13 Feb 2015

How to root samsung galaxy note edge

Samsung Galaxy note edge is the first device to sport a curved display to the edge.It can be said that its actually an experimental device from samsung just like samsung galaxy curve.The specifications of the phone are almost similar to galaxy note 4 but priced higher compared to note 4.

quick specifications:

Samsung galaxy note edge

Display: 1440p (1600x2560),5.6 inch amoled
curved edge screen
Corning gorilla glass 3
Chipset: Snapdragon 805
Ram: 3gb
Storage: 16
Operating system: android 4.4 will be updated to lollipop
Battery: 3000Mah
Models SM-915Fy European version
SM-915A  atand t version
SM-915T  T-mobile
SM-915G  singapore ,australia,spain
SM-915K/l/s for Korea
SM-915D  for japan

why to  root samsung galaxy note edge?

Samsung galaxy note edge  is a usual Samsung device loaded with heavily modded touch wiz user interface.To get rid of touch wiz or to install custom rom with improved performance you might consider rooting your device.

How to root Samsung galaxy note edge?

The method we are going to use to root note edge is from chainfire root method or simply CF auto root method.

supported models:



1.Download and install and the device drivers.
2.Download odin from here.
3.Download the required root files
4.Make sure that you have a stock firmware befor you proceede so that if anything goes wrong while rooting so can flash back stock firmware on the go.

Procedure to root note edge:

1.First go to device settings and then to security and find reactivation lock and uncheck it.
2.Enable developer options by tapping continuous on build number until you see the message you are now a developer.
3.Now switch off the phone.
4.Put the device in download mode but holding volume down button and central navigation button(home button) and power button.
5.Now open the odin file which you have downloaded

6.Once the phone in download mode connect the phone to a computer via usb cable
7.Once the device is connected to the you will see a message added in ondi
8.Now click on pda and navigate to the location where you have download the root file and click on it.
9.Once you have done so click on start
10.Once the flashing is done you will see "pass" with green color on the odin.
root-note -edge-3

11.Once you see pass exit odin and phone  reboots automatically.
12.After reboot you will see supersu installed on your device
13.Download root checker app and check for root access.    


Note your device is a risky process.We are rot responsible if your device is bricked.It depends completely you if to root your device or not.


So by following the above procedure you will successfully root Samsung galaxy note edge. Now you can use rooted apps to enhance your device performance performance and battery   life and can take customization to whole new level.

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