5 Apr 2015

How To Install Twrp Recovery On Xiaomi Mi3 (Cancro)

This is a tutorial for install twrp on xiaomi mi3.Xiaomi mi3 flagship of the Xiaomi for 2013 was announced in china at a very competitive price .The device is powered by a snapdragon 800 chipset backed by 2gb of ram with 16 or 64 internal storage .The device lacks external storage option.The primary cam is 13mp sensor while the secondary is 2mp which should be enough for selfies.The operating system ins the miui v5 with android 4.3 base and later updated with miui v6 and is one of the best looking android os out there.
Xiaomi supports and encourages it users to root their device and they their own forums id you are interested in rooting the device.So rooting your Xiaomi mi3 will not void warranty.Custom recoveries are essential if you were to play with roms and mods.If you are an android power user and want to want catch up the development then you need to have a recovery installed.If you are here searching for recovery then you are on right place in this post will help you to install or flash twrp  on xiaomi mi3 cancro.  The device code name is cancro .

Install or flash twrp recovery on Xiaomi mi3:

Flash or install twrp recovery on xiaomi mi 3 cancro

Before proceeding further make it is essential to backup all your apps and data to computer or cloud storage.Although installing Twrp  on xiaomi mi3 will not erase the data from the device but to be on safer side make a backup.Charge your device to at least 50%.

Twrp Recovery:

Twrp stands for team win recovery project.It is one first recovery to offer a completely touch driven interface.The ui is completely xml based so you can customise the interface with different themes and also this is only recovery that supports themes.Unlike the clockworkmod recovery this recovery has the option to wipe all the data,cache,dalvik,system,internal with just only one swipe.Of course you have to choose what to be wiped on the device.
twrp recovery for xiaomi mi 3

There are two reasons why this recovery  has to be chosen over other clockworkmod.First reason being the ability to restore the individual portions of the complete nandroid backup and other being the multi rom support.Only twrp   has the multi rom support for now.
Coming back to twrp   on xiaomi mi3 cancro you can flash tit in three ways.

Flash Twrp  On Xiaomi Mi3 Using Fastboot:

Twrp for xiaomi mi3 can be falshed using fastboot or android debugging bridge.
1.Download the the minimal adb and fastboot file and install it.
2.While install the minimal fastboot install it to a location which can be easily accessed.
3.Download twrp for cancro image file and place it in the fastboot folder which you have already installed.
4.Rename the downloaded image file with name recovery (to make it easy to type in command)
5.Open the fastboot folder and right click any where inside the folder and launch cmd there.
6.If you can find the cmd after right clicking just open the command prompt through programs and then type the command cd "location of the fastboot folder".without quotes
7.Now power of the device completely and put in the fastboot mode by power it on holding volume down and power button at the same time.
8.Once the device enters the fastboot mode connect it to a computer using usb cable.
9.Now type the command "fastboot devices" to know if your device is detected.If your device is detected then you are good to go.
10.Type the command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"
11.Once the recovery is flashed you can either manually reboot to recovery or type the following command to reboot to recovery "fastboot reboot-recovery" 

Flash Twrp  On Xiaomi Mi3 Using Twrp manager App:

Xiaomi mi3 is officially supported by twrp so you can actually install twrp on mi3 using their official app from play store called twrp manager.But using this app requires root access.If your device have root access you can try this flashing using this app and this is the easiest way to install twrp recovery on xiaomi mi3( cancro).
1.Download playstore app and search for twrp maanger app.
2.Download the app and open it.
3.Grant super user permission when asked.
4.Once you grant the permissions do a swipe from the left and you will find several options.
5.Choose the options "Install twrp" and you will be greated with two more options.One is  device name  and other to install.
6.Click device name and scroll down to last and you will find xiaomi mi3 cancro.Click on it.
7.Now choose which version to be installed and then click on install recovery.
8.App downloads the recovery and flashes it.
9.Once done you can reboot to recovery from the app itself.
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Flash Twrp  on Mi3 Using CWM:

If you have already installed clockworkmod recovery on your xiaomi mi3 and you want to move to twrp recovery then you can do it as follows.
1.Download twrp zip fro cancro and transfer it to sdcard.
2.Reboot to cwm recovery and click on install.
3.Navigate to the location where you have placed the zip file and select it.
4.Flash the zip .
5.Now click on advanced options and select reboot to recovery.
6.Once the device reboot you will have  twrp installed on you device.
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Final conclusion:

By following anyone of the above methods you will can install or flash  twrp  on xiaomi mi3 cancro.Of all the methods flashing recovery through twrp manager is the safest and easiest way to install twrp on xiaomi mi3.These methods and download files are only meant for wcdma variant of the device.Flashing the above files on tegra variant will hard brick the device for sure and we are not responsible for any bricked devices and we all know flashing is some what risky.

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