2 Apr 2015

how to install/flash twrp on Motorola moto x 2014(second generation)

Motorola moto x 2014 is the successor of the first touch less control device aka moto x with lot of improvements under hood .Unlike the predecessor the device is now equipped with latest processor from qualcomm which is snapdragon 801 and with 2gb ram.The other specs of the device include a 16/32gb storage and primary camera is 13mp while rear cam is 2mp and battery is just 2300 mah but the screen size is kept at 5.2 inch.
Since the device is from Motorola the user interface is almost close to stock with little added features .It quite common for an android user to root their device and install a custom rom.But before doing so you need to have a custom recovery installed on Motorola moto x 2014.If you are searching for a custom recovery and could not find one then you are on right place in this post we will guide you to install twrp custom recovery on Motorola moto x 2014 (Victara).The device code name is victara so if you are downloading any rom make sure that you are downloading it for  the device victara.

Flash twrp and root Motorola moto x 2014 (Victara):

Team win recovery project:(Twrp)

                              Before flashing twrp recovery on moto x 2014 victara let me tell you why you have to choose twrp recovery over other recoveries.Twrp stands for team win recovery project which is an alternative recovery for android devices to flash custom roms and kernels and to make a complete backup of the rom.This is the first recovery which has touch based ui.
Twrp recovery for motorola moto x 2014 victara second generation

There are two reasons why this twrp recovery stands out from the rest.First reason is the ability to restore individual portions of the rom instead of the whole rom.This comes in handy when a kernel which is flashed over a custom rom fails to boot.In this case you can either flash a custom rom on top or restore the boot image from the nandroid backup(of the same custom rom) and other reason is the customization through themes.This is only recovery that supports themes.If you are bored of the gui of twrp recovery then you can flash a theme on it.
You can flash twrp recovery on Motorola moto x 2014(victara) in two ways.Let see both of them.

Flash twrp recovery on moto x 2014 using fastboot:

Flashing twrp on moto x 2014 requires boot loader to be unlocked this will be done in two steps.In the first we will be unlocking the boot loader and in second step we will be flashing twrp on moto x.So if you haven't unlocked boot loader proceed through first step.If you have unlocked boot loader skip the first step and to go second step.Both the steps requires adb tools or fast boot installed on your computer.

1.Unlock boot loader of moto x 2014:

1.Download minimal adb and fastboot drivers on your computer and install it.The files of this will be installed to "programming files" folder in "c drive"  or You can set your download location for easy access.
2.Install Motorola device drivers or simply connect the device to computer and files will be installed automatically.
3.Enable developer options on moto x.Go to device settings and click on about device.Now tap continuously on build number till you see a toast message "You are now a developer".Go back and you will a new option "developer options".Open and make sure that you have ticked on usb debugging mode.
4.Now connect the device to computer and open the fast boot floder which you have already installed.Right click any where  in the folder and  you will find an option to open command prompt there.
5.Now type the command "adb devices".If your device is detected  you should get list of device and a key.(If this is first time you are controlling the moto x using fast boot you should get a popup as "adb is requesting access to this device" grant the permissions)
6.Type the command  "adb reboot-bootloader" .The device enters bootloader mode.
7.Type the command "fastboot devices" to know if your device is detected.
8.Type the command "Fastboot oem get_unlock_data"
You wil get a 4 line key with (Bootloader) in each line.Copy the  code and paste it in notepad and remove all the (bootloader) string and spaces and copy the new code.
9.Submit the new code to Motorola to get bootloader unlock key.
Submit the code to Motorola device unlock
10.Now copy the code from email and type the command
"fastboot oem unlock (secrete code) "
11.Once your bootloader is unlocked you can continue to second step.

2.Flash twrp recovery on moto x 2014 victara:

1.Download the twrp recovery for moto x victara  and place it in the fastboot folder.Rename the image file to recovery to make it easier to type in the fastboot command.
2.Now put the device in the boot loader mode by following the step one.
3.Type the command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"  and recovery will be flashed in about 10 seconds.If you see a message mis matched partition size ignore it .Its because of the size of the recovery.
4.Once the recovery is flashed type the command "fastboot reboot-recovery"  and device enters recovery.
Now that you have the twrp installed on your moto x (victara) do a complete nandroid backup.
This is essential if anything goes wrong while flashing any custom rom.IF your device is soft bricked then you can restore backup

Root Motorola moto x 2014:

Now that you have twrp recovery installed on your device you can root your device by flashing the super su .
1.Download the latest super user and transfer it to sdcard.
2.Now power off the device completely.
3.Once the device shuts down hold volume keys and power keys at the same time and the leave them after few seconds the device enters boot loader.Using volume down key scroll down to recovery and press volume up to enter recovery.
4.Once the device enters recovery click on install and then navigate to the folder where you have placed supersu.
5.click on it and confirm to flash.
6.Once the file is flashed reboot the device.
7.Once the device reboots you will super user installed on your device.

Flash twrp recovery using Twrp manager:

Twrp recovery can also be flashed using their official app.But this requires an unlocked boot loader with custom recovery and root access.IF you are on other recovery or atleast have root access then follow this method to get twrp installed on Motorola moto x victara.
1.Download twrp manager from the playstore.
2.Open the app and grant superuser permission when asked.
3.Now swipe from the lest and you will find several options.Click on install twrp and select the device as moto x 2014 victara and download it.
4.Once downloaded confirm to flash and the recovery will be flashed on the device. You can Reboot to recovery and do want the stuff you want to do.

Final conclusion:

By following any one of the above two method you will be able to flash/install twrp recovery on Motorola moto x 2014 victara.Once the you have twrp installed on moto x first thing you have to do is creating a backup of the whole rom.As we said above that it is essential to survive the device from softbrick condition.
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