20 Feb 2015

Best Custom Kernels For Motorola Moto E condor to improve performance and batterylife

Custom kernles plays an important role in device performance and battery life.Basically a kernel is program which makes the OS to interact with the hardware of the device and you will pretty much notice the results.Motorola Moto E have lot of kernels which you can play with.We present you the best kernels for your moto E. 

Best Kernels For Motorola Moto E:

1.Alpha Kernel:

This kernel is for cyanogenmod and aosp roms.So if you are running any cyanogenmod based roms you can try this out.This is or kitkat only so donot try this o lollipop roms unless developer updates it to fit lollipop.If you flash this on stock or on lollipop roms you would soft brick your device.

Kernel Features:

1.Tap 2 Unlock v3.0
2.Intelli hotplug V3.8
3.Ram overclocked to 400mhz from 333mhz
4.Sound Control
5.Cpu underclock to 91mhz which can be raised if you find device is laggy or unresponsive.
6.DIsplay wake features like double tap wake,swipe to wake,Swipe to sleep.
7.Intelli thermal
8.Vibration sensitivity control
9.alpha governer,intellidemand,intelli governes available.
10.Cpu boost
11.Quick wake
12.and most of the cm kernel features.

Download and flashing instructions:

1.Download the Latest version   from here
2.Go to recovery and make a backup first
3.Wipe cache and dalvik cache
4.Flash the kernel zip you have downloaded
5.Wipe cache and dalvik cache again
6.Reboot the device
Now you use any cpu apps to control or modify the kernel features.

Must read:Best apps to control cpu and gpu

2.Phantom Kernel:

This is for aosp rom.So if your running an aosp rom then you can flash this kernel


1.Kexec hardboot support
2.Power suspend driver
3.SOund COntrol v3.
4.Exfat File system support
5.Stereo  call recording support
6.Upstream Patches
7.Conservative devfreq drivers
8.Lot of TCP congesstions to choose from
9.Frandom added
10.Optimized ARM RWSEM alogorithm
11.O4 optimizations
12.Vibrator intensity control
and lot more  to explore

Downloads and Flashing instructions:

1.Get the latest update from here and put it in sd card
2.Enter recovery and do a backup first
3.Flash the kernel zip.
4.Wipe cache and dalvik cache.

3.Hor1z0n kernel:

This kernel is for stock rom.So if you want to improve your device performance and battery on stock rom then flash this.

Kernel Features:

1.Thermal throttling
2.Schedulers: noop,cfq,deadline,bfq,row
3.lot of governers which include wheatley,intellidemand.intelliactive,lionheart .
4.Use your moto e as a mouse controller for computer
5.Optimized arm rwsem algorithm.

Download and flashing guide:

1.Download the kernel zip  or kernel image. and place the zip file in the internal storage.
2.If you have a recovery installed then  enter into recovery mode.
3.Make a backup of the existing stock rom first.
4.Flash the zip
5.Wipe cache and Dalvik cache
7.If you dont have the recovery installed then place the kernel image in the fast boot folder and type the  following command
"fastboot flash boot boot.img"
8.Once done reboot the device.
9.If the device fails to boot up or it goes to infinite boot loop then restore the backup .

4.Shockgensmod kernel:

This kernel is for cm and aosp roms.This has more features battery optimizing comapared to other rom and you expect a decent battery life with this kernel.

Kernel Features:

 1.Complied with GCC 4.3
2.-O3 flags in all make files
3.Pipe optimizations
4.Sound control v3.6
4.Cpu governers like wheately,intelliactive,intellidemand,lionheart and more
5.tweaked gpu alogorithms based on faux123
6.Kgsl patches
7.color control driver
8.Fsync control
9.Overclocked ram
10.tweaks for powersuspend from faux123 and franciscofrance
11.Enable power efficient
12.Cpu frequency limiter driver
13.Power suspend
14.Zentune v3
15.Stereo call recording support
16.Network speed hack
17.Neon mode

Download and flashing guide:

1.Download shockgensmod and place it internal storage
2.Make a backup and flash it in recovery
3.wipe cache and dalvik cache

Final conclusion:

You will notice increased performance if you flash a custom kernel and battery life completely depends on how you tweak it .Developers usually customize it to give maximum battery life .Using device wake features will reduce battery life so try to avoid using display wake features if you want battery life .These are some of the best kernels for moto e condor and there are lot more  to try.
Best Custom Kernels For Motorola Moto E condor to improve performance and batterylife Reviewed by Radha Krishna on 21:28 Rating: 5 Custom kernles plays an important role in device performance and battery life.Basically a kernel is program which makes the OS to interact ...

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