1 Jan 2015

What is a Brick in Android?

Not all android users Root their phone because they think that they may brick the phone.Brick is a block which is used in the construction of a structure but how is it releated to android?
It is the state of the device when it no longer responds to any inputs.
In android world there are two types of bricks.
1.Soft brick
2.Hard brick

soft brick:

           It  occurs when device has got its "boot broken" .Generally we call it a "bootloop",it either shows a boot logo forever when its booting or it continuously reboots to recovery after flashing the rom or it just shows a black screen until it is forced to boot again(which can be done by holding power button for about 15sec )
           This can happen to any user at one point of time if you flash the rom without performing required wipes.It can easily be recovered by flashing other rom or flashing the stock romor by restoring previous backups.

Hard brick:

            Its the stage when the device is technically dead. It can never be recovered.It will not charge even when plugged to a charger .You can only use it as a brick. This happens when you flash a rom or kernel which is not meant for your device.Each phone will have its own memory partitions which will be erased if you flash a rom not meant for you.
You can actually recover a hard bricked phone by using a process call "Jtag" or sending it to a service center.

        If you on right  development forums of your phone you will never hard brick your device because all roms and kernels will be thoroughly tested by the developer before posting it. To avoid soft brick make sure that you backup existing rom  so if anything goes wrong you can restore it.

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