1 Feb 2015

Best apps to control cpu and gpu for android

We usually encounter lot of battery drain while playing games ,browsing or while using heavy apps.Battery drain can be even due to poorly optimized rom or kernel. Most of the apps doest not require cpu to get triggered at higher clock speeds to run smoothly but apps trigger cpu to higher clock speeds to enhance its performance for the sake of battery.Limiting clock speed will help you save battery and it also results in low heat generation from processor.

If your is is heating up a lot even after lowering clock speeds then it might be due to voltage.In this case you need to lower volatage parameters.But the problem with lowering voltages is it causes instability,You might experience lot of reboots if you havent set voltages correctly. Over clocking and  under volting will help to increase device performance  and will have a lower generation as you are lowering volatges.

You might question if  there is any app that could control phone's cpu and gpu so that you can achieve great  battery life  without compromising performance? We have lots of apps that can modify the cpu behavior but most of the apps require root access to run properly.  With that in mind we present you  best apps to control cpu and gpu .All these apps require root access.

Best apps to control cpu and gpu for android:

Best apps to control cpu and gpu for android

Trickstermod is one of the best app to modify the behavior of the cpu and Gpu. Comes in both free and premium versions.You will be able to adjust the cpu and gpu frequencies.Even though there are lot of features  you will be able to access only those features for which the kernel is optimized .for example you will not be able to under volt cpu and gpu unless your developer optimized the kernel to support for under voltage same as for over clocking cpu and gpu.
trickstermod cpu gpu tweaker app

Features of this app:
1.Adjust cpu and gpu frequencies
2.Choose the type of tcp congestion control  and cpu governors
3.Multi core Power saving
4.Temperature throttle
5.Led and sound control
6.Device wake controls
7.Color calibration and lot more depending upon your kernel

Note:There are only few high end phones that the developer officially support but You may be able to run this app without any problem if your device is not officially supported.
This app is developed by the well renounced developer (francisco franco)in the android development community.He is the most thanked person on xda-developer.This app is a paid one and only supports few devices like nexus family and one plus one.But still works on most of the other devices.One should be careful using this app as it has a built in kernel updater but its only for franco kernel.If you flash it on your device you may brick it .
francokernel updater cpu tweaker app
1.Fully materialized
2.Deep integration with franco kernel. kernel Ota updates from franco.
3.Control frequencies as well as voltages
4.Per app mode .You can set different cpu profiles for individual apps.
5.System monitor
6.File manager to flash boot images and zip files through recovery.
7.predefined cpu profiles (balanaced,power save,performance)
This app is from SINEO TOOls,has more than million downloads.This can be used to set cpu frequencies and governors.Works with majority of the devices.
no-frills cpu control app
1.Quickly set frequencies,governers and i/o schedulers
2. 3  themes are available. light,drak light and dark.
3.Cpu frequency stats
1.Does not provide any table for Gpu,voltage control and display wake features
2.Has not been updated since a long time
Setcpu is another best app for cpu control for rroted devices.Has support for almost all android devices.This app can be used to increase performance or battery or both.Provides easy navigaition and control for the beginners too.
setcpu to obify cpu parameter
1.Easy navigaion 
2.frequency tables
3.voltage control
4.Different cpu profiles 
5.Governer control.You can tweak the governer.
6.You can check system info. and can perform benchmarks too.
Cpu tuner is one of the highest download  cpu control app .Supported by many of the devices.The main of this app is to increase the battery life as much as possible.
1.Cpu profiles
2.Governor control
4.Frequency stats
5.Profile switch log
This the best feature that the app offers.Lets you to set different cpu profiles based on your battery percentage.Lets see how you can use it.
If you battery is as at 100% .since the battery is full you will expect a good performance upto a certain percentage say 75%.When battery is down to 75 this app automatically changes the cpu profile to which you have set.

Final words on best apps for rooted devices:

These are the best apps that can control your cpu to enhance battery life and performance.Some times you find that profiles that you have set does not stick.This does not meant that some thing is wrong with the app you should not blame the developer because all the cpu control apps depends on the kernel.If your cannot cant support it you can blame the app developer.Instead request your kernel developer to integrate those features. Do not try to Modify the governors unless you have idea of what you are doing.You might even soft brick your device.Only you are responsible for the actions you have done.
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