5 Apr 2015

How To Install CWM Recovery On Xiaomi Mi 3 (Cancro)

Xiaomi mi 3 is the one of the  best smartphones with high specs but released at budget price of top notch oems.The device is a huge hit in china and also in other contries but  drawback it was released in flash sales which made it difficult to grab this phone.If you take a look the device specifications it comes with a snapdragon 800 chipset with 2gb of ram and 16 or 32 gb of internal storage.The primary camera is a 13mp module with the secondary cam is 2mp.The device is initially launched with miui v5 with android 4.3 base and later updated to miui v6 with kitkat base and will be updated to lollipop soon.
Xiaomi mi3 is launched in two variant that is  with two different chipsets.The one available in china is of the tegra version while the version out the china is powered by the snapdragon variant.The advantage of having a xiaomi device for android user is you will not void warranty if you root the device so you might consider rooting the device if you are a power user.But to play with custom roms you must have a custom recovery installed on your device.If you dont have a custom recovery installed on your device then follow this post.In this post we will teach you how to flash or install clockworkmod (CWM) on xiaomi mi 3 wcdma (cancro) variant.This post is only specific to the snapdragon variant so dont try this on tegra variant it may harm the device.

How to install or flash CWM recovery on xiaomi mi3(cancro):

how to install flash clockworkmod recovery on xiaomi mi3

Backup all you apps and data before proceeding further.Flashing cwm on xiaomi mi3 will not erase any of your data but its always safe to backup the data.Charge the device to atleast 40% before proceeding further.Before flashing the clockworkmod recovery  on xiaomi mi 3 spend few seconds on reading about the clockworkmod recovery

Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery:

Clockworkmod recovery is one the first recoveries developed in the android community which was based on android 2.1 recovery image. This was the first recovery which had a file manger built in to flash the files and had adb support.The user interface is simple and you have to navigate through the interface using the volume keys and to confirm you have to press the power button.It can perform complete android backup and can easily restore the rom in case of bricked conditions.Later touch version was also released which has the similar functionality except for the navigation's.In the touch variant you can basically use volume keys or fingers  to navigate and perform actions.
clockworkmod recovery on mi 3 cancro

When it comes to flashing cwm recovery on xiaomi mi3 you can actually do it in 2 ways.One way is to flash the recovery through default updater app while the other way is flashing through fastboot ot adb.

Flash cwm recovery on xiaomi mi 3 using update option:

This method will only work on official stock rom  so if you are on other rom then this will not work for you.
1.Download the cwm for xiaomi mi3 (cancro) and place it in the sdcard.
2.Now go to the tools folder and search for the updater app or simple swipe down on home screen and search for the app "updater".
3.Open the updater app and click on menu key and select update package.
4.Now navigate to the folder or file which you have already downloaded the recovery  and select the file.
5.Once you select the file in the updater you will be asked either to install or update.Click on update and wait for few seconds.
6.Once done click on reboot to finish and you are done.
7.To go to cwm recovery open the updater app again and reboot to recovery or power off the device completely and hold volume up and power key at same time till you enter the recovery.
8.Now you have cwm installed on xiaomi mi3.
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Flash the clockworkmod recovery on xiaomi mi3 using fastboot:

In case if the above method failed we can still flash cwm on xiaomi mi 3 by using  fastboot or android debugging bridge.
1.Download the minimal fastboot and install it.Install  the folder to a locaton where you can access them easily.
2.Now download the cwm recovery for xiaomi mi 3 from the above link and extact the file.You will get an img file.
3.Rename the image file to "recovery". This is just to make it easy to type while using the command.
4.Transfer the recovery.img to the fastboot folder which you have already installed.
5.Now right click inside the fastboot folder and open cmd here.
6.Now power off the device completely and put it bootloader mode by power it on by holding volume down and power button at the same time.
7.Now connect the device to computer and wait for few minutes for the device to be detected by the computer.
8.In the fastboot type the command "fastboot device" to know if the device is detected.
9.Once the device is detected type the command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" .
10.Flashing the recovery on mi3 will be done in few seconds.
11.Once the recovery is flashed type the command "fastboot reboot-recovery" and the device enter recovery mode.
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Final conclusion:

By following the above two methods you will be able to flash clockworkmod cwm recovery on Xiaomi mi3 cancro without any problems.Since flashing is bit risky and you know it we are not responsible if you brick the device.Once the recovery is flashed on mi 3 make a complete android backup first to be on safer side will playing with custom roms and kernels.If you find difficulty in flashing the recovery you can contact us by commenting below.You will help to resolve your problem as soon as possible.
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