23 Mar 2015

Custom roms for Samsung galaxy note 3 exynos variant SM-N9000

Here is the list of custom roms available for samsung galaxy note 3 exynos variant.Samsung galaxy note 3 the successor of most popular note series note 2.Though the device has a bigger display has the same body dimensions of that of the  predecessor.The device is initially  launched with android 4.3 and later updated  to kitkat and then lollipop too.If you take a look at the specifications the device comes with a 5.7 inch amoled display with 5.7 inch screen and gorilla glass 3 layer for protection. Since this a samsung flagship the device is available with two different chipsets one with snapdragon and other with in house exynos variant.
The exynos device does not support 4g and the rest of the specifications are similar to that of the snapdragon variant.The processor is octacore exynos 5420 in which four core are clocked at 1.9Ghz with cortex a15 architecture and other four cores are clocked at  1.3ghz  with cortex A7 architecture backed up with 3gb ram.The device is available in 3 storage options depending on carrier variant . Other specs include 13mp rear camera with 2mp front camera.The battery is huge with 3200mah.
If you have rooted your device and want to flash custom roms and you cant find them then you are on right place in this post we will present you the custom roms for samsung galaxy note 3 exynos variant SM-N900.But before proceeding further make sure that your device model number is SM-N900.To confirm your device model number go to device settings and click on about device.You will find your device model number right above the android version.

Why to go for Custom roms on samsung galaxy note 3:

  1. Laggy TouchWiz os: No matter how powerful the chipset is samsung devices are always laggy because of heavy touchwiz user interface .Custom roms have optimized ui which little to no lag at all.So might consider going for a custom rom.
  2. To reduce overheat: Samsung galaxy note 3 heats a lot while browsing or playing games.So you can go for a custom rom to have less heating issues and this depends on the developer.
  3. To have new experience:Each custom rom has it flavors built in which gives a fresh experience when ever you change to a new custom rom on samsung galaxy note 3.
  4. For Better performance: note 3 is powerful smartphone for sure but this doesnot mean that the performance would be the same at any point of stressing the device.Tochwiz  might be a heavy skin and Shifting to a new os will definitely improve the performance of the device and this also depends on type of rom and support from developer.
  5. To improve battery life:Some custom roms would be optimized to give maximum battery life than stock rom.Ofcource galaxy note 3 has a decent battery life.

Custom roms for samsung galaxy note 3 exynos variant SM-N9000:

custom roms for note 3 exynos variant sm-n900

1.Dr.Ketan custom rom for note 3 SM-N900:

Dr.Ketan rom for note 3 exynos

This rom is from the developer Dr.ketan and is available in both kitkat and lollipop version which are based on stock firmware.The rom flasher file is multitool with extra features like efs backup and restore ,aroma file manager,bloatware remover and gps changer.Other features of the ketan  rom includes 300 fonts,rotation upto 360 degrees and ultra saving mode is present in both toggles and app drawer.Toolbox from the s5 is also present.Lock screen mods include light and particle effects.
Dr.Ketan utilities include auto call recording for both incoming and out going and auto wifi off when not used for more than 10 minutes.Smart network allows the device to turnoff the data automatically after 30 seconds of screen off.You can make backup of efs  and can flash recovery,kennel or modem using intsd.System user interface mod include network speed on status bar with an option to choose your favourite color and so on.
Download Dr.Ketan custom rom for kitkat and dr.ketan custom rom for lollipop

Installation guide:

1.Download the rom and place it in sdcard.
2.Reboot to recovery and make a backup of the present rom.
3.Wipe cache,dalvik cache and system.
4.Flash the rom and choose what you don't want to be installed in aroma installer.
5.Reboot and wait for 10 minutes for the initial boot.

2.Cyanogenmod 11 for SM-N900:

cyanogenmod 11 custom rom for note 3

Cyanogenmod 11 or simply cm 11 is the kitkat version of the cyanogenmod. This is a port which is still in beta stage .The features of cyanogenmod include a theme engine which could change the theme from the icons to boot animations including fonts,status bar style and lot more.Kernel manager is built into settings to modify cpu parameters .At Present there are some issues with this rom like the laggy ui and some other.
Cyanogenmod rom is uaually available in three types one is nightlies which gets updated with new features every night and are quite stable for daily usuage.second one is the snapchat which is monthly build version which will be stable version and other one is the release candidate.Some times nightlies are considered must stable than the snapshots.Other features of the cyanogenmod roms include a double tap on status bar to sleep,network speed indicator which shows the ongoing internet traffic on status bar.There is inbuilt kernel tweaker if you want mess with the frequencies and goverors.
Download cyanogenmod 11 fro note 3 sm-n900

Installation guide :

1.Download the rom and gapps and place it in sdcard.
2.Reboot to recovery and make a nandroid backup.
3.Wipe data,cache and system.
4.Flash rom and then gapps.

