26 Feb 2015

Best Kernels For Micromax Yu Yureka (tomato)

The First thing you do after you have rooted Your Yureka is install an app or flash which could improve Yureka battery life.But you can improve the battery life by flashing custom kernels too.We have lot of custom kernel available for micromax Yu yureka as it is powered by  Cyanogenmod OS.The sources were released quickly to public without much delay unlike the other manufactures.If havent rooted your phone you can check how to root yureka?


Best Kernels For Micromax Yu Yureka:

1.Thunder Zap:

This kernel is from the developer varun and it should work for cyanogen mod 11 and other roms too.

Kernel Features:

1.Thunder charge: Control-controls charging current rate.
2.Custom Gestures:Double tap to wake the device,Sweep gestures i.e sweep on the screen from left,right,down or up with custom actions.Draw letters like M,O,E,C,W on screen to wake.
3.Vibration intensity control.
4.Thunderplug:Custom hotplug to save battery life.
5.Dynamic Fsync.
6.BFQ v7r6
7.Zswap support for extra ram
8.samsung's F2Fs support.
9.Diasbled MMC CRC check
10.random module updated to linux 3.18
11.updated ondemand governer

How to control kernel features:

This kernel comes with a custom app to control kernel specific features.So it is advisable to use the app than other kernel control apps to improve performance and battery life.
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Installation guide:

1.Download the kernel and place it in internal storage of the device.
2.Power off the device and enter the recovery.
3.Flash the kernel.
4.Wipe cache and dalvik cache.
5.Reboot and enjoy the kernel goodies by downloading developer's app.
Visit xda thread to catch up with the latest development and don't forget to thank the developer for his hard work.

2.Xcelerate custom kernel:

This kernel is for Cyanogenmod 11 for now.Even though kernel does not offer too many features it stable and highly optimized by the developer so that you don't need to mess up by tweaking the parameters. uses synapse to control the parameters.

Kernel Features:

1.All basic governors like on demand,performance,conservative.
2.Built using dev's own tool chain which is based on Gcc 4.9.x
3.Uses synapse for configuration purposes.

Installation guide:

1.Download the kernel and place it in the internal storage of the device.
2.Enter your custom recovery and make of backup of existing rom.
3.Flash the kernel.
4.Wipe cache and dalvik cache

3.Sandy kernel :


Kernel Features:

1.Compiles with linarogcc 4.9 toolchain (a15 optimized)
2.intelliplug 3.9
3.Intelli thermal.(Disabled in as of now.)
4.Power suspend.
5.Dynamic Fsync.
5.Simple Gpu algorith
6.Encryption enhancements
7.Neon support.
8.Performance enhancements.

Installation guide:

if you haven't rooted.

1.Download the boot.img and place it in fastboot folder on your computer.
2.Unlock the boot loader.
3.Boot into fastboot mode.
4.open the fastboot on your computer and type "fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash boot boot_sandystk.img" .
5.Once flashed you can reboot your device .
If you find entering the long fastboot command rename the downloaded the file to boot.img and use fastboot command stated above by replacing the "boot_sandyst.img" with "boot.img"

If you have rooted the device:

1.Download the flashify app from playstore.
2.Download the kernel boot image.
3.Open flasify app and click on install boot image and select the downloaded boot image file and wait till phone reboots.
Most of the kernel features are based on the legendary developer faux .So use faux kernel control app from playstore to get most out of this kernel.You can use trickstermod app too to control kernel features.

4.First kernel:

This kernel is from the developer sudeep duhoon.As its his first kernel he named the kernel as first kernel.This is based on cyanogenmod kernel sources so you can flash this on stock rom or any cyanogenmod based roms.

Kernel Features:

1.Based on cyanogenmod kernel sources.
2.Intelli plug 3.9.
3.Intelli thermal 3.0
4.Power suspend.
5.Simple Gpu algorithm

Flashing instructions:

1.Download the kernel and place it in internal storage of the device.
2.Reboot into recovery.
3.Flash the kernel.
4.wipe cache and dalvik cahce.

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These are the some of the best custom kernels available for yu yureka or tomato.There are many other custom kernel which you can try and improve device performance and battery life.Building a custom requires lot of hard work hence I request you to thank the developers for  their hard work.Your up vote or thank encourages them to optimize the kernel more and motivates them to add extra features too.Happy flashing! 
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