15 Mar 2015

List of Custom roms available for Xiaomi redmi 1s Armani

There are quite a lot of stable custom roms available for xiaomi redmi 1s but before we will go about this device and then will proceed to the list. Xiamo redmi 1s is the best budget smart phone with a snapdragon 400 chipset clocked at 1.6Ghz.The device is a huge hit in Indian market but the biggest let down for the buyers is the flash sale.

Only few buyers got the device and rest were forced to either wait for next flash sale or they bought other devices in the same price bracket.If you take a look at the specifications it has 1 gb ram with 8gb internal storage and has an extension slot up to 32gb.Primary camera is 8mp while secondary camera is 1.6mp.The device was  launched with android 4.3 with miui on top and later updated to kitkat.

Though the device is quite powerful when compared to the other models in the same price range it has some issues like insufficient internal storage, battery  drains a lot and it over heats.Since the device is android we have solutions for most of the problem but of course you have to root the device.

Xiaomi encourages us to root the device so  you will not void warranty if you root it. Using rooted apps will solve most of the problems but  only custom roms can take the performance and customisation to a whole new level.If you have problem in finding the custom roms then you are on right place.We  will present you the list of custom roms available for Xiaomi redmi 1s. 

List of custom roms for Xiaomi redmi 1s:

List of custom roms available for xiaomi redmi 1s

Xiaomi didn't release the kernel sources for a long time so most of the roms available have wake lock and sensor issues which may not be stable to use as a daily driver .As Xiaomi finally released the sources most of the kernel wake lock and issues are gone and roms has still not adopted the released source.

1.Cyanogenmod 11 rom  for redmi 1s:

cyanogenmod custom rom Xiaomi redmi 1s Armani
If you are android guy then you must know about cyanogenmod before or you must be hearing a lot in news about cyanogenmod in recent times.Most of the android user eagerly wait for the cyanogenmod to be officially supported because this would become a base for other rom .Reason for developers to use cyanogenmod as a base is because of its vast developers support.Most of the bugs in the rom will be removes quickly when compared to other roms.If you take a look at the features you will find it is similar to aosp from google with added features.
  • Theme engine: Theme engine is from the cyanogenmod custom rom which basically changes the look user interface from lock screen  to ring tones all the way up to boot animations.The speciality of the theme engine is the ability to choose individual elements of every theme you have installed.So you like the ring tons and wallpapers of one theme and icons of other theme then you can have them at a time.Just open the theme chooser and you will understand how to do it.
  • Performance control:A default cpu manager app to control frequencies and governors.You can adjust cpu frequencies and also set them on boot too.
  • Trebuchet: This is the default launcher that ships with cyanogenmod rom.But if you flash gapps then you might loose this.It doesn't have too many features like nova or other launchers but its simple and fast.
  • Software Updates: Cyanogenmod rom is usually available in three types one is nightlies which gets updated with new features every night and are quite stable for daily usage.second one is the snapchat which is monthly build version which will be stable version and other one is the release candidate.Some times nightlies are considered must stable than the snapshots. 
  • Status bar Tweaks:Status bar has lot of tweaks which include a brightness slider.Slide in status bar to adjust brightness of the screen.Double tap on status bar to sleep device and also network speed indicator for on going traffic info.
These are the features of cm rom and you can explore rest of them by installing  this on your xiaomi redmi 1s.
 Download unofficial cyanogenmod 11 for redmi 1s

2.Paranoid android for redmi 1s:

 paranoid android custom rom Xiaomi redmi 1s Armani

paranoid android is also based on android open source project and has some unique features.The rom is kitkat based and lollipop version is not available yet.Features include a pie control which is gesture based app.Using pie control makes it easy to navigate between apps and ui.You have set a gesture position first.Once done swiping from the edge of screen will open pie controls.Though the android version is kitkat the recents menu resembles with the lollipop recents.
  • Theme engine: This feature is adopted from the higly popular custom rom,Cyanogenmod. Allows you to change the themes of user interface with out any need of special mods. There are lot of themes in playstore which you can download and customize it.This theme engine supports icon apps too.So if you download any icon's app you can apply them using this theme engine instead of launcher.
  •  Display sleep options: Double tapping on status bar or lockscreen ring will the device to sleep.
  • You can launch music app when a head set is connected.
  • Button actions: You can set custom actions for buttons .Like long press the back button to kill recent app.
  • App ops: Manage permissions of apps using app ops.
  • Audio Fx: This a audio equilizer which is present by default.
  • Pie control: If you have on screen button then this feature will save you lot of screen.It is an alternative to navigation key with lot of features.Hide you navigation keys and enable pie.Swiping from edges of screen will revel pie control which will all navigation keys along with date and time,battery percentage.
Download Paranoid android for redmi 1s

