21 Mar 2015

How to move or install apps to sdcard for both rooted and non rooted users

You can move or install apps to sdcard directly if you are rooted .Most of the affordable and mid range android devices market have good set of specifications which include a powerful processor which can handle heavy games or apps with ease.Despite many drawbacks like the camera or the screen we have the major problem is the internal storage.Not all device will have a bad camera or bad quality screen but definitely the storage will be either 4gb or 8gb.Since android has come a long way in development most of the apps we have are huge .Installed 2 or 3 heavy games would fill up the space and you will be forced to un-install some of the apps to retain your favourite one.
If you are have a gingerbread device or ice cream sandwich you actually have the option to move apps to sdcard but with kitkat google removed the option .Later with lollipop google enabled the option again to move apps to sd though with some limitations.If you have android device and you actually want to move or install your apps on sdcard then you are on right place.In this post we will tech you how to move or install apps to sdcard of your android device.

How to move or install apps to sdcard (without rooting):

Move apps to sdcard android for rooted and non rooted users

1.Moving apps on Gingerbread or Ice cream sandwich device:For non rooted users

To know the version of your android device then go to device setting and click on about device.In the about device you can find the android version of your device.If you own a gingerbread or ICS device then you can actually move the apps to sdcard.

Using Default settings:

1.Go to device setting and find the option apps.
2.Click on apps and you will find three tabs which include download, running and all.
3.In the downloads tab click on the app which you want to move.
4.Now you will find the option to move app to external storage.
5.Once the app is moved you free space will rise.
But there are some limitations with this method.You will be able to move only some portion of the app.That is you can move only apk part.The data part of the app will remain on internal storage.

Using adb commands:

adb is android debugging bridge which can be used to connect the device using some commands.This is similar to that of command prompt of windows.Using this we are going to set the default application install location to external sdcard instead of internal storage.
Before using this make sure you have adb installed on your computer.
Enable usb debugging on your device:
Go to device settings and click on about device.Tap on build number continuously till you see the message you are now a developer.Now go back to device setting and you find a new option "developer setting".Click on it and search for usb debugging and check on it.
Now connect the device to computer using usb cable  and open the adb or minimal fast boot file.
In the fastboot type the following commands:
"Adb devices"
This command verifies if the device is recognised by the debugging bridge.
Once your device is recognised type the following commands:
For device with gingerbread use :
"adb shell pm getinstalllocation" 
 you will get the defaulat location as auto.
now type this command:
"adb shell pm setinstalllocation 2"  
This command would set the default apps installation location  to external sdcard.
For the devices with kitkat use:
adb shell pm get-install-location" 
 you will get the defaulat location as auto.
now type this command:
"adb shell pm set-install-location 2"  
This command would set the default apps installation location  to external sdcard.

2.If you have a kitkat or lollipop device:(Non rooted users)

since google removed the ability to move apps to sdcard from the device setting you have to use an app to move apps. You can actually flash a custom rom that support this feature .There are various apps in the playstore that can move apps to sdcard.Let see some of the apps than can do this.

Move apps to sdcard using apps:

A.App mgr 3 (app 2 sd):
This app requires you to be on jellybean or above to work .This app manager not only moves apps to external sd but has many other functions like freezing the app so that it does not work,uninstalling apps,hiding apps from the app drawer and also apps sharing between device through bluetooth.This is available in both paid and free versions.Free version is limited and has ads.
Download the app and open it.
1.Swipe from the left you will different options.
2.Choose move apps to external sdcard.
3.It shows you what apps can be moved to sdcard.
4.Move the apps that you want to reside them on sdcard.
In order to increase internal storage move all your images and videos to external sdcard.Also set the default path of storage of images in camera to sdcard instead of internal storage.
move apps to sdcard with app mgr
The problem of using this app is that you will not be able to move the data of large games that is obb files.It moves only apk to sdcard.If you want to move obb that you must have root access.

Move apps to sdcard for rooted users:

Rooted users always have an advantage to play with mods or doing tricks on their device .If you have rooted your device there are many ways you can actually move apps to sdcard including the large obb file.

Move apps using link 2 sdcard app:

Link to sd is app manager app which can be used to move all your apps to sdcardincluding the library files and obb files.When ever you download a heavy game it actually comes in two parts apk and data or obb.Obb is the data of the games which includes the assests of game.If you try to move the game using the above method you just move the apk file and obb retains on internal storage.
Link to sd requires root permissions and works with all android 2.2+ devices including lollipop.If you take look the features of this app you will be able to move obb files,link the dex files of the system apps to sdcard,you can even move all the bloatware to sdcard and the good part is that you can actually set the default application installation location either to internal sdcard or external sdcard.
How to use this app:
1.Download the app from the playstore and open it.
2.Grant super user permission when prompted.
3.Click on the app which you want to move and you will find an option to "move to sd".
4.Click on it and the app will be moved to sdcard.
move apps to sdcard  using link to sd

Using xposed framework module Xinternalsd:

If you have rooted your phone then might know what an xposed module is.This xposed module allows you to modify the framework on stock or custom rom to add features. Xinternalsd is an xposed module that actually lets you to install the games or files directly to sdcard instead of moving them after downloading.
Since the xposed framework is not yet optimized to work for lollipop you can only use this on kitkat or below android versions.
1.Download the xposed frame work and install it.
2.Click on framework and install update and reboot the device.
3.Once the device reboots open the framework and and click on download option.
4.Search for xinternalsd and install it.
5.Once the you install it.Go back and click on modules and check on xinternal sd.
6.Reboot the device again and open the module .Set the path to install as "/storage/sdcard1/". 
7.Go to playstore and search for the app sdfix by nextapp
8.Install the app and run it and click on continue.
reboot the device again and try to download apps from playstore you will notice the apps installed on sdcard.

Final conclusion:

These are some of the you can move apps to sdcard.These would work for both rooted and non rooted users.Using xposed frame work on miui may cause bootloop issues .So if you are using miui rom or xiaomi phone then before using xposed modules make sure that it does not bootloop or use any aosp roms.If you still have problems in moving apps to sdcard then comment us your problem we will try solve your issue as soon as possible.
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