30 Jan 2015

how to unlock/reset android lockscreen pattern or pin

We usually protect data of our phone by putting a pin or pattern or password so that sensitive information does not leak from the phone.Pattern lock is the one of the most used lockscreen security on many android devices.Even though android offers more than 4 ways to unlock the phone/device many users choose  pattern unlock over all other.But sometimes it become frustrating to use as when you fail to swipe the pattern correctly.

If you fail you need to wait about 30sec before you can give another try,if you still fail you will not be able to use the device unless you login with your google account or force to format it.In this tutorial we will be covering all  the possible  ways including advanced methods  to bypass or reset the android  lockscreen pattern.

Bypass or reset lockscreen pattern without loosing data:

how to unlock/reset android lockscreen pattern or pin
how to unlock/reset android lockscreen pattern or pin

By signing in with your google account:

When you set a pattern you will be prompted to set a backup pin so that you can unlock the device with that pin when you forget the pattern.If you forget the backup pin too then the simplest way of resetting the pattern is by signing into your google account.Follow the below steps to reset patteren.

  • If you observe closely you will find an option called "forgot pattern". Click on forgot pattern.
  • You will be able to see two options.One is to enter the backup pin or enter your email id and password.
  • If  you lost your backup pin then enter your email id and password to unlock the device.Email id with which you have registered your device is already displayed there,you need to enter password of that id and hit enter or ok.
  • If your login credentials match to that registered on device then you will be redirected to settings so that you can set a new pattern or pin or password.
  • This will even work if you are not connected to network as google saves your id and password on device itself ,though encrypted.

By using adb and fastboot commands:

This method is for power users.We will be using adb and fastboot commands to reset the pattern.This method only works if your rooted and debugging mode was enabled.This is a risky process and might not work on devices with latest android versions and also on most of the stock based roms.Try this ,if this works for thenyou might be lucky.

Must read:How to setup adb and fastboot .

1.After setting adb(android debugging bridge) on your computer open it and you will find platform tools.Open the platform tools and you will find adb.exe and fastboot.exe.If you try to open them they may refuse to open.Right click on empty space in the folder and you will find an option to open cmd here.
2.Type the command "adb devices".
3.If your device is detected then it will show list of devices attached
4.Type this command exactly
adb shell  rm /data/system/gesture.key
sometime you may get the message as permission denied. If you get permission denied the use this command "adb shell mv /data/system/gesture.key /data/system/gestures.key."

Bypass lockscreen pattern by  Formatting:

If you haven't set  any google account on your device then the only way to unlock is by formatting your phone .If you adopt this method you will loose all your data on your phone.So try this method only if you are brave enough to loose your entire data like images,contacts,apps etc.
1.Force shutdown the phone by holding the power button for 15 seconds
2.Enter bootloader mode by holding power button and volume keys simultaneously
3.Once you enter the bootloader release the keys.
4,Bootloader depends on  type of deice you are using.so if you are using
a.Nexus device you can enter bootloader by pressing all the keys simultaneous
b.If you are using a Samsung device hold the power button along with volume up button and central navigation button(home key) .
c.If you are using Lg device pressing Power button and volume keys simultaneously will take you to bootloader
d.If you are using Motorola device holding volume up and power button will let you enter bootloader
5.Once you are in bootloader moder press volume up or down and you will see list of options
6.Select Factory reset by navigating with volume keys and press power button once you are on factory reset option.
Note: Use volume up button to select on Motorola Devices as pressing the power button will just restart the device.
7.Once done select reboot option
8.Once the phone reboots you will be able to use it as usual but you will be missing all your data

Reset pattern using aroma file manager:

If you are a person like me who flashes custom roms on android devices then you must be familiar with aroma file manager.Aroma file manager is similar to file manager apps which we use on day to day basis but the basic different is that you will use this while flashing roms through recovery which makes us to choose what apps and features to be installed on the device.
The problem of using the adb method is it may or may not work.Manufacturers may block access to root folder and you may get the message " gesture.key deletion disabled" which using the adb method.
Using aroma file manager requires requires a custom recovery installed.So if have a custom recovery installed then use this method to bypass lockscreen.
1.Download the aroma filemanager.
2.Enter the recovery using traditional method i.e by holding all the keys .
3.Sideload the aroma file manager to the device using " adb sideload exact file location on your computer".
4.Flash the file without doing any wipes.
5.File manager pops up with a terminal window.
6.Navigate to data/system and search for gesture.key
7.Delete it and exit the file manager
Now can lock the device as usual.If it asks for pattern just after reboot type any pattern and you are good to go.

Final words on resetting lockscreen pattern:
So by following the above methods you will be able to bypass the android lockscreen pattern.Once bypassing set a pattern such that you wont forget it or try other security methods such as password or a pin or face unlock methods.
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