1 Feb 2015

Best custom roms for oneplus one Bacon

Here is the list of the best custom roms for oneplus one Bacon  that you should try at least once on your device.One plus is one of the best android phones that you can have.It is praised by most of the tech community for the specs that it offers in that price group.It's the first cyanogenmod powered device released in the market.The device is powered by snapdragron 801 chipset backed with 3gb ram and 16/32gb internal storage with no expandable storage.It has 1080p resolution display with corning glass 3 protection .
It Sports a 13mp rear camera and 5mp front camera both capable of recording at 1080p videos.Cyanogenmod 11s powers the device and takes the customization to the ultimate level.It has a battery of 3000 mah which lasts a day even with usage. Cyanogenmod did not delay in releasing kernel sources to development community as a result there are lots of custom roms available for this device.

Quick specifications:
One plus one
Display: 1080p ,Fhd
Corning gorilla glass 3
Chipset: Snapdragon 801
Ram: 3b
Storage: 16/64gb
Operating system: Cyanogen mod 11s
Battery: 3100MAH
Why to root one plus one?
When the device is already powered by latest and greatest specs of 2014 you might be wondering why to root this device.This device has vast support in development community including support from francisco franco.Its a dream for most of the non nexus user to get support from this renounced developer.By rooting your one plus one  you can enhance the performance and battery life of the device and can take customization to a whole new level.
How to root one plus one?
Rooting one plus is very easy .Download the one plus one tool box and proceed as follows
1.Download  one plus one tool box and device drivers.
2.Select your device internal storage
3.select the recovery which you want to flash
4.click  root and you are done

Best custom roms for one plus one Bacon:

1.Paranoid android rom:
Paranoid-android for bacon

paranoid android is also based on android open source project and has some unique features.It is kitkat based and lollipop version is not available yet.Features include a pie control which is gesture based app. Using pie control makes it easy to navigate between apps and ui.You have set a gesture position first.Once done swiping from the edge of screen will open pie controls.Though the android version is kitkat the recents menu resembles with the lollipop recents.
There is a notification peek which is similar to that of Motorola's active display.When you get a notification and your displays is turned off you will get a peek of notification when you actually lift the phone.There are dynamic status bars and navigation bars.When you activate them both status bar and navigation bars blends with the app creates immense experience.The status bar toggles ui is quite impressive too.Flash It and explore the features of  paranoid android
2.Heads up notifications
3.Lollipop multitasking ui
4.Quick settings tiles management
5.Launch apps in floating mode
6.Custom root access(apps only.adb only,adb and apps)
Download:Paranoid android aospa for bacon 
2.Cyanogenmod 11s: (Stock )
Cyanogenmod-11s stock rom for one plus one
Nothing beats stock when it comes to performance and battery life.This is modified Cyanogen mod 11s for one plus one designed to increase the performance and battery life of the device.This is the stock rom itself with little modifications.
1.Theme engine
2.Quick settings management
3.All stock features
Download: Cyanogenmod 11s
3.Liquid Smooth custom rom:

Liquid smooth rom for one plus one bacon

Liqiud smooth is based on android open source project with lot of added features.Main aim of this custom firmware is to provide a smooth experience with good battery life.It is based on android lollipop with features like custom toast animations, use volume button to wake up the device instead of the power button.There  is dark ui toggle which when triggered will Gray out the system ui which should battery on amoled screen devices and also it will be peaceful to eyes while browsing at night times.Some of the status bar mods include double tap to sleep and network speed indicator.
You can enable or disable navigation bar too and also adjust the size of the navigation bar.You can mess up the screen density too.other noticeable features like root permission manager,screen shot sound disabler,rotation mods,notification filter per individual apps and lot to explore by installing liquid smooth on your device.
2.LCD density
3.Network traffic
4.Double tap status  bar to sleep
5.Notification ticker
6.Weather in notification header
7.Ad blocker
8.Double to wake the screen(may drain battery if used ) 
9.Sunlight and color enhancement
10.Lift to wake the device
4.Cyanogenmod 12 custom rom:

Cyanogenmod-12-custom rom for one plus one bacon

Cyanogenmod is one of the best custom roms available in the android development community.They support lot of devices .It is based on android open source project with lot of added features.  One of the best features of the cyanogenmod is the theme engine.This theme is similar to that of the miui rom.There are lot of themes available in the playstore.The best part of the theme engine is the overlay of one theme elements on top of other that means you can actually use icons and wallpapers of one theme over other theme.
Cyanogenmod Rom is usually available in three types one is nightlies which gets updated with new features every night and are quite stable for daily usage.second one is the snapchat which is monthly build version which will be stable version and other one is the release candidate.Some times nightlies are considered must stable than the snapshots.Other features of the cyanogenmod roms include a double tap on status bar to sleep,network speed indicator which shows the ongoing Internet traffic on status bar.There is inbuilt kernel tweaker if you want mess with the frequencies and governors.
1.Theme engine
2.Heads up notification
3.status bar settings
4.Notification counts
5.Network speed indicator
lot more......
Downloads: Cyanogen mod 12
5.Slimkat custom Rom:

