27 Dec 2014

What is Root and why you have to root your device?

If you are using an android phone you must have definitely heard  the word "ROOT".

 So,what is root?                  
                         Root is the ability to write to the roots of system partition.
So having "Root access" means you have the ability to write or modify the system partitions.
                         So why do you need  Root access when you have tons of apps  that actually workout root . There are some apps out there which require root access to run on the device.

For example apps like Titanium backup   , Root explorer  require root access to run properly.

So why do these apps require root access ??  Its because they might be using some special permissions  which are either blocked by the manufacturer or not present at all in the android api.

Why to root your android device?

                     Back in days when android was evolving we used to root to able to use tether or to un-install bloatware,move apps to SD or to Carrier unlock the device or to block adsor to install custom roms but  some of later these feature were merged into andriod like tethering  moving apps to sd.
                      So  why do you still need root .Even though some of the apps which require root access were built in they have limitations.
For example:
                    Moving apps to sdcard. you will not be able to move all the apps . To move system apps or apps that come built in you need root access.

                     Majority of the android users root their phone either to use rooted apps  or upgarde to latest versions of andriod which the manufacturers may fail to provide software update on time i.e by installing custom roms .

                     so by gaining root access you will be able to modify the system partitions,un-install pre installed apps, move apps to sd ,to block adds,to backup the app data,  to install custom roms and custom kernels and lot more

Why you should not root your device?

1.Avoids warranty:  Most of the manufactures does not allow you to root your devices. Rooting your device voids warranty. So if anything go wrong you will end up bricking your device and will not be able to claim warranty.

2.Brick: if anything goes wrong while performing the action you will end up bricking your device.So be careful while following the procedure. Don't try to root your device with the methods specified for other devices.The chance of bricking your device is less unless you are on right thread.

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3. Security: so gaining  administrative right apps nay have the complete rights to even transfer your personal data over networks.So you have to carefully give the permissions which can be done automatically by installing superuser or other similar apps.
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