17 Mar 2015

How to install CWM Philz recovery on redmi 1s armani

Custom recoveries plays a vital role in the android development.Any modification to the OS recoveries recovery to flash them.There are three recoveries available for xiaomi redmi 1s.Clockworkmod,Team win recovery project and Philz recovery.

In the last we showed how to install twrp recovery on redmi 1s in this post We will show you how to install or flash clockworkmod (CWM) recovery on Xiaomi redmi 1s armani. Not all custom roms support one recovery some roms requires cwm while some requires twrp and some roms flashes fine only with Philz recovery.

Developers clearly mentions which recovery you must use to flash that rom.For example if the developer request to use cwm and flash the rom with twrp you wont brick the device but you may get status 7 or status 0 errors and sometimes rom flashes without error but after boot you may find lot of force closes or loss of signal.
Philz recovery for redmi 1s

How to install  CWM Philz recovery on redmi 1s armani:

Clockworkmod recovery:

Clockworkmod recovery  is an alternative recovery for flashing custom roms,kernels,mods and for making a complete android backup.This recovery was developed by koushik Dutta also called  Koush.He also developed the app rom manager which is quite famous in android development mode the app has more than 10 million download.

Philz recovery:

This is a modified CWM recovery from the developer philz.Though the developer stopped support for the recovery for now we have it for our device redmi 1s.This a fully touch based recovery with redesigned ui compared to CWM.This recovery provides you advance restore options like restore only boot or data or system which Clockworkmod lacks.You can set the location where the  rom backups are to be made and it has lot of features over CWM.
The Philz recovery for redmi 1s can be installed or flashed in three ways ways:

Method 1: Using fastboot


1.Make sure that your device has at least 40% charge.
2.Download and install Xiaomi's device drivers.
3.You must have fastboot or adb installed on your computer.
4.Usb cable

Flash Philz recovery using fastboot: 

Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

1.Download the CWM Philz recovery tar  for redmi 1s and extract it.You will get an image file . Place the image  in fastboot folder.
2.Open command prompt and navigate to fastboot folder using command "cd Locaton of fastboot folder"
3.Rename the recovery img file to "recovery" so that it becomes easy for typing.
4,Power off the device completely.
5.Press and hold volume down and power button at the same time you will enter boot loader screen.
6.Connect the device to computer through usb cable.
7.Type the command fast boot devices to see if your device is detected.
8.If your device is detected then type the command "Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"
and wait for few seconds.Once done you can enter philz recovery.

Method 2:Using Mi recovery

1.Download the philz recovery zip and place it in roots of internal storage.Just copy the zip to internal storage do not place the zip in folders.
2.Power off the device.
3.Boot into recovery by holding volume up and power button at same time.
4.Once you are in Mi recovery choose update zip and select the Download philz recovery zip.
Once updated just reboot to recovery again and you have philz recovery installed on redmi 1s.

Method 3 using Twrp recovery:

If you have Twrp installed on your device and you can flash the zip directly.
1.Download the CWM philz recovery for redmi 1s armani and place it in sdcard or internal storage.
2,Power of the device completely.
3.Hold volume up and power button at same time to boot into Twrp recovery.
4.Click on install and navigate to location where you have place the downloaded file.
5.Select the zip and swipe to confirm flash.
6.Once flashed go back and select reboot recovery.
7.Once the device reboots you will have recovery installed on the device.

Final conclusion:

By following the any one of  above methods you will able to successfully install CWM philz recovery for redmi 1s.Flashing using mi recovery is the easiest way flashing the recovery.If you find any difficulties let us know in the comment section.We will help you to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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