20 Mar 2015

Custom roms for Samsung galaxy s5 SM-G900F and SM-G900H

Samsung galaxy s5 is the flagship from samsung for 2014.The device is not as popular as that of younger flagships galaxy s4 and s3.The device pretty much looks similar to that of galaxy s4 with bigger display and a new processor.If take a look at the specifications the device comes with a snapdragon 801 chipset clocked at 2.5 Gigahertz and adreno 330 gpu and backed up with 2gb ram.The device is available in two storage options 16 and 32 gb with extension slot upto 128gb.
Since the device samsung we the laggy touch wiz again.This makes the powerful device to lag some times and its irritating.If you have rooted your device and ready  to flash custom roms then you are on right place.In this post we will present you the custom roms available for samsung galaxy S5.This post is specific to samsung galaxy s5 Sm-G900F and SM-G900H  and s5 plus lte model  models.
So its better to verify your device model number before going further.To check your device model number go to device setting and click on system tab.You will find different icons select about device.Your device model number will be  just above the android information.

Custom Roms for Samsung galaxy s5 SM-G900H and SM-G900F:

Custom roms  samsung galaxy s5

1.Xtrestolite for SM-G900H and SM-G900F:

Stock rom has too many features .If you are a a fan of stock Rom and want to have performance and battery life then go for Xtrestolite,This is  Debloated to give  better performance compared to stock rom.All unwanted are removed and rom is trimmed down to just 410mb.Developer gives you the option to add the removed apps through aroma  installer.You cna basically choose what apps to be installed and what not.
Xtrestolite Sm-G900H and SM-G900F
This rom is available for other models like SM-G900F and SM-G900M and other models too.You have flash the latest  Bootloader.If you take look at the features of this rom the kernel is slightly overclocked to 2.5Ghz and advanced reboot menu to boot into recovery or bootloader menu easily.Knox is completely removed.Only some samsung apps like gallery ,music ,camera ,dialer ,messages etc.If you miss any other apps you can actually get them back using aroma installer.
Download Xtrestolite rom for SM-G900h  and other models too.

Installation procedure:

1.Make sure that you are on latest lollipop firmware.
2.You must have twrp installed on your device.
3.Download the rom and aroma add on if you want samsung apps.
4.Wipe data and cache .
5.Flash rom and then reboot.

2.Cyanogenmod 12 For SM-G901F:

Cyanogenmod 12 for samsung galaxy s5 Sm-G901F

Samsung galaxy s5 SM-G901f is basically a 4G plus variant.Cyanogenmod is the most famous rom in the android community.This is a lollipop rom.This rom is based on google open source project with added features .If you take a look at the features the rom comes with a theme manager which is similar to that of miui rom.There are lot of themes available in the store to play with.Both paid and free themes are available.The rom has some  mods like status bar mods which include notification count and network speed indicator.  Privacy guard too is available. Though the rom is not official yet you will have all the official features of the rom.
Download Unofficial Cyanogenmod 12

Installation procedure:

1.Download the rom and gapps and place them in the internal or sdcard storage.
2.Reboot the device into recovery.You need either Clockworkmod or Twrp recovery.
3.Wipe data,cache,system.
4.Flash rom and then gapps.

3.Alliance rom for SM-G900F:

This is stock based lollipop rom with added features and improved performance.This rom is for the device with model number SM-G900F so i advice you to not to flash this rom on other variants as it may harm your device.This rom will not work for SM-G900h and is confirmed by the developer himself.
Alliance rom samsung galaxy s5 Sm-G900F

If you take look at the features the rom is pre rooted and debloated and the kernel support init.d scrips too.Build.prop is tweaked to give performance and battery life.The best part of this rom is the theme manager .The rom come with a alliance theme manager and there are about 11 themes to choose from.Toolbox has been modified to support 10 apps instead of 5 apps.Lockscreen mod include  9 unlock effects  to choose from.There are lot more features which can be explored by flashing this rom.
Download Alliance rom for SM-G900F

 Installation guide:

1.Download the rom and place it in sdcard.
2.Enter recovery and make a backup of the existing rom.
3.Wipe data.system and cache partitions.
4.Flash the rom and reboot.

