9 Apr 2015

Custom Roms For Xiaomi Mi3 (cancro)

Here we present you the custom roms for xiaomi mi 3 cancro.Xiaomi mi3 the one of the best if not the best budget smartphone with high end specs for the year 2013.This device got an immense response from the public but many buyers were  let because of the invite system. Xiaomi mi3 is powered by a snapdragon 800 chipset with 2gb of ram.The device comes with 16 or 64 gb internal storage.The rear camera is 13mp which captures decent photos while the secondary camera is kept at 2mp which is also decent for selfies to be posted on social media networks.

One of the reason why an android user should own a xiaomi mi3 or their other devices is their openness towards android development community.They give the freedom for their users to root their devices and you will not void warrant by doing so.The device comes with Miui rom which is one of the best and beautiful custom roms available in android development community. Xiaomi mi3 shipped with android 4.3 with miui v5 and later got updated to miui v5 with kitkat underneath and soon the device will get  updated with android lollipop.

Since xiaomi encourages us to root and play with custom roms you might consider shifting to a custom rom after you fed with the miui.Xiaomi didn't release the kernel sources for over a year and all the custom roms which were built with out those sources had issues with kernel wake locks and sensor problems but some developers fixed them in their roms.If you  are in search of stable custom roms for xiaomi mi3 and could not find them then you are on right place in this post we will share you custom roms available for xiaomi mi3 cancro.The first thing you should make a note is that the device code name cancro.

Why to Go for a custom Rom for Xiaomi Mi3:

  1. To Reduce Over heating: As our xiamo mi3 over heats a lot you can go for a custom rom which is optimized to have less compared to the completely one.Although you can reduce this heat by using cpu control apps  to underclock but this might not have a great impact like the optimized custom roms.
  2. To have new experience:Each custom rom has it flavors built in which gives a fresh experience when ever you change to a new custom rom on xiaomi mi3.
  3. For Better performance: Mi3 is powerful smartphone for sure but this doesnot mean that the performance would be the same at any point of stressing the device.Miui might be a heavy os.Shifting to a new custom rom will definitely improve the performance of the device and this also depends on type of rom and support from developer.
  4. To improve battery life:Some custom roms would be optimized to give maximum battery life than stock rom.Ofcource mi3 has a decent battery life.

Custom roms for xiaomi mi3 (cancro):

Custom roms for xiaomi mi3 cancro

1.Blisspop rom for mi3 (cancro):

Blisspop is a lollipop based rom with cyanogenmod 12 as a base.This rom offers all the features that cyanogenmod 12 has to offer and also there are lot of added features from other popular roms too.This rom offer wide range of features only status bar to lockscreen.Status bar tweaks include notification count,network speed indicator,double tap to sleep ,brightness control and weather in status bar header.The recent panel has a button to clear all the tasks and omni switch is present is present as an alternative to traditional recent menu.
Bisspop custom rom for xiaomi mi3 lollipop

Gesture any where is also available which could make it easy for you to launch apps with gestures instead of returning to home screen and app drawer to launch apps.In addition to this app circle bar is also present which makes it too easy to launch apps with just a swipe from the edge of the screen.You can enable soft keys too if you like them and also set the dimension  of the navigation keys.
You can adjust the back light duration of the button and now you you can do various things with the just home key kike accessing a call with just a tap on home key , wake the device and also you can set custom action for double tapping on home key and there are lot more features to explore by flashing this blisspop on xiaomi mi 3.
Download blisspop rom for xiaomi mi3 cancro
 Installation instructions:
1.Download the rom and place it in internal storage.
2.Reboot to recovery and make a backup of the existing rom.
3.Wipe data,cache and then system.
4.Flash the rom and then gapps.
5.Reboot and for few minutes as initial boot will take time.

2.Unofficial cyanogenmod 12 for xiaomi mi3:

Cyanogenmod is one of best roms available in the android community.As cyanogenmod need the kernel sources for the official build and xiaomi  didn't release kernel source for long time cyanogenmod doesnot support mi3 but unofficial roms are available for mi3.These unofficial builds will have all the features of the official cyanogenmod  and also some added features too . This rom is based on android open source project with lot of added features.  One of the best features of the cyanogenmod is the theme engine.This theme is similar to that of the miui rom.There are lot of themes available in the playstore.The best part of the theme engine is the overlay of one theme elements on top of other that means you can actually use icons and wallpapers of one theme over other theme.

cyanogenmod 12 custom rom  for xiaomi mi3 cancro
Cyanogenmod rom is uaually available in three types one is nightlies which gets updated with new features every night and are quite stable for daily usuage.second one is the snapchat which is monthly build version which will be stable version and other one is the release candidate.Some times nightlies are considered must stable than the snapshots.Other features of the cyanogenmod roms include a double tap on status bar to sleep,network speed indicator which shows the ongoing Internet traffic on status bar.There is inbuilt kernel tweaker if you want mess with the frequencies and governors . Coming to cyanogenmod 11 for xiaomi mi3 cancro this is an unofficial version
Download cm 12 for cancro
Installation guide:
1.Download the rom and transfer it to internal storage.
2.Do a nandroid backup first.
3.Wipe all the required partitions.
4.Flash rom and then gapps if needed.

