5 Jan 2015

How to Setup fastboot in your Pc with windows 7,8 and 10

If are new to android development ecosystem you might have hearing about adb or fastboot almost every where.fastboot or adb is an essential tool which is required for variety of purposes.If you go by definitions then "Fastboot is protocol that can be used to re-flash system partitions or to grab system images of the phone.It is an alternative recovery which is used to flash roms or kernels can also be used to install apk's from system and lot more ."

Why do you need fastboot on your computer:

  • Drivers: Fastboot or adb acts as a bridge between for android devices and computer.You can use it as a driver.
  • Install apps: If you have apk on your computer and you would like to install it without moving to your device using some commands.This makes you to feel like a nerd even though you are not.
  • Move files: Most of the android devices now a days are coming with displays which once cracked wont response to touches at all.In this case it might be hard for you if you want to move files from your device to computer.In this scenario fastboot or adb will help you to grab all the information on your handset to any other storage device either on computer or device itself.
  • Copy files: If you want to copy the data on your device to external storage or computer you can do it using this tool.
  • Backup partitions: As you all know flashing is a risky process and you have to make backup of your device partitions before messing with roms and kernels.If you have a recovery installed on your device then backing up is easy but if you don't have a recovery then you have manually backup all the partition using fastboot.
  • Install roms and kernels: You know roms and kernels usually comes in zip formats which can be flashed by using a custom recovery.But when the rom is compiled from sources it creates a .img format which can only be flashed using fastboot or adb if not converted to .zip formats.
  • Recoveries: Now we have very simplified tools install recovery on any android devices.But those tools use fastboot  as a base to install recovery on android tablets or smartphones.
  • Repartition: If you want to repartition system or internal storage or sdcard it can only be done using this tool.Though it is complicated it has to be done through this tool only,if you are using windows.
  • Unlocking bootloader: If you own any nexus device then you might know what you can do with your device if you have a unlocked bootloader.But unlocking bootloader requires adb or fastboot installed on your computer.
  • Sideload: When you have accedentally wiped your device partition in recovery then there is no way to flash a custom rom  without sideloading it using fastboot.
  • Simple tasks like powering off,reboot to system,bootloader,recovery can also be done using fastboot.
Setting up adb or fastboot on your computer is fairly easy task.You need to install the software which itself is provided by google.Though you will be using complete adb, you can use fastboot for activities which are mentioned above.

Adb is huge in size if you don't want to download it then we have trimmed version which is called minimal adb and fastboot which has all the functionality and advantages of fully packed adb software.Follow the below guide to install it.

You can use fastboot on your device itself using an app called terminal emulator.But it has limited functionality and also its quite hard to rely on it.Though you can use it to install recoveries but it cannot be used to install kernels or roms.But basic functions like installing apps or moving files can be done on your device itself using terminal emulator mobile application.

You can use adb and fastboot on any version of windows.If you dont know how to get it right then dont worry at all.In this post we will help to install adb and fastboot on your computer with windows  ,8 and also on windows 10.

Setup fastboot in your computer with windows 7,8 and 10:

How to Setup fastboot in your computer
how to install adb and fastboot on your pc with windows 7,8 or 10
Download the required files on your computer and install them as you install any software.Once you have installed them,you can access them by going into their root folders or by pointing it directly to command prompt.We advice you to point them to cmd so that you can access it easily with just few clicks.If you don't know how to do it then follow below points carefully.
  1. Download and install fastboot driver from mediafire(minimal fastboot) or SDK Manager.Though you can change the installation location for your convenience just install it in default location.
  2. Once installing the software is done just close all the apps on your computer and locate "my computer".
  3. Now right click on My Computer and click on  Properties 
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  4. you will find various other settings just click on Advanced System Settings.
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  5. Once you get in advanced settings a windows pops up.Choose the tab advanced and you will find various other options.Click on Environment Variables.
    fastboot drivers for oneplus one,adb and fastboot drivers for windows 8

  6. Once you click on environmental variable you will find various other system variables.Don't mess with any other variables.Double-click on Path tab and you will be able to edit it.
    fastboot drivers for windows 8 and 7 and 10 mac.

  7. In Variable value , paste the path where the fastboot driver was installed or the path of adb tools in the sdlkfolder. Generally , for 32-Bit Operating system, path is  C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot  and for 64-Bit Operating system , path is  C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot 
  8. Make sure that you have added Semicolon (;) before the path.
  9. Press on OK and you are good to go.
  10. Now Connect the phone to pc in fastboot mode and open command prompt and type "Fastboot devices".if all drivers are installed correctly it will work or it shows device not found.
Final words on installing adb or fastboot:
This is a simple tutorial which guide you to setup adb or fasboot on your computer.Though the process is simple ,this tool which you have installed is very powerful.Don't use it if you don't know how to use it.With some commands you can even brick your device.If you have any other queries don't forget to leave a comment below.This tutorial should work fine on windows 7,8 and 10 and also on most of the pcs.
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