Must see:Move or install apps to sdcard 

3.Carbon rom for armani:

Carbon rom is android open source project with added features.This is a kitkat based rom and is not officially supported by carbon team.If you take a loot at the features of this unofficial rom it includes carbon fibres which are the features added to the rom by the carbon team.Carbon fibres include lot of features like interface animations .you can set different animations while scrolling and also change animation when the app is closed or opened.The rom has active display inbuilt.This features is similar to that of active display from moto x series .You can wake the display when pull the phone fom the table or from your pockets.This features is quite helpful if you dont like to use power button to wake up the display.Lock screen mod includes 8 target swipes ,You can set 8 shorcuts of frequently used apps on lock screen.The rom features active display too.
carbon custom rom Xiaomi redmi 1s

  • Theme engine: Developed by cyanogenmod is a wonderful engine to theme your android os from icons to boot animations.You can choose from a variety of themes and even apply individual elements of one theme over other themes too.This might remind you of miui theming engine.
  • Animations: You can set different animations for app closing and openings.There are lot of scrolling animations too which put smile on your face while using them.These animation are cool but might hinder experience if you choose wrong one.
  • Sounds: You can disable camera shutter and screen shot sounds.Increase volume in steps and volume down is lowered to a stable one when a headset is connected.
  • Status bar: All the icons on status bar that is battery,signal and date are completely customizable. A Double on status bar will put the device to sleep.Brightness control can be enabled or disabled.
  • App circle bar:  If you enable this swiping from left or right will open a bar with apps in it.This makes it way to launch your favourite apps from anywhere but remember you will not get any floating type apps that hover other apps.
  • Network speed: On going network speed is displayed on status bar.Both upload and download speed are displayed and you can adjust time interval.
  • Carrier label: Carrier label can be displayed on status bar which is displayed on to left of it and you set a custom carrier label too.
  • Buttons: Enable or completely disable navigation bar to increase screen real estate.Navigation bar is completely configurable.You can set custom actions for each buttons too.Double tapping on navigation bar too will put the device to sleep.If you device have hardware keys then there is an option to enable or disable button backlight.You can end call by pressing power button and answer call by pressing home button. Volume buttons can be used to wake up the device instead of power button. Button layout too is customizable.
  • Pie control: This makes navigation easy if you are habituated to it.If you disable on screen buttons then pie control can be used to navigate.Swiping from edges of screen will trigger pie and you  will have all navigation required options in there.You can adjust size,color and trigger options of pie too.
  •  Power menu: Advance reboot option is available which includes reboot to recovery or bootloader at any time.
  • Gesture any where: This lets you to launch apps or any custom actions with a gesture any moment.  
  • Super user: Super user in integrated into device settings so no need of any special root apps for permission  management.
Download Carbon rom for redmi 1s

4.Mi xperia for redmi 1s:

Mi xperia rom  for redmi 1s
Mi xperia is cyanogenmod based xperia themed rom.Its not only theme complete framework is  xperia themed.The lock screen is form xperia z2.Dialer and messaging apps are too themed as xperia to give immense experience.Walkman music player is also present and xperia apps include keyboard,
album and movies,motion graph and motion shot,Sony car,notes and finally xperia z3 launcher.
Download Mi xperia redmi 1s 

5.Crdroid for armani:

Crdroid rom is based on cyanogenmod 11 with added goodies.This rom also includes pie controls halo ,hover and peek from paranoid android.Screen shot notification also has delete option.Some of the other features include navigation bar and mod.You can enable or disable navigation bar and can also set size of the navigation bar.Notification for low battery too.  The lock screen pin includes shuffler.The number on keypad shuffle when ever you unlock the lock screen.Recents mod include placing clear all option anywhere on four corners,slim recents too included.
crdroid custom rom Xiaomi redmi 1s

