30 Jan 2015

speed up your computer using notepad

Notepad is a simple text editor available in windows.Its been in windows since windows 1.0.
We generally use notepad for basic text operations like copying some text from the or saving links .Its fast and simple to use.Do you that notepad can be used to run programs or command prompt commands.?The default extension for notepad is .txt .where (txt stand for text).In this tutorial we will show "you how to speed up your computer using notepad?"

lets go with some basics first:
Vbs stands for visual basic script edition.Its a scripting language which is developed by Microsoft  initially targeted for web developers.This script is basically available in every windows operating system till now.We are going to use this script to speed up your computer.Now lets see how to edit or make these scripts to make our computer run much faster.

Speedup your computer using notepad:

speed up your computer using notepad
speed up your computer using notepad
There are many ways to speed up your computer.Upgrade your computer with latest hardware which is available in the market or by using some softwares.Since most of us like me cant afford to upgrade to a newer hardware we need to find some other alternatives.There are some alternatives available besides using software,which is by using notepad.We will be discussing two methods using notepad which can improve performance of your pc.
  1. One is by cleaning ram
  2. Other by manipulating string using notepad.

By Cleaning ram:

1.Create a text document:
Create a text document on desktop or any other drives which are easy to access.To create .txt file right click on desktop or any empty place incase if you are in folder or drive and click on new and select create text document.
2.Type the following code:
By typing this code you will cleaning ram.choose the code depending up o your ram.
freemem=(space51200000)      if you have 512 mb ram
freemem=(space102400000)    if you have 1024 mb ram
freemem=(space204800000)    if you have 2048 mb ram
freemem=(space409600000 )   if you have 4096 mb ram
freemem=(space xxxx00000)   replace xxxx with the size of the ram in megabites.
3.Save the file with .vbs application:
Now click save as.Save the file name with .vbs extension.you can save it with any name unless you use .vbs extension and choose save as type as "All files."
speed up computer using notepad free ram
 after saving the document.close it and try to open it by double clicking.and now you will notice the difference.Even though it doesnot provide and interface for cleaning ram ,ram  will be automatically cleaned.

By using mystring command:

open the notepad

type this code:


save it as .vbs extension:

Now save it as .vbs extension.In my case i save it as "speed.vbs" you can use any name you want just put a .vbs extension while saving it .

Double click the saved file and you will notice the difference
the saved files will some what look like this.
speed up computer using note pad

Points to be considered:
1.You are speeding up your computer this does not mean that you will be increasing processor or graphics
2.Even after using this you will not see any changes while playing games because we are cleaning only ram so that operations can be performed much efficiently
3.If your game is laggy before you will notice its still laggy after using this.

Final words on using notepad to speedup:

So by using notepad you will be able to speed your computer with just simple command and this doesn't mean that you will notice any visual changes or increase in frames per seconds.
speed up your computer using notepad Reviewed by Radha Krishna on 13:27 Rating: 5 Notepad is a simple text editor available in windows.Its been in windows since windows 1.0. We generally use notepad for basic text ope...

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