4 Mar 2015

Custom Roms For Micromax Yu Yureka Tomato

There are lot of custom roms for micromax  yu yureka lets start with the device specifications first. Micromax yu yureka is the first cyanogenmod powered device in India.As the device is only available through flash sale exclusively through amazon its hard to get this device.The device comes with Snapdragon 615 chipset which is octacore and clocked at 1.5ghz.Has  a ram of 2gb with internal storage of 16gb with microsd extension slot upto 32gb.The device is price at just rs.8999 and is quite low price for the specifications that it comes with.
The device runs on cyanogenmod 11 and kernel sources were out quickly.As a result there are lot of custom roms available for our device.If you have rooted your device and ready to play with custom roms then we present you the complete list of available custom roms for Micromax Yu Yureka.

Customs Roms For Micromax Yu Yureka:

1.Miui rom V6 for Yureka:


Miui is the custom rom from the well known manufacturer Xiaomi.The rom has been open sourced by Xiaomi and is undoubtedly one of the best looking roms out there.The major aspect of the rom is the interface customisation through themes.There is a theme store builtin which a tons of themes .We can modify the interface from lockscreen to icons and to boot animations.The best part of this themes is that we can use one part of the theme over other themes.If you like the icons in one theme you can actually use them in another theme.The rom has some similarity with Ios but you will definitely love to use this rom.This is bsased on kitkat 4.4.

Installation procedure:

Installation procedure is bit different from other roms.Lets see how it is done.
You must be rooted and have installed clockwork mod recovery.
1.Download the rom and place it in the internal storage and external storage of the device.
2.Boot into recovery by holding volume keys and power button at same time and make a backup of the existing rom first.
3.Wipe data/Factory reset and wipe cache partition and dalvik partition.
4.Now go to mounts and storage and format system.
5.Using volume keys to navigate click on "mount storage" and "Mount storage/sdcard1"
6.Go back and click on install zip and choose zip from sdcard and navigate to the folder where you have placed the miui rom.
7.Flash the rom and the Gapps.
8.Click on Reboot system now and you will boot into miui rom.
Download: Miui v6 for yureka 5.2.27 version
                    Miui V6 for Yureka 5.4.3 version

2.Crdroid Android for yureka:

Crdroid rom for yu yureka tomato

Crdroid is based on Cyanogenmod with inclusions of great features available in other custom roms like slimkat,aospa,and omni rom.It also includes notification features from paranoid android like hover,peek and halo.Slimkat pie controls are included which makes it easy to navigate between apps.
It has an option to shuffle lockscreen keypad which is fun to use .Slimkat recent panel is also available .There is a floating window for multitasking.This comes in handy while browsing or messaging.Ad blocker is preinstalled in this rom.

Other noticeable features:

1.Access Floating window from notification panel or recents.
2.Dsp manager for audio,
3.Call recording.
4.Gesture anywhere
5.App bar from chameleon os.
6.List view animations
7.Power menu Quick setting toggle.
and lot more.
Download crdroid for yureka.

Installation procedure:

1.Download rom and Gapps and place it in the device storage.
2.Reboot to recovery.
3.Wipe data and cache partitions.
4.Flash rom and gapps

3.Unofficial Paranoid android 4.6:

Paranoid android is based on android open source project kitkat and is one othe best custom roms available out there.This rom includes recents from the lollipop even though the rom is kitkat based.It includes dynamic navigation bars and status bars which change their color based on app i.e both navigation bar and status bars adopt colors to suit the running app to provide immense experience.

Other features:

3.Theme engine
4.Quick setting tiles.
3.App ops
4.advance power menu
5.Volume button wake.
and lot more......
Download paranoid android for yureka

4.Unofficial Slimkat rom:

Slim rom is also based on aosp kitkat.The main objective of this rom is to provide feature rich rom which is slimmed down when compared to other roms.It has feature called the real dark slim which when enabled will turn the entire ui to black making it comfortable to use it in dark which decreases stress on eye while using the device night time or in low light conditions.

