14 Apr 2015

How To Root Samsung Galaxy E5 SM-E500M

Samsung galaxy E5 E-500M finally has a root solution from chainfire .Samsung galaxy e5 is a midrange device from samsung with 5 inch super amoled screen which is of 720p resolution.The device is powered by a snapdragon processor which is quadcore and clocked at 1.2ghz.It is pushed with 1.5gb ram  and 16gb internal storage.The primary camera on the device is 8mp while the secondary camera is 5 mp which should be greate for selfies.The deivce runs on android kitkat with touchwiz user interface on top.
If you are searching how to root your  Samsung galaxy E5 and could not find the solution then you are on right place.In this post we will teach you how to root  Samsung galaxy E5 SM-E500M.
This tutorial is specific to the device with model number SM-E500M so its better to verify your device model number.To verify your device model number go to settings and then to about device.In the about device you will find your device model number and confirm that it is SM-E500M

Why to root samsung galaxy E5 ?

1.Laggy touchwiz:Since os is loaded with the heavy loaded and  laggy touch wiz and might hinder user experience at some point of time you might consider rooting galaxy e5 to free up the space
2.To improve performance: By rooting the device you will be able to free some same by  uninstallting apps which you don't use and this might decrease the load on cpu as well as free up some ram and internal storage while ultimately improve the performance  by using cpu controlling apps.
3.To improve battery life: As the device has a non removable battery you will be forced to charge the device everyday.But by rooting you will be able to improve the battery life a bit by using apps like greenify.
4.To install custom roms: Installing customs requires root access as well as custom recoveries installed.Some recoveries like twrp can be installed on your device easily if you have root access.

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How to Root Samsung galaxy E5 SM-E500M:

How to root samsung galaxy E5 SM-E500M

Root samsung galaxy E5 SM-E500M on android kitkat with name e53texx and device e5lte and board  msm8916.You can check these info from the cpuz application.
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1.This procedure will not erase the data only your device but still you have to make a backup to be on safe side.Transfer all your data.images,videos and apps to computer.
2.Enable debugging mode on your device.To do this go to settings and then to about device.In about device you will find build number tap on it continuously till you see toast message "you are now a developer".Go back and you find developer options click on it and enable usb debugging on your device.
3.Download samsung kies and install it.Once you have installed the kies close it and make sure that it does not run in the background.
4.Download odin and extract the files and place it on desktop for easy access.
5.Download cf auto root file for SM-E500M  and extract the zip file.You will get a tar.md5 file.

Root galaxy E5 SM-E500M using Odin:

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1.Download the latest odin and place it on desktop.
2.Now download the chainfire auto root zip files for galaxy e5 Sm-E500M and extract it.
3.Power off the device completely and wait for few seconds.
4.Now put the device in download mode by holding volume down,home key and power button at the same time.Once the device enters download mode using volume keys to navigate and press on continue.
5.Now the device is ready to  grab the files through odin.
6.Open the odin on your desktop or computer.
Root e5 SM-E500M through odin

7.Connect the device to a computer using usb cable.
8.Once the device is connected you will notice a blue tab in odin with message added.
Root samsung galaxy E5 Odin blue

9.Now click on pda and navigate to the file which you have extracted before.
10.Make sure you tick auto reboot and  reset time and leave rest of them untick.
11.Now click on start and wait till the flashing is completed.
12.Once the flashing is done you will see a green tab with message pass and device should reboot automatically.
Root galaxy E5 SM-E500M pass

13.Once the device reboots you will notice super su installed in app drawer.Or head on to playstore and download the root checker app to verify  if your device is rooted.
14.Now that you have root access its time to trim down the bloatware on the device.
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Final words on rooting galaxy E5 SM-E500M:

 By following the above procedure you will be able to root  samsung galaxy E5 SM-E500M.As this tutorial is only specific to SM-E500M please don't try it on other device it will definitely hard the device.As rooting is a risky process we are not responsible if you brick the device.This process Will l trigger the Knox counter and you will void warranty for sure.If you are brave enough and don't care about the warranty of the device then you are good to go.
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