Features of crdroid rom:
  • Theme engine: Theme engine is quite common in all custom roms now a days.It is from cyanogenmod and lets you change look of your user interface with themes.There are lot of themes available in playstore.
  • Navigation bar: You can enable or disable navigation bar and shit its position to left hand side  when you rotate screen in landscape mode.Size of navigation bar can also be adjusted.
  • Quick settings: All tiles in quick settings panel is customizable you can enable heptic feedback too.
  • Traffic meter: You can see traffic passing through your device using traffic monitor.Both download speeds and upload speeds are display on status bar in real time.
  • App bar: Swiping from the lest will display launch app bar which includes your favourite apps but floating mode for apps doesn't work.It just launches app.
  • Omni switch: This feature is drawn from omni rom and is an alternative to default recent menu.Once you enable it a floating bubble pops up and when you open it your recent accessed apps with be displayed.You can either access them or clear them.Omni switch is customizable too.
  • Gesture anywhere: This feature lets you access you favourite apps  by drawing a gesture.
  • Wake lock blocker is built in too.
  • Enable or disable media scanner at boot.
  • Lockscreen: You can customize lock screen short cuts and even hide camera app on lock screen.Lock screen has new unlock method called gesture unlock.Draw a gesture to unlock instead of entering pin or drawing pattern.If you choose pin as a protection then there is an option to shuffle number displayed during unlock.
  • Performance settings: This lets you control your cpu and gpu behaviour like you can choose governors or adjust max and min cpu frequency.
  • Volume keys can be used to unlock your device.
  • Privary guard from cyangenmod rom too is included in this rom along with super user integration.
  • You can coonfigure rotation too.
  • Long pressing on back button will kill recent app.
  • Search bar in recents can be disabled.
  • Slim's heads up notification system in also present.
  • Brightnes slider can be disabled from status bar and notification count too is present.
  • Screen recorder too is present . 
Download Crdroid for armani 

6.Liquid smooth rom for armani:

liquid smooth custom rom Xiaomi redmi 1s

Liquid smooth rom is based on android open source project or simply aosp. The rom provides smooth experience and stable rom for day to day usuage.Features include status bar mod like swiping on the stauts bar will increases or decrease brightness which may not work if you are using auto brightness.
  • Interface: This includes animations control.Clock and weather widgets are completely customizable so you dont need to download any separate app for both clock and weather widgets.
  • Lockscreen: YOu can customize weather widget on lockscreen and double tapping on lockscreen ring will put the device to sleep.
  • Gesture anywhere: this feature is now quite common in most of the roms.Its a geat way of navigation through gestures.
  •  App circle bar:  YOu can access this by swiping from left or right edge of the screen and a tab appears with apps in it.You can launch your favourite apps easily with this feature and of cource you can disable it if you dont like.
  • Notification lights: If your device supports notification led light then you can customize it.You can change the color of your led light for different actions.
  • Heads up: When ever you receive a notification a rectangular bar with notification info will be displayed on top portion of the screen giving you a glimpse of what notification you have received this is called heads up notification and is common in android lollipop.YOu can adjust time for heads up to be displayed.
  • Traffic indicator is also present in this rom for on oging upload and download speeds which is displayed on your status bar.
  • Double tapping on status bar will put the device to sleep.
  • Brightness control: You can easily adjust screen brightness by just swiping on status bar.
  • Status bar: Carrie label can be displayed on status bar and you can customize it too.Battery icon can also be changed if you dont like it.
  • Adblocker is present in this rom by default and it takes care of ads showing up in your browser or apps.
  • Layers: This is an alternative to cyanogenmod theme engine and you can customize ui using themes.
  • Performance control:  This lets you to control your cpu behavior.YOu can play with frequencies,schedulers,governors etc.So you dont need to go for any other cpu control apps.
  • and lot more features............
Download liquid smooth rom for redmi 1s( armani)

7.RD nextgen custom rom:

Rd custom rom for redmi 1s

This is a kitkat based rom with added features.Features include 3 minit battery mod,ios status bar xposed module and greenify app included.Trickster mod Kernel tweaker is buit in too.There is a battery saver too which would reduce battery consumption while the phone is in idle mode.The rom is tweaked to give maximum performance with good battery life.The dev ported lenovo apps like music player, video player,calender,gallery,calculator and lenovo snapit camera.
Esfile manager is built in too so you don't need any file manager apps. Adaway is built in too you can now block ads with out installing any ad blocking apps.and there are lot more features too.
Download the Rd Nextgen rom

8.Pac man rom for armani:

Pac stands for paranoid ,aokp and cyanogenmod.This rom is the aggreagate of all the features of the three topnotch rom .Features from other roms like slims and omni roms are also added.All the features if cysnogenmod like theme engine,status bar mod will be present in this rom.Slim rom features like recents,heads up,pie controls are present.List view animations are also present.
pacman custom rom Xiaomi redmi 1s

