9 Jan 2015

Unofficial MIUI v6 RC1 - Xiaomi Redmi 1S - Installation - Pros & Cons


As we all know, many Redmi 1S users are waiting for the official update of MIUI v6. 
Meanwhile, Xiaomi has promised the official update of Redmi 1S to MIUIv6 powered by KitKat 4.4.4 in late March 2015.

Here comes the Unofficial build of MIUI 6 with KitKat 4.4.4 for Redmi 1S developed by Syhost

  1. Custom Recovery installed ( TWRP is recommended) [ Helpful link : How to install TWRP ]
  2. Minimum 60% charged Redmi 1S

Please Note : 
  1. Make a backup of your current ROM and place a copy of it in your PC for safety
  2. Move all the important data from your Internal Storage to your External SD Card
  3. We are not responsible for any misbehaviour of your phone

Download ROM :
  1. Download the ROM from any one of the above provided links and move it to the Internal Storage of your phone.
  2. Switch off your mobile and press Voume Up and Power buttons simultaneously to open Recovery Mode (TWRP is Recommended)
  3. Make a clean wipe (Wipe Internal Storage, Data, System, Cache, Dalvik Cache) 
  4. Install the downloaded ROM 
  5. Reboot your phone, select English language and complete the setup. You are ready to use !
  6. Since Google Apps were not included in the ROM, you need to install them manually using below procedure !
Install GApps : 
  1. Download and move this app to your phone : Google Installer
  2. Open the app. You can find all the Google Apps like Play Store, Play Services, Google Calendar Sync, Google Contacts Sync, etc
  3. Install all of them
  4. Open Play Store and sign in using your Google Account. Contacts and other data will be synced automatically. (You cant find Google Account in the Accounts located in Settings) Dont try to flash the GApps file of other ROMs because it leads your phone into bootloop and also we can't install the Google Play Store apk manually. 

CREDITS : SYHOST and his team

PROS and CONS of Unofficial MIUI v6 for Redmi 1S by Syhost :
Pros :
  1. The biggest pro is MIUI 6 GUI !! It is very beautiful in looks and very much smoother to use than MIUI v5
  2. RAM Management is slightly better than MIUIv5 45.0 . 250-350 MB of RAM is free to use most the times.
  3. Heating issue is almost nil. But during multitasking and if you use the phone for a long time while charging, the phone gets heated. But it is common in most of the devices. So heating issue can be neglected.
  4. It runs on Kitkat 4.4.4 
  5. This ROM is included with the new feature of MIUIv6 - One hand mode, which reduces the screen by swiping on the Navigation Buttons and helps the users to operate the mobile single handedly.
  6. Camera UI got changed a lot and it looks very attractive with many optimizations when compared to MIUIv5 camera.
  7. Call quality is improved.
  8. Animations and sounds while uninstalling apps.
  9. Recent apps tray looks similar to that of iOS 

Recent apps tray in iOS :
Recent apps tray in MIUI v6: 

Cons/Bugs :
  1. Battery life is the biggest con of this MIUIv6 ROM. SOT  is lasting not more than 3 and half hours due to high graphical UI 
  2. USB On-The-Go is not working
  3. The thumbnail of the photo taken will be displayed in camera app at left bottom corner. On clicking it, other previous pics will be opened but not the freshly taken pics. But those pics can be viewed separately in Gallery.
  4. Google Apps were not pre-installed in this ROM which can't allow the user to connect the mobile with Google Account. So again manually all the Google Apps must be installed separately using "Google Installer" app
  5. After using the Camera, MIUI Launcher force closes and always relaunches itself.
  6. Everything written in Themes app is Chinese Language so it is hard for other country users to use the Themes app.
  7. Albums icons in music app are not displayed and there is no option for opting the inbuilt album art. However it downloads the album arts online which won't even have any relation with the original album. But the album art will be displayed on the music playing screen.

Unofficial MIUI v6 RC1 - Xiaomi Redmi 1S - Installation - Pros & Cons Reviewed by Arun Kumar on 18:10 Rating: 5 INSTALL UNOFFICIAL MIUI v6 FOR XIAOMI  REDMI 1S As we all know, many Redmi 1S users are waiting for the official update of MIUI v6. ...

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