7 Jan 2015

Install stock based MIUI Adria Custom Rom on Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi redmi 1s a decent mid-range device which changed the fate a Chinese manufacture in India.Though it was available only through registrations and flash sales, was a huge hit and being a smartphone that comes from a maker which loves openness of android ecosystem is also widely accepted in android development community.

You might already know that xiaomi encourages flashing custom roms on all of its andriod devices including redmi 1s.If you own this device you might have noticed that it heats up a lot and also battery life is not that great.

But this is a xiaomi product which means you can go for custom roms for sure without worrying much about warranty.If you want to flash a custom rom on this device but don't want any other rom except for stock modified then we present you adria custom rom for redmi 1s.Scroll down to know more about this firmware.

flashing is a risky process and if you are here means that you already know that no one is actually responsible for any type of damages that happen to your redmi after flashing this so proceed at your own risk.
Before going further:
  • You must have updated it to official kitkat or lollipop that is already available if you are starting from scratch.
  • Root: You need to have root access on redmi 1s armani.
  • Backup:Backup all your data which includes contacts,apps,photos videos etc everything to computer or any cloud networks as Flashing adria rom on your xiaomi redmi 1s might erase all the data on your device.
  • Backup Efs partitions:Backup all your efs partition of your xiaomi redmi 1s on existing rom.Just in case if you loose signal or imei  you can just restore it back.
  • Battery: Charge your redmi 1s to 100% so that you wont encounter any battery related problems while updating it.
  • You must have a unlocked bootloader on redmi 1s to flash this rom.
  • Downloads:adria custom rom for redmi 1s on your computer or device.
  • Recovery: You need a custom recovery like twrp or cwm installed on your handset.

Install MIUI Adria Rom on Xiaomi Redmi 1S:

Install stock based MIUI Adria Custom Rom on Xiaomi Redmi 1S
Install stock based MIUI Adria Custom Rom on Xiaomi Redmi 1S
Adria rom is completely based on stock and is deodexed and trimmed so that you can get better performance.All the bloatware is removed  including unwanted gapps.All features of miui and some other tweaks are elaborated below.
adria custom rom redmi 1s
adria custom rom redmi 1s

features of miui:
  • Miui Launcher: This launcher is completely different from other aosp launchers which you are familiar with.Feature no app drawer and apps resides on home screen it self.
  • Traffic indicator: Network traffic indication is also available for ongoing traffic.Both download and upload speeds are displayed at same time on status bar.
  • Theme engine: miui is one of the first rom to offer a theme engine.There are lacks of themes in mi store and some are paid versions too.Yo can use mi tools which is a modified xposed framework to run on miui to get all paid themes for free.With this theme engine you can change wallpapers ,boot animations,ring tones, navigation panel theme,status bar theme,lock screen theme,icons and what ever.You can even overlap individual theme elements too.
  • Utility tool: This helps to clear cache,virus scan,permission etc.
  • Guest mode: Guest mode is enabled by default and is locked in privacy protection.
  • Notifications: Notifications appear in form of "heads up" which you must be familiar with.
  • Features a do not disturb mode too.
  • Status bar: It features transparent status bar as usual.There is a network monitor too for ongoing Internet traffic.You can see your upload and download speed in status bar.Swiping down from status bar will bring you notification panel and swiping left on it will take you to quick toggles.
  • Unlock your phone when a trusted blue tooth device is nearby which might remind you of "MI band".
  • Permission manager: You can control permissions for individual app.
  • There are lot of tweaks to kernel too.
These are the features of adria rom and you can explore rest of the features by flashing this on your xiaomi redmi 1s.

Install miui adria rom using twrp recovery:

  • Download Miui adria rom on your xiaomi redmi 1s.
  • Power of the device completely and wait for few seconds to confirm that it is completely off.
  • Using button combinations reboot into twrp recovery or use quick boot app to enter recovery
  • Once you are in recovery backup existing rom first. It might about 5 minutes for backup to complete and do not interrupt backup process.
  • Click on back and choose advance wipe option.
  • Select data,system,cache,dalvik cache and swipe to confirm wipe.
  • Once you have wiped required partitions go back and click on install.
  • Navigate to location where you have placed your adria custom rom zip and select it.
  • Swipe to confirm flash and wait for 5 minutes for process to complete.
  • After flashing is done just reboot to system and wait for at least 20 minutes for initial boot to complete.
  • If your xiaomi redmi 1s fails to boot remove battery and put it back. Reboot it to recovery and this time wipe system and flash the rom again.

Install Miui adria rom using cwm recovery:

  • Download Miui adria rom for xiaomi redmi 1s and transfer it to internal storage.
  • Press and hold power button and when you get boot options click on boot into recovery if you have it or just click on power off.
  • Using button combinations reboot redmi 1s to cwm recovery 
  • Now reboot it to recovery and make a backup first if you don't have it.
  • Once done click on wipe data and do a factory reset.
  • Now click on install and select the zip file which you have downloaded and flash it.
  • Once flashing is done just reboot it.
By following the above procedure you will be able to install stock based adria custom rom on your xiaomi redmi 1s.If you have any other questions do let us know through comment section.
Install stock based MIUI Adria Custom Rom on Xiaomi Redmi 1S Reviewed by Arun Kumar on 21:50 Rating: 5 Xiaomi redmi 1s a decent mid-range device which changed the fate a Chinese manufacture in India.Though it was available only through regist...

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