4.Joel droid rom for SM-G900F:

This rom is Lollipop rom which is highly optimized to give performance and battery life.Knox is completely removed and disabled. Features include Csc tweaks like call recording,symbols in samsung keyboard,sms to mms conversation disabled and lot more. Build.prop tweaks include shorter call ring delay,longer wifi scan interval,higher jpeg encoding quality and shorter proximity sensor active delay.All these tweaks should actually improve battery life and it completely depends on usuage.
Download Joel droid rom

Installation guide:

1.Make sure that you have Twro installed on your device.
2.Download the rom and place it sdcard.
3.Reboot into recovery and make nandroid backup and also backup Efs too.Latest twrp has the option to backup efs.
4.Wipe the data,system and cache partitions and then flash the rom.
5.Reboot  and wait for 5 minutes for the initial boot.

5.Phoenix rom for SM-G900F:

This is stock based on which is meant for only SM-G900f device.This is a kaitkat rom not lollipop and has lot of features with xposed framework preinstalled with some mods like wanam .The rom has aroma installation so you can choose what to be installed .There are 12 lockscreen effects from light effect to stone effect.Toggle number is increased to 31 in status bar.Other mods include call recorder,disabled scrolling cache,no increasing ringtone,enabled hidden settings widgets,launcher theme support.Multi window mod includes quad screen,ability to open same app from list etc. Tool box includes 17 apps.
Download pheonix rom for SM-G900F

Installation guide:

1.Download the modem and NG2 bootloader and flash them via odin.
2.Now reboot to recovery and make a nandroid backup first.
3.Wipe cache,system,data.
4.Flash rom and choose what to be installed in aroma file manager and complete flashing rom.

6.SimpleGX rom for SM-G901F:

SmipleGX-rom-for galaxy-s5-plus-SM-g901F

This roms is for samsung galaxy s5 SM-G901f aka s5 plus LTE-A variant.It is kitkat rom based on  stock firmware with improve performance,battery life .The rom is deodexed and zip aligned and rooted too.This rom has fix for external sd write  permissions.Knox is completely removed.Titanium backup is pre installed so that you can backup all the data on the go.Build.pro tweaks too are done to improve battery life.
Download Simplex rom for SM-G901F

Installation procedure:

1.Download the rom and place it internal storage or  sdcard.
2.Reboot to recovery and make nandroid backup first.
3.Wipe data and cache .
4.Flash rom and reboot.

7.X-Note rom for  SM-G900F:

This is a stock based lollipop rom for the device SM-G900F.This rom is meant only for SM-G900F so donot try this rom on other models.
The features of this rom are its built on top of the latest firmware .The rom is deodexed ,Zipaligned , rooted and with busy box installed.There is an X-note app from the developer .More than 300 fonts are available and lot of lockscreen effects over stock rom.There is option to switch between boot animations from stock or X-Note  boot animations.Ascending ringtone is removed.You can set the grid size  of touchwiz launcher to 5*4 ot 5*6 so that you can add extran icons on home screen.There are lot of toggles availble including torch ,battery bar ,lock  the screen etc. Both lockscrren and home button are added to status bar which can be hidden through the x-note app.The rom has aroma installer so you can choose what to be installed on the device.There are lot of mods that you can choose from.
Download X-note Rom for SM-G900F

Installation guide:

1.Untick the reactivation lock in the security settings.
2.Do a efs back up and reboot to recovery.
3.Make a backup of the rom .
4.Wipe cache,data.
5.Flash rom and reboot.

Final conclusion:

These are the  some of the custom roms for Samsung galaxy s5 SM-G900F and SM-G900H and other models .Since the device is quite new to development it might take some time for the aosp rom to reach the stable editions and even for ports too.Flash this roms may or may not improve performance and battery life as they completely depend on your usuage.So happy flashing.

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