3.Temasek unofficial cm 12 for mi3 cancro:

This  rom is based on cyanogenmod 12 with added features.Features o this rom includes weather in status bar,double tap to wake the device,cyanogenmod theme engine for customisation,press home key to unlock the device and lot more.
Download temasek cm 12 for cancro
Installation instructions:
1.Download the rom and gapps and place them in the internal storage.
2.Reboot into twrp or cwm recovery and make a backup.
3.Wipe system,data and dalvik cache.
4.Flash the rom and then flash gapps.
5.Reboot to system.
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4.Glade rom for mi3 cancro:

This rom is also based on cyanogenmod 12 with cherry picks from other roms.Features of this rom include network speed indicator for the on going traffic info. If you are facing any wakelocks either from the system apps or the installed apps you can block them with inbuilt  wakelock blocker.Other features of the rom include ambient display,media scanner,left clock,lcd density ,disabling screen shot sounds.As this is a cyanogenmod based rom we will have theme engine for customisation and all features of the cyanogenmod are available.
Glade custom rom for xiaomi mi3 cancro
Download  Glade rom for mi3 cancro
Installation guide:

1.Download the rom and then gapps in the internal storage.
2.Reboot to the twrp recovery . make sure you are using the latest recovery and do backup of the existing rom first.
3.Wipe the required partitions and then flash rom.
4.Flash gapps if needed and reboot.

5.Cyanogenmod 11s mibacon for xiaomi mi3 cancro:

Cyanogenmod 1ss for xiaomi mi3 cancro

One plus one is one of the best devices that you can buy at affordable price.The device comes with a cyanogenmod 11s which is specific to oneplus one only.Now the rom is available for mi3 device too.This rom offers all the features of the cyanogenmod with minor changes in the ui like the lock screen.Rom is fully deodexed and zipaligned for improved performance.
Download Cyanogenmod 11s for cancro
Installation Instructions:
1.Download the rom and transfer it to internal storage.
2.Reboot to  recovery and make a backup first,
3.Flash the rom in any one of the systems.
4.Reboot  and wait for few minutes before confirming it as a bootloop.
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6.Aosp rom for xiaomi mi3:

If you are fed up with all the roms with heavy features then the best thing is to have a rom with little features which we use in day to day life.Aosp is the android open source as you know its how google want android to be.This rom is based on android 5.1 lollipop with no extra added features over source.So you will have a stable and fast rom.
Download aosp rom rom for mi3
Installation instructions:
1.Download the rom and transfer it internal storage.
2.Reboot to recovery and make a backup.
3.Wipe data,cache,system and flash the rom with gapps.
4.Reboot and wait for few minutes for initial boot.

7.Paranoid Android rom for mi3:

Paranoid android is a custom firmware based on android open source project with lot of unique featuresover other custom roms.Some features of cyanogenomd are also present in this too.Paranoid android lollipop based rom lacks lot of features which the kitkat based  one offers.
  • Theme engine: This feature is adopted from the higly popular custom rom,Cyanogenmod. Allows you to change the themes of user interface with out any need of special mods. There are lot of themes in playstore which you can download and customize it.This theme engine supports icon apps too.So if you download any icon's app you can apply them using this theme engine instead of launcher.
  •  Display sleep options: Double tapping on status bar or lockscreen ring will the device to sleep.
  • You can launch music app when a head set is connected.
  • Button actions: You can set custom actions for buttons .Like long press the back button to kill recent app.
  • App ops: Manage permissions of apps using app ops.
  • Audio Fx: This a audio equilizer which is present by default.
  • Pie control: If you have on screen button then this feature will save you lot of screen.It is an alternative to navigation key with lot of features.Hide you navigation keys and enable pie.Swiping from edges of screen will revel pie control which will all navigation keys along with date and time,battery percentage.
Download Paranoid android for mi3.

Final words on custom roms for xiaomi mi3:

These are some of the custom roms available for xiaomi mi3.As xiaomi delayed the release of kernel source the development is quite low when compared with the other android devices.These are actually stable for day to day usage with little or no bugs.As xiaomi released the kernel source the development might speed up and may catch with other devices.If you want to try a stable rom other than miui then we advice you to go for blisspop rom as it has vast developer support and they might have updated their build with the released kernel sources.Before flashing any one of the roms above keep in mind that we and developers are not responsible if your device is bricked.Happy flashing.  
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