Slim rom features:

1.The real dark slim.
2.custom shortcuts
3.System wide keyboard controls.
4.Slim centre and lot more.............
Download slimkat for tomato.
5.PAC man rom:
Pac man rom is the aggregate of  paranoid android ,aokp and cyanogenmod.It also includes cherry pics from other custom roms too.It has all the features of famous custom roms.There is a theme engine from cyanogen mod with which you can change lot of themes to fit your taste.

Other features:

1.Active display
2.Gesture anywhere.
3.App bar.
4.Init.d scripts
5.Status bar weather.
6.Ota updates
7.locksreen notifications and lot more.
Download Pacman for tomato.

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6.Ehndroix V rom:

This rom is based on cyanogenmod 11 and created by nitrox-developers.It is optimised to give maximum fluidity with battery life.It has Custom ui called Fluid ui which looks beautiful.Nova launcher is preinstalled.Includes all the features that cyanogenmod offers.

Other features:

1.Exclusive gapps.
2.Customisable quick settings with new interface.
3.Google public DNS.
4.Modded asop music player.
5.Awesome wallpapers from Ehndroix.
6.Tweaks for better battery life.
and lot more.....
Download Ehndroix for tomato .

7.Cyanogenmod 12:

Cyanogenmod 12 is a lollipop based rom.The official version of the OS or stock cyanogenmod 12 is not yet released.This is unofficial cyanogenmod 12 with lot of bug and might be cleared in future update.At present there are lot of bugs and it quite unstable for daily usage but you can still try this out so that you can actually help develop by providing logcats which would help him to make it stable.
Download Cyanogenmod 12 for tomato 

Installation procedure:

Flashing the rom is similar to that of other roms
1.Download the rom and place it internal storage of the device.
2.Reboot to recovery.
3.Wipe data/factory reset and cache partition.
4.Flash rom and then Gapps
Must see: Move or install apps to sdcard 

8.Cyanogenmod 11:

Cyanogenmod is one of the best custom roms available in the android development community.They support lot of devices .This rom is based on android open source project with lot of added features.  One of the best features of the cyanogenmod is the theme engine.This theme is similar to that of the miui rom.There are lot of themes available in the playstore.The best part of the theme engine is the overlay of one theme elements on top of other that means you can actually use icons and wallpapers of one theme over other theme.
Cyanogenmod 11 cm 11 for yu yureka tomato

Cyanogenmod rom is usually available in three types one is nightlies which gets updated with new features every night and are quite stable for daily usage.second one is the snapchat which is monthly build version which will be stable version and other one is the release candidate.Some times nightlies are considered must stable than the snapshots.Other features of the cyanogenmod roms include a double tap on status bar to sleep,network speed indicator which shows the ongoing Internet traffic on status bar.There is inbuilt kernel tweaker if you want mess with the frequencies and governors.Coming to cyanogenmod 11 for yu yureka this is an unofficial version with almost all the features and some mods from the dev with improved performance and battery life.
Download cyanogenmod 11 for yureka

Installation instructions:

1.Download the rom and place it internal storage of the device.
2.Reboot to recovery.
3.Wipe data/factory reset and cache partition.
4.Flash rom and then Gapps

9.Resurrection remix rom:

This ROM is based on latest android lollipop that is android 5.1.1.It is based on cyanogenmod , slim , omni and original remix rom builds.Developer aimsat offering a great performance with all the latest features available in the android development  community.
Download: Resurrection Remix custom rom

Final words on custom roms for yu yureka:

These are some of the custom roms available for micromax Yu Yureka or Tomato and there are lot of other roms too which surely you must try .Before flashing any one of the roms above you device should have atleast 80% charged to finish the flashing process.We will be updating the list when a new rom is made available for the device.Make sure you always make a backup before flashing roms so that if something goes wrong you can restore the backup.
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