13 Feb 2015

best custom roms for samsung galaxy note edge

Samsung galaxy note edge is quite new to android development and there is very less roms available for the device.Before getting into the note edge roms lets see the device specification.We have a lot of models available which are specific to different countries and carriers.

quick specifications:

Samsung galaxy note edge

Display: 1440p (1600x2560),5.6 inch amoled
curved edge screen
Corning gorilla glass 3
Chipset: Snapdragon 805
Ram: 3gb
Storage: 32/64
Operating system: android 4.4 will be updated to lollipop
Battery: 3000Mah
Models SM-915Fy European version
SM-915A  atand t version
SM-915T  T-mobile
SM-915G  singapore ,australia,spain
SM-915K/l/s for Korea
SM-915D  for japan
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Best custom roms for galaxy note edge:

1.super fast famous micky rom:

This rom is modded stock rom by micky387 and is specific to n915fy model.So do not flash this rom on any other devices to avoid bricking your device.Flashing this rom will trigger knox counter so be carefull while flashing the rom.


1.Rom is based on SM-915fy
3.Zip aligned
4.Knox removed
5.Rooted with spuersu v2.38 and busy box installed
6.Fast control for control in one app
7.Insane launcher
8.init.d support
9.viper sound
10.light manager
11.Air wake up
12.ad away
13.cpu spy
14.Auto Flasher
15.Energy bar
16.Note 4 hidden features
17.Galaxy  icon themer



1.Download the rom and put in the internal storage
2.Boot into cwm recovery
3.do a full wipe
4.Flash the dwonloaded zip

2.Hyper drive edge rom

This rom is also stock based for t-mobile galaxy note edge i.e for SM-N915T.


1.Based on android 4.4  w/tw n915tuvu1anl3 
2.wifi calling
3.deodexed,bebloated,rooted and busybox installed
3.csc fully modded
4.Knox free
5.carrier iQ free
6.Hyperdrive Tweaks 
7.Hyperdrive HUb
8.Hyperdrive ota
9.Hyper drive wallpapers
10.increased quick settings buttons
11.over 500 fonts
12.custom brightness levels
13.Fully working private mode
14.Build.prop tweaks
15.Performance tweaks
16.Battery tweaks 
17.UNlocked finger air view,air gesture and smart scroll style
18.Unlocked festival and charging effects
19.Launcher tweaks
20.Status bar tweaks and lot more to explore


1.Download the rom and put it in internal storage
2.Enter recovery
3.Wipe all data
4.Install zip
5.Reboot and wait till the phone boots up

3.New by jafangie rom:

This is also based on stock rom with some modifications.and this specially for korean version so dont try this rom on other model.Only for N915s/k
1.Based on sm-915s firmware
2.deodexed,zipaligned.knox removed
3.External sd card r/w fix
4.Removed all korean apps
5.csc and build.prop tweaks
6.Add fly-on
7.launcher tweaks
8.Performance and batterylife tweaks

Downloads: New by jafangie rom.


1.Reboot to recovery
2.Make a backup
3.Wipe data/factory reset
4.Flash the zip


These are only few custom roms available for samsung galaxy note edge . Trying these roms will trigger knox counter .As of now only stock roms are available but soon we will be seeing aosp roms for note edge.

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