device itself to root it.

Alright after having root access we general go for root apps first to customise or improve its performance.Final thing we all do is "flash a custom rom".But flashing a custom Rom is not every ones cup of coffee.Any wrong step can lead to a complete disaster.If you don't want to flash a custom Rom but want features of other Rom's you can still have it on your stock Rom if you have root access with the help of xposed framework and modules.

Xposed frame is a tools which allows us to modify stock framework and tweak it using modules. There are lot of modules that you should try for sure.But here I present you best xposed modules for customising your Motorola moto series devices.

We still lack a Lot of stable Rom for our devices . if you have used a custom Rom you will definitely know the  pain in losing the features of custom Roms if the Rom is unstable.For beginners its definitely hard to try each custom and explore its features.You can actually enjoy  some of  those custom Rom features  on stock Rom by using xposed frame work. Here are some of the modules that work just great on all Motorola devices.
These are the some cool modules that are working great on Motorola moto devices:
  • Battery History XXl;
  • Boot Manager
  • CPU frequency in status bar
  • Cyanlockscreen
  • GravityboxKK
  • Eggster
Note:After installation of each module you have to activate it reboot at least once to try its features.

1.Battery History XXl:
If you would like to know which app is draining battery a lot you might be trying lot of battery stats apps from play store because our built in battery stats would not give a glance of  all the apps battery usage.  Its  actually limited.If you don't want to use any other apps to get battery stats.you can try this module .This module  doesn't provide any user interface.After installation and activating the module reboot the phone.Go to settings.click on battery. and then you will observe a big list of all the apps and their battery consumption.
2.Boot manager
This modules  shows you what apps are starting at boot up.if you don't want to a app to start at boot up you can deny it to boot at start up.
here the ui of this app
3.CPU frequency in status bar.
This modules enables the CPU frequency to be shown on status bar. You can see  CPU usage on status bar while using apps. the 300 shown in the pic is actually the CPU frequency in MHz wile using that app.
4.Cyan lock screen
We all try to make our phone as secured as possible either by using a pin or pattern or a password.
majority  use  patter lock because its fun to use.but the patter lock is that we have is too simple . it has a grid size of 4*4. his module  enables grid size to be increased to 5*5 and even 6*6.
5.Gravity box KK
Gravity box is simply aggregation of  most of the features  from the custom Roms.Its gives a pack of all the features of custom Roms to be included in just one module.
It has mods from lock screen to fonts.
 Features :
1.Lock screen tweaks
2.Status bar tweaks.
3.Navigation bar tweaks
4.Pie controls
5.Display tweak
6.Launcher tweaks and much more to explore in this module
you can put a custom lock screen wallpaper you can even blur it. you can modify the notification panel too .
6. Eggster
you all that tapping on android verison will reveal a surprise animation in android called Easter egg.
this modules enables the type of Easter egg you want to see you tap on android version ..this modules gives you about 6 Easter eggs to enjoy it.
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