3.Iuni os custom rom for SM-N900:

This is a Chinese rom which is ported over to note 3.The user interface is fresh and looks beautiful. The transparency in the notification panel or in some apps remind you of ios and also miui v6.Ui is flat and there is no app drawer too.Some features from the stock os are added too like smart screen ,screenmode and power saving mode.There is a Brightness slider in the notification panel itself unlike aosp roms.If you want a completely new experience on your note 3 then try this rom for sure.
Download iuni os  note 3

Installation guide:

1.Download the rom and gapps and place them in internal storage.
2.Reboot to recovery and make a complete backup first.
3.Wipe data,cache and dalvik cache and then  format system
4.Flash the rom and then gapps.
5.Rom is not rooted you have to flash the super user too to obtain root access.
6.Reboot and enjoy the rom .

4.Miui v5 custom rom for note 3 SM-N900 and SM-N9000Q:

Miui is the custom rom from the well known manufacturer Xiaomi.The rom has been open sourced by Xiaomi and is undoubtedly one of the best looking roms out there.The major aspect of the rom is the interface customisation through themes.There is a theme store builtin which a tons of themes .We can modify the interface from lockscreen to icons and to boot animations.The best part of this themes is that we can use one part of the theme over other themes.If you like the icons in one theme you can actually use them in another theme.The rom has some similarity with Ios but you will definitely love to use this rom.There is a security app buit in with lot of features like antivirus to protect the device from the malware and viruses and you ca disable root permissions if you want and battery saver.There is network speed indicator built in for the ongoing traffic info.
miui v5 custom rom for galaxy note 3

Some other features of the miui v5 are double tapping on the ring of the lockscreen will bring up music player and holding home key on lockscreen will enable torch.Since there is no app drawer swiping down in the appdrawer will bring you a search option.You can lock the app drawer so that no one can move or uninstall apps .
Download miui for samsung galaxy note 3

Flashing instructions:

1.Make sure that you have twrp installed  on your device.
2.Download the rom and gapps to sdcard.
3.Make a backup of the existing rom.
4.Wipe cache,dalvik cache and then wipe system.
5.Flash the rom and then gapps.
6.Reboot the device and wait for atleast 10 minutes to first boot.

5.alba 19989 rom for note 3:

This is a stock based on with add on and other mods.This rom is available in three different versions full,middle and ultralite.The ultralite version is slimmed down to 613mb with some sacrifices but still maintains the stock feel.The features of the rom include a mod which adds call button to contacts,Ink effect is enabled for normal swiping too,ascending ringtone is removed and torch toggle is added.The rom is stable and battery friendly too.
Download alba  for SM-n900 full ,alba  medium and alba  ultralite.

Installation guide:

1.Downlaod any one of the rom and place it in sdcard.
2.Reboot to recovery and make a nandroid backup.
3.Wipe data,cache and system.
4.Flash the desires rom and reboot.
Must see:How to unroot samsung galaxy note 3

6.Spider custom rom for note 3 sm-n900:

This is a lollipop based rom which uses stock lollipop as base.This rom is complete close to stock only with minor tweaks.Rom is pre rooted with latest busybox and supsersu installed.Kernel supports init.d scripts so you can add custom scripts to tweak the performance and battery life.Build.pro is also tweaked to give better battery life.
Download Spider  sm-n900

Installation guide:

1.Since the rom is lollipop based you must be on stock lollipop or atleast you must have lollipop bootloader.
2.Download the rom and place it in sdcard.
3.Reboot to recovery and make a backup  of the existing rom
4.Wipe data,cache and dalvik cache and then system too.
5.Flash the rom and then reboot.
Initial boot may take some time.

7. Criskelo rom for note 3 sm-n900:

criskelo rom for note 3 sm-n900

This is kikat rom which is based on stock os with added mods.The rom has aroma installer so you can choose what you want on your device.Rom is deodex and zipaligned and with improved performance and battery life.You can backup or restore efs with aroma installer while flashing the rom.Xposed framework is preinstalled with modules like wanam xposed and pen window manager,ogyoutube is also installed with which you can download youtube videos to sdcard.
Download Criskelo  for sm-n900
Installation guide:
1.Download the rom and place it sdcard.
2.reboot to twrp recvoery and make a backup of the rom.
3.Wipe the data,cache and system partitions and reboot.
4.Flash rom and reboot.

Final Words on custom roms for note 3 :

These are some of the custom roms available for samsung galaxy note 3 exynos variant sm-n900 .There are lot of other custom roms too but these roms are tested and working great on the device.Since flashing roms is a risk neither the developer nor we are responsible for any damage caused to your device so flash the roms at your own risk although the chances of bricking the device is negligible.  Happy flashing.

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