10 May 2015

How To Backup and Restore Efs partition on Xiaomi Deivces

Till now making a backup of efs partiton would vary from device to device and not all the Xiaomi smartphones have the support from the developers.But now its made simple with a app which can backup efs and modem partitons on all android devices with root access.There are lot of partitions in the android devices but ,most of us are familiar with  system,data,cache partitions only.These partitions are usually wiped every time when we go for a new custom rom but some custom roms need modems to be flashed over to get network signal.The problem of flashing modem over a custom rom is that there is a chance of loosing imei of the device and is very hard to retrieve it back.
The partition which stores the imei and other important values of the device of called "Efs partition".So backing up of efs partition is more important than making a nandroid backup.Its easy to get back a soft bricked Xiaomi device to a normal working state but if we loose imei its too hard to get it back and at this point flashing stock firmware too will not help in getting back the signal.

If you don't know how to backup your efs partition on your Xiaomi smartphone don,t worry we have it for you.In this post we will guide you how to backup and restore efs partition on  Xiaomi device.

Backup  Efs partition of Xiaomi devices:

Backup and Restore Efs  partition on Xiaomi Deivces

Backup Efs or Imei Partitions:
  1. You device must have root access before trying this out.
  2. Open playstore on you Xiaomi device and search for Partitions Backup app.
  3. Install the app and you will all the partitions of the Xiaomi device.
  4. Click on setting button right on the head bar of the app as shown below.
  5. Chooses where you want to store the partition either internal sdcard or external sdcard .
    Backup Efs Imei modem partition on any Xiaomi devices
  6. Mark on highlight all imei/Efs related partitions.These partitions will highlighted with yellow background.
    Backup Efs/Imei modem partition on any Xiaomi
  7. Choose the backups   as .img format.
  8. Go back and select the highlighted partition and take a screen shot first.
  9. Click on backup now.
  10. The backup process starts and don't interrupt the device in any way for few minutes.
    Backup Efs Imei modem partition on any Xiaomi
  11. Once the backup is done ,open the file manager app and search for the "partitionsbackup" folder.
  12. Copy those files to computer or any other storage devices.

Restore Efs/Imei :

There are two ways to restore them.One with restoring them using app  and the other way is to restore using fastboot.But I suggest you to go for the app as you have details of the partitions.

 Restore Efs uisng the app
  1. This method requires the backup files to be in .img format.
  2. Open the app and go to setting.
  3. You will have 3 options and choose restore  and you will get a warning message.Ignore it.
    restore Efs Imei modem partition on any Xiaomi
  4. It will open the document manager.
  5. Choose the file manager and navigate to the folder named partitionsbackup and you will find the img files.
  6. select any image file and you has tobe restored to specific destination partition and there come the difficulty in using this app.
    restore efs imei modem partitions on Xiaomi devices
  7. If you have 3 efs partitions you will get three img files and each img file has to be restored to the exact partition from which you made a backup.
  8. If you select a different partition then it could result to a disaster.You may hard brick the device for sure.
  9. If you know the exact partitions of the backups then you are good to go.
  10. Once all the partitions are restored reboot the device.

Final words on backup and restoring EFS :

This is simple tutorial explaining you how to backup or restore efs partitions on your Xiaomi device using an app and this is the simple way to do so.Besides this app also offers backup of all other partitions too so if you to have a backup of your boot(kernel) or system partitions you can do it easily with just few clicks.All these backups will be in .img file system and you can flash them using fastboot.If you are unable to follow this guide or could not put it to work you can approach us by a single comment and we will help you to solve your problem.

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