24 May 2015

Best apps for rooted android devices or tablets

Root in android means the ability to able to able to write or modify the roots of system partition.You can relate this to the administrative user in the windows operating system.So basically by rooting you control your device in a way which is almost impossible to do with a normal device.Android users in general are two type one who root their device while other use just stock without any modifications. Rooting give you the ability to improve the device performance or battery life and lot more control on device customisation using some root privileged apps.

If you have rooted your smartphone and cant decide what apps you should go for then we will guide you to install all the basic apps that a basic rooted android device should have which includes apps for customisation to apps needed to improve performance and apps that save device battery.

Best apps that every rooted android devices should have:

Apps for customisation:

1.Quick boot(Reboot):
Usually we to enter recovery we would poweroff the device  completely and then  use button combinations to enter.This app lets you to reboot into recovery with just a click.Besides it also lets you to reboot your device to bootloader or fastboot mode.
best apps for rooted devices quick boot

2.Pie Controls:
If you are familiar with paranoid custom rom then you might have used this for sure.Pie control lets you to navigate with help of a gesture from the edges of the screen.If you have on screen buttons then this will  help you to gain some extra screen real estate by hiding navigation buttons.
You can use this app without root access too but if you want to hide navigation buttons then it require root access.
Pie control root app

3.Adblock Plus:
There are numerous free apps and games in playstore but they display lot of ads while using them and this hinders user experience a lot.You may love that app but if ads are shown up frequently then you might consider uninstalling it.You have root access you can actually block ads in apps and enjoy its featrues without any interrupations.
Since this app violates google playstore guide line it is not available in playstore and you have to download it from their official site.

Download adblock for android
4.Xposed Framework:
Many android users even after rooting their device stick to stock or stock based rom because they are either new to android development,want more stability,fear of bricking device.For those users xposed framework will do its job by offering custom roms features on stock roms or even on other roms.
All fearures will be offered through modules.For different features it has different modules.So if you like a module install it and then activate it,reboot the device and then customize thorugh that module.
This xposed framework is also not available in playstore and you have to download it from their official website.
Xposed Framework root app
One more thing you have to keep in mind that it is not yet fully supported for android lollipop and only few high end devices support it.With in no time we have may have fully working xposed frame work.If you are on kitkat or below android version then you have abundant modules to play with.
Download xposed framework installer
5.Root Explorer:
This is a file manager app with root access with lets you to explore all the root portions of android partitions.This app has the features that a basic file manager should have like zip extractor,etc.One of the main feature that lets rooted android users to use this is its ability to set write permission to apps.
You can delete system apps if you don't like them and lot more.
Root Explorer app android device

Apps to Improve performance:

1.Move apps to sdcard
If your device internal storage is completely filled up you will experience lot of lag and lowered performance.Sufficient space is required to have better performance.This app is quite useful if you have low internal storage and too many apps installed on your smart phone.

2.Trickstermod kernel control:
Performance largely depends on cpu frequency ,higher the clock speed higher the performance but lower battery life.This app lets you to adjust cpu frequency there by you can improve performance or improve battery life b lowering frequencies.If you have idea on cpu governors then you can also select them and availability of governors depends on kernel.
This app is available in playstore in bot paid and free versions.If you are amazed with this app then don't forget to buy premium version to support developer.
trickstermod root app for performance

Apps to improve battery life:

Some apps continue to run in background even after closing them.This will increase network usage as well as reduce battery life.Greenify takes care of them by hibernation all apps that you don't want to run in background.
Install greenify app and grant super user permissions and select apps which you want to hibernate and you are done.If you want get most of this app then install xposed framewrok and activate module and use it.
greenify root app to improve battery life

2.Kernel tweaker app:
Kernel plays a key role in battery life as well as performance too.Optimise kernel behaviour and get improved battery life.There are lot of kernel tweaker apps in playstore and chosse any one of them including above trickster mod app.But this app lets you control gpu frequencies too besides cpu frequencies and also you can enable or disable thermal throttle.Lowering cpu frequency may help to achieve great battery life but it also decreases performance a lot.So if you sacrifice performance then you can achieve decent battery life on your smart phone.
kernel tweaker root app

3.Per app mode:
This app is developed by the renounced developer and the most thanked person on xda-developers ,Francisco Franco.This app lets you to set certain profile for individual app.This profile include minimum or maximum frequency or gpu frequency and even governor too.This is actually cool and saves battery a lot or may drain battery if not optimized properly.It is available in both free and paid version.free version limits you to set profiles only for few apps.
per app mode root app

Other apps that require root access:

1.Titanium backup
This app lets you to backup all your apps and data on your device.Besides backup you can free apps so that don't run in background.You can even move apps to sdcard with this app.This too is available in both free and paid version and free version is actually limited but premium version and enjoy all its features.
titanium backup root app
As the name says this apps lets you to flash image files easily eliminating the need of a computer and fastboot.You have to use this app carefully as flashing image files is actually a risky job unless developer advices to do so.If flash image files regularly through fastboot then check out this app for sure as this makes your job easy.

3.Twrp manager app:
Twrp is one of the best recoveries available in android development.Twrp stands for team win recovery project.It is one first recovery to offer a completely touch driven interface.The ui is completely xml based so you can customise the interface with different themes and also this is only recovery that supports themes.Unlike the clockworkmod recovery this recovery has the option to wipe all the data,cache,dalvik,system,internal with just only one swipe.Of course you have to choose what to be wiped on the device.
best root apps twrp manager

Flashing this recovery is now made easy.If you have root access and twrp support for your device then you can have latest updated installed on your device with just a click.Download twrp manager app ans select your device model number and flash recovery.

4.Partitions backup:
Efs is a partition which stores important data like imei of your device.Backup of these partition is necessary as if imei is lost while flashing roms then it would not be easy to restore it back unless you have a backup.This app lets you to backup as well as restore backups of different partitions which include boot,system,efs,modem,data etc.

partition backup root app
Final words on apps for rooted android devices:
These are some of the apps that a basic rooted android device or tablet must have.Though these apps their own features which either improve performance,battery life or customization you have to use them carefully.Any mis usage may lead to boot loop or loss of data.Use this apps at your own risk if you find any issues just uninstall them but messing up with xposed framework,partition back or twrp manager might have your device than other apps with root access.If you find this post useful then dont forget to share or if you find anything missing in the list then let us know through comment section.
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