28 Feb 2015

How to unroot samsung galaxy note 3 all variants

If you are playing with custom roms on Note 3 you might have reached a point where you might have completely messed up with and just want to go back to stock and start over again.Unrooting your Samsung galaxy note 3  is simple process.You have to download the latest firmware from the samsung and flash it using odin.If you don't know how to flash the firmware using odin you dont need to worry at all.In this article I will tech you how to unroot note 3 by flashing latest stock firmware.This method erases all the data on your device i.e you will find it as a fresh device .


1.Find your device model number:
Since we have  lot of variants pf samsung galaxy note 3 it must that you check your device model number first.If you are on stock rom or any other rom just go to about device in the settings. In the about device you can find your device model number.Note it down.
2.Backup all your data like contacts.images,video and other stuff on computer as this process will erase all your data on the device.
3.Download the latest firmware from sammobile . Enter your device model number with "galaxy note 3 (device model number)" as shown in below picture.
4.Once you have downloaded the firware extract it and you get a file with .MD5 extension. Dont extract it again.
5.Download latest odin  and samsung kies Install samsung kies.
6.You need atleast 60% charging left on your device.

How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

1.Install samsung kies.
2.Power off your samsung galaxy note 3.
3.Hold volume down and home key simultaneously and press power button.
4.You will enter download mode.
5.Once you enter download mode press volume up to continue.
6.Open odin application  which you have already downloaded
7.Connect the device to computer through usb cable.
8.Once connected you will  notice a blue color tab with a message added.
9.If you don't see this message then uninstall samsung kies and install it again or change the usb port and try again.
10.Now tick on box beside pda and click on pda.
11.Navigate to the firmware file with you have  already extracted.(tar.md5 file) and click on it.
12.You will find odin to be un responsive.Just dont panic its normal.
13.Once odin comes to normal state click on start and wait for the process to complete.
14.It might take about 4 to 5 minutes to complete flash.
15.Once done you will green color tab with "pass".
16.Just disconnect the cable from the computer and wait till your phone reboots.
17.The initial boot may take sometime.If it takes too long to boot or enter  bootloop then you have to manually reset it.
18.Just hold power button for about 15 seconds to force the phone to shutdown.
19.Now hold volume up and home key and press power button at same time.You will see a android dead logo.Just press volume up or down and you enter stock recovery.
20.Once you enter stock recovery navigate to factory reset using volume keys and click on power button.This will completely wipe your device.
once done reboot your phone.


By following the above procedure you will unroot your samsung galaxy note 3. This method works with all other variants including carrier variants too you just need to download the latest firware according to device model number.If your knox counter is tripped then flash stock rom will not cause any change it may show device status custom or knox counter remain same.

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