25 Dec 2014

Getting Free Recharges Spam Explained !

You wont deny when someone offers you a free recharge  just by installing  apps.

If you just search for "recharge" in playstore you will be seeing  hundreds of apps which are offering recharges/coupons if you install and try the apps they provide.

They sure will offer you money/coupons if you try those apps.

They will offer you more money when you refer that app to your friends/family. Sounds good right . Its actually for those app promotion they will offer you money when refer it to some one.

you have to refer it  by sharing a specially generated link  (thats only for you) either by whatsapp, bluetooth,facebook,or any social networking site.

for example take a ladoo app. Install it from playstore and try apps they provide. you will sure get money/recharge for installing the suggested apps. you can  refer that app(ladoo) to others you will get some referral . it generates a link/promocode for you so that you can share it with your friends to get referral amount.
let referral link  be "https://ladoo.com/46456451"  randomly typed link.

when the person/friend clicks on that link it will be directed to playstore .again its not a spam

But the link generated is misused by lot of people and its a spam. You might be wondering how  it could be a spam?

If all are benefited by it it will not be a spam.  But only some users are making it a spam by  posting the referral links in groups with some modified/photoshoped picture saying that they so and so amount by installing the with that specifed links.

If you click the link playstore will open up and you will be a able to install that apps without searching for it in playstore.

Observe the link carefully . When you click it you will be directed to playstore but there will no "playstore"  keyword in the link yet playstores opens. What's happening here is when you click the link it will be directed to their website first.As its a referral link of a specified user ,the user will get debited first and then it will be directed to playstore so that you can actually install the app.

Since the link is posted in the group lots of people will click on that to install app and the person who posted that  link gets benefited a lot than you. After trying the app installing that way you will not be able to make as much money as the user claims that he got it just by trying that link. you might end up thinking its a spam. but if you try it directly from playstore will end up with same amount as you got it by that referral link and the person who posted that referral link will not be benefited.

so before trying any of  those  link first check the for the "playstore" keyword  word if the link directs to playstore.
For example:
https://ladoo.com/687678676868/ when you  click it you will be directed to ladoo app from playstore

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.airloyal.ladoo.n if click this link uoy will be again directed to playstore.

whats the difference in both the links is first link is a referral link and second link is app link.
if you clik on the referral link the person who posted the link will be benefited for sure and you will end up with nothing.

so when some one post a free recharge link in the groups search for app in the playstore instead clink on that link. If you find the app its fine .If you dont find it just ignore the post.

Disclaimer:  All the links shown above are modified and randomly typed .

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