5 Jan 2015

Install TWRP Recovery for Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Team Win Recovery Project 

twrp recovery for xiaomi redmi 1s

Team win recovery project:(Twrp)

                              Before flashing twrp recovery on Redmi 1s armani let me tell you why you have to choose twrp recovery over other recoveries.Twrp stands for team win recovery project which is an alternative recovery for android devices to flash custom roms and kernels and to make a complete backup of the rom.This is the first recovery which has touch based ui.
There are two reasons why this twrp recovery stands out from the rest.First reason is the ability to restore individual portions of the rom instead of the whole rom.This comes in handy when a kernel which is flashed over a custom rom fails to boot.In this case you can either flash a custom rom on top or restore the boot image from the nandroid backup(of the same custom rom) and other reason is the customization through themes.This is only recovery that supports themes.If you are bored of the gui of twrp recovery then you can flash a theme on it.

TWRP can be installed in Redmi 1S by any of the following 3 methods

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1.  Install twrp on redmi 1s USING UPDATER APP

  1. Root your Redmi 1S
  2. Download this file : TWRP_2.8.3.0.zip.
  3. Move the downloaded file to Internal Storage of your phone
  4. Open Updater app in your phone and click on options
  5. Click on " Select Update Package " and navigate to the folder where you have placed the previously downloaded " TWRP_2.8.3.0.zip "
  6. Select it and install, then reboot your device.
After rebooting, open Updater app and click on options. Then click on Reboot to Recovery Mode. You will be now directed to your new TWRP Recovery !!

2. Flash Twrp on redmi 1s USING MI RECOVERY

  1. Download this file : TWRP_2.8.3.0.zip
  2. Rename the downloaded TWRP_2.8.3.0.zip to " update.zip " (Without quotations)
  3. Place update.zip in Internal Memory
  4. Open Updater app and click on options, then select Reboot to Recovery Mode.
  5. You will be now redirected to MI-Recovery 2.0.1
  6. Choose English by using Volume Rockers and Power Button.
  7. Select " Install update.zip to system" and then navigate to the update.zip file and install it,
Reboot your device after installing and now you can check that your TWRP is installed in your device.

3. Flash twrp on redmi 1s using USING FASTBOOT

  1. First of all you need to Setup FastBoot on your PC
  2. Download this file : openrecovery-twrp-
  3. Switch off the device
  4. Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously till the screen turns on.
  5. Now the phone will be in fastboot mode
  6. Connect the device to your PC via USB Cable
  7. Open command prompt in your PC and navigate to the folder where "openrecovery-twrp-" is placed. 
  8. Rename the file "openrecovery-twrp-" to "recovery.img"
  9. Now type this command : fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  10. Click on Enter
  11. Type this command : fastboot reboot
  12. Click on Enter
After rebooting your device, you can check by going into Recovery Mode.

If  you dont like TWRP , you can revert back to Stock MI Recovery.

To revert back, 
Download the file : recovery.img
Follow the same process as USING FASTBOOT just by replacing "openrecovery-twrp-" file with "recovery.img"
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