17 Feb 2015

Best floating apps for better multitasking on android phone or tablet

Multitasking in generally mean executing different programs at same time or  in android simply we say running more than one app at a time.There are different ways to do multitasking.Each manufacturer implements there own way to run more than one app at a time .This might remind you of samsung galaxy note series where we have multi window to interact with more than one app at a time.
Lg too has its own way which is through qslide apps where the supported apps floats on other apps in a small windows providing you the flexibility to use both apps simultaneously.But the problem is we see those features only in high end devices.We can also use  those features using custom roms but not all android user will root their devices.  

Best floating apps for multitasking on android phone or tablet:

1.Gplayer(super video floating )
We all watch lot of video on our smartphones.One Problem with traditional music players is that when ever you get a message or any other notification which you have to interact for sure you have stop player to respond that notifications.This is a video player with floating function built in .
  • Multiple floating videos on any app.Just open the player and select the video which you want to float.Once selecting the video you will notice a small windows pops up and now you can use  what ever app you want to use and video floats over it.We have tested it along with whatsapp,facebook,instagram,and on games like temple run,subway surfers its working just fine.
  • Group media sharing.You can share files videos your friends and lot more.
get it on google play.
Gplayer floating video player app
If you dont like this music player then our beloved mx player now has support for this.So go for mx player instead as it is completely free

2.Floating calculator:
This is a basic calculator app with floating bubble which is similar to facebook messenger.This comes in handy while checking results online or for doing simple calculations while browsing.lets say you are checking your results online and you have to add your score.You have to minize browser and then open a calculator app and then you have to add.Instead install this app and a floating bubble comes up and you can have this on any app.
Get this on google play.
floating calculator app

3.Floating stickers
This is simple note taking app to  write  notes on the go.This is very simple to us.Download the app and open it  a small windows will pop up.You can adjust the re size the window pinching in or out with with two fingers.Swipe it left or right to fix it in position.
Get this on google play

floating stickers app
4.Super monitor:
This app is for monitoring phone functions like cpu frequency,ram usage,memory usage ,battery stats ,temperature and lot more.This also have a floating mode for checking cpu frequencies or for ram usu age on the go in both text and graph formats.This app may require root access and also comes in pro version too.
get this on google play
5.Floating browser:
This is simple browser with floating functionality .We often use lot of browsers but they don't provide any floating function so that you can use it over the existing app.Using this app you can open links in a floating windows without moving from the existing apps like facebook,whatspp or any other apps.
FLoating browser app

6.Floating camera video recorder:
This is a simple camera apps which floats on other apps .You can use this app as a spy camera too.Open the app and launch the floating camera.You can take shots with volume up or down buttons.Double tapping the floated camera will hide the hide to the notification panel and you can still take pictures using volume down button.You can record videos as well.
Grab it in google play. 
Final words on floating apps for android:
There are some of the floating apps which would replace some of you day to day usage apps to enhance the multitasking capability  of your smart phone or tablet which otherwise only possible with root.These apps are very light as they offer only specific functionality so you can expect better performance from them even on low end devices.But using all these apps at once might be a hard task for processor to handle and you might experience performance issues.So use these apps to enhance multitasking instead of using them for fun and later complaining that these makes your device sluggish. 
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