This is another aosp based one.Has about million users.It is a light weight Roms and offer Better stability over others.
1.The real dark slim      
2.Custom shortcuts
3.Slim center
4.System wide-keyborad control
5.Camera features -true view and smart capture
6.Pacman custom rom:
pac man custom rom for one plus one bacon

Pac stands for paranoid ,aokp and cyanogenmod.This is the aggregate of all the features of the three topnotch rom .Features from other roms like slims and omni roms are also added.All the features if cyanogenmod like theme engine,status bar mod will be present in this rom.Slim rom features like recents,heads up,pie controls are present.List view animations are also present.Lock screen  has a new unlock feature called gesture lock screen.Swipe the gesture on lockscreen to unlock the device.Pac console is present which includes ota updater and change log viewer.Recents from omni too is present call omni switch. Floating window provides immense experience for multitasking.App bar too is present.You can launch your favourite apps in any app just by swiping from the edge f the screen and there are lot more features to explore.
1.Advanced keyboard options
3.Aokp Weather
4.Cyanogen mod themes
5.App bar
6.Floating window 
7.Gesture anywhere
8.Gesture lock screen
9.Lock screen notification
10.lock screen blur
11.Omni switch
12.Pac console
13.Slim recents
14.Ram bar
15.Wake lock blocker and lot more...............
Downloads: Pac man for bacon
7.Validus 13 rom:
Validus-rom custom rom for one plus one bacon
This rom is based on android lollipop offers variety of features .
1.Theme engine
2.Volume steps
3.Dark User interface
4.Navigation bar tweaks
5.Status bar clock Tweaks
6.Lcd density
8.Network speed
9.quick setting tiles
Downloads: Validus rom
8.CM-Remix custom rom:
Cm-Remix-custom rom for one plus one bacon
It is a remix of all the roms avaialable.This roms offers the best Features the android community offers.Include cherry picks from Aokp,Beanstalk,Mahdi rom,Mooke,crdroid,slim roms,vanir roms etc
1.Cyanogenmod theme engine
2.Multi window
5.Active display
6.Lock screen notifications
Lot more features which can be explored only by installing this rom
9.Bencze Os rom
Bencze-os-custom rom for one plus one bacon
This rom is based on stock cyanogenmod 11s .Has a lot of improvements over stock rom.This rom is somewhat heavy when compared to other roms as it completely based on stock rom.
1.Completely stock.
3.Omni switch
4.Multi window
5.Lnt pie control
6.Ad blocker
7.custom boot animation
and lot more
Download: Bencze os
10.Bean stalk custom rom:
Blisspop is a lollipop based rom with cyanogenmod 12 as a base.This offers all the features that cyanogenmod 12 has to offer and also there are lot of added features from other popular roms too.It offer wide range of features only status bar to lock screen.Status bar tweaks include notification count,network speed indicator,double tap to sleep ,brightness control and weather in status bar header.The recent panel has a button to clear all the tasks and omni switch is present is present as an alternative to traditional recent menu.
Gesture any where is also available which could make it easy for you to launch apps with gestures instead of returning to home screen and app drawer to launch apps.In addition to this app circle bar is also present which makes it too easy to launch apps with just a swipe from the edge of the screen.You can enable soft keys too if you like them and also set the dimension  of the navigation keys.
You can adjust the back light duration of the button and now you you can do various things with the just home key kike accessing a call with just a tap on home key , wake the device and also you can set custom action for double tapping on home key and there are lot more features to explore by flashing this on onplus one.
Bean stalk custom rom for one plus one bacon
1.Custom scroll animations
2.Multi window
3.Active display
4.lock screen wallpaper
5.Blur settings
lot more
11.Mokee custom rom:
Mokee is an aosp based one with lot of features.This is  unofficial but you will all the features of mokee rom.Features of the Mokee  includes multi window which is basically through floating window,List view animation are also present.Lunar calendar is included in lock screen.The best part is the active display which is similar to Motorola flagship mobiles.There is power saving option in battery setting which could dave your battery when it battery goes down by 15%.Theme engine from cyanogenmod is also present so you can enjoy the themes of cyanogenmod in this one too.
Other features include smart dialling,IP dialling,sms sending delay,smart dialling.You can set your own carrier name .Network speed on status bar is also present and there are lot more features too.
mokee custom rom for one plus one bacon
1.Odexed for faster performance
2.Incremental updates as well as ota updates
3.List view animations
4.Bulk sms and adjustable sms font size
5.smart dialing
6.speed dialing
7.Lock screen notifications
8.Multi user support
9.Unique Power saving mode
10.Smart lock
lot more to explore
Downloads:Mokee rom

final words on custom roms for one plus one:

This completes the list of custom roms for oneplus one.As time passes we will be seeing lot of other custom roms coming into existence and then it might be hard to say that above mentioned list of custom roms are best for oneplus one.be So by flashing these roms you will be able to improve performance and battery life of oneplus one.
Besides these there are lots of Custom roms for oneplus one that you can try to improve performance and battery life.These are just few of them.If you want to add something to the list leave comment below.Happy flashing.  
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