25 May 2015

Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 custom rom on motorola moto e 2015 surnia (lte variant)

Motorola mote e is a popular device of Motorola in 2014.With its success Motorola launched its seond generation moto e 2015 (surnia) with improved specs.It has now a quadcore snapdragon processor clocked at 1.2ghz.lte variant of the device comes with snapdragon 410 chipset  while 3g variant comes with a snapdragon 200 processor.Previous generation device was decent in specs but biggest let down was its low internal storage.Now Motorola addressed this a 8gb on board storage which is still less but you cant complain more on a low end device.

It has 1gb of ram and  primary camera on this device is 5mp and this time it has a VGA front shooter too which the first gen lacked.Finally the device is powered by a non removable 2390 mah battery.

Why  custom rom on motorola moto e 2015:

  1. Improved performance:Cyanogenmod offers better performance than stock rom.It has less bloatware than stock.
  2. Added Features: Custom roms offer better features than stock rom
  3. Improved battery life: Optimized stock roms usually give more battery life when compared to stock roms and battery life of moto e 2