  • Theme engine: Theme engine of cyanogenmod is included so you change themes and customize ui on the go.There are lot of free themes which you can download them from playstore itself.
  • Animations: If you are bored with system or user interface animation you can change them too.List view animations can also be changes and it works in all apps.You can even set animations for toast messages too.
  • Gesture any where: This lets you to open any app with just a gesture.You have to enable this option and set trigger positions and use this at any time.
  • Gesture lock: In general lock screen security includes either a pin ,password, pattern or face lock.This is a new un locking method with just a gesture.You have to draw a gesture in lock screen area to unlock it. 
  • Lock screen mods: Battery bar will appear on unlock ring and double tapping on un lock ring will put the device to sleep.You can even set custom apps on lock screen too.
  • Double tap on status bar will put the device to sleep.
  • Expanded desktop: You can enable expanded desktop mode for all app or chose only specific apps to be able to run in expanded mode.
  •  App circle bar: swiping from left or right will open app circle bar in which you can place your favourite apps and can access them at any time with just a swipe.But this doesn't launch apps in floating mode.
  • Button actions: Enable or disable navigation keys and set custom actions too.If your device supports hardware keys then you can set back light time too.
  • Notification drawer: Adjust quick tiles and arrange them according to your needs.weather can be displayed on notification panel too only when it is pulled down.If you don't brightness slider in notification panel you can disable it too.
  • status bar: All icons on status bar are customizable.Network speed monitor is also available to get ongoing traffic info.Sliding across status bar will adjust brightness. 
Download pacman for armani 

9.Mokee rom for redmi 1s:

Mokee is an aosp based rom with lot of features.This rom is  unofficial but you will all the features of mokee rom.Features of the Mokee rom includes multi window which is basically through floating window,List view animation are also present.Lunr calendar is included in lockscreen.The best part is the active display which is similar to motorola flagship mobiles.
Mokee custom rom Xiaomi redmi 1s
There is power saving option in battery setting which could dave your battery when it battery goes down by 15%.Theme engine from cyanogenmod is also present so you can enjoy the themes of cyanogenmod in this rom too.Other features inlcude smart dialling,IP dialling,sms sending delay,smart dialling.You can set your own carrier name .Network speed on status bar is also present and there are lot more features too.
Download Mokee rom for redmi 1s

10.Ultimate L rom for redmi 1s:

Ultimate rom for redmi 1s

This rom is based on kitkat  with completely themed to look like android l. Features include android l themed frame work,android l themed notification panel and status bar,Google boot animation.Xposed framework is added in the device settings itself.Pie controls are also present.Ausu browser is include which replace the stock one.Gallery app is from Motorola devices.Slimkat camera is include which is close to google camera.Hover mode is also present and lot more.
Download ultimate custom rom for redmi 1s

How to install custom roms on redmi 1s:

Installing custom roms on redmi 1s is similar to that of other devices.Since it comes with an unlocked bootloader you just have to flash a custom recovery.Since we have all the three major recoveries already available for us you can go with anyone.Here we will guide you on how to flash it with twrp recovery.
  • Firstly download anyone of the custom rom from above links and transfer it to either internal storage or sdcard.
  • Now make a backup of all the apps and other important files and information which recides on your device to external storage or to cloud services.
  • Boot into twrp recovery by using button combinations or by using any rebooter app,which can be found in playstore.
  • As you enter recovery mode its time for you to have a full backup of existing rom which can be made through backup options in the recovery.
  • Make sure to check if the backup file is available by click on restore option.
  • Now wipe system,data and cache(including dalvik).Never format internal storage.
  • Once the required partitions are erased you have to install the rom along with gapps.
  • After installing just reboot it to system and wait for atleast 20 minutes for initial boot to complete.
  • Thats it you have successfully flashed a custom rom on your redmi 1s.

Some common problems while flashing roms on redmi 1s:

1.After flashing the rom initial boot make take sometime give atleast 20 minutes to boot before you conclude it as a boot loop.
2.If you have encountered boot loop then go to recovery and wipe data and cache .Reboot the device .If you still encounter an boot loop issues then restore the backup which you have made earlier.
 3.If you have found instabilities then make a log cat file to help developers to deal with with get your problem solved.
4.If you don't find root success after flashing the rom then flash supersu through recovery and you have super su installed on your device.

Final Words on Custom roms for xiaomi redmi 1s:

These are the some of the custom roms  for Xiaomi redmi 1s (armani).There are lot more custom roms available too.Using the aosp rom over miui is added benefit .Xposed framework doesnot work on miui so if you are a fan o f xposed framework like me then its better to stay on aosp roms than on miui rom.we or developers are not responsible if you brick your device.So be care full while flashing the rom.Happy flashing! 
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