20 Jan 2015

connect to your computer remotely from android phone with these awesome apps

Do you know that there are lot of apps that are capable of controlling  you computer remotely?
if no! then this guide is for you.
Remotely control your computer with android phone

1.Team Viewer:

Team viewer is undoubtedly the best free app for remote connection between computers.You will be able to get your friend's/client desktop mirrored onto to your pc in a window from which you will be able to control his desktop as if you were with him.You can transfer/receive files from friends/clients securely instead of uploading them to a server and requesting them to download from the server.
Team viewer team added support for mobile devices too so that you can remotely connect to your computer from mobiles.


1.Download team viewer for desktop click here.
2.Download team viewer for mobile click here
3.Need a team viewer account(its free to signup).

                                                      Team viewer for desktop
team viewer for desktop

                                                 Team viewer remote control android app
                             remote control 1

remote control 2

                             remote control 3 remote control 4

How does it work?

1.Open the desktop application first and note down your ID and password .
2.In the android up you will find the computer tab.Click it and sign in your team viewer account.
3.After signing in  you need to enter the details( i.e ID and password) of desktop version and click save.
4.click on the groups(in computer tab of app) you saved and you will find your online devices.
5.click on the computer you want to connect and you will be prompted with four options
        a.Remote control(using password)
        b.remote control(prompt confirmation)
        c.Edit Computer
        d.Delete computer
6.click on remote control and enter the partner's password.
7.You are done. Now you will find computer screen mirrored on to your smartphone.
See the pics for more information.

                     Step 1                                      Step 2                                        Step 3      

                  Step 4                     

                  Step 5

                 Step 6     
1. As you are able to connect from any where on the web response time (lag)will be high on slow internet connection.
2.using mouse interactions is bit difficult.

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2.Remote control connection:

                                                             This is similar to team viewer but the basic difference it is exclusively availabe for mobile devices only(i.e there is no computer to computer connection support).

Set up process:

setup process goes as shown in the pictures:
Remote control connection Remote control connection 2 Remote control connection 3
Remote control connection 4 Remote control connection 5


1. you need to download the desktop remote control connection server.click here
2.download the mobile app click here
3.Both the mobile and desktop should be connected to same wifi network.

How it works:

1.open the remote control server application in computer.
2.Open the the app in mobile too
3.scan for ip address and clck on save.
3.now you will granted with lots of options like use your mobile as mouse or keyboard or to get live    screen etc.

Remote control connection 6 Remote control connection 7
Remote control connection 8 Remote control connection 9
1.You need to be on same wifi connection
2.Trial version of the is limited.only some features are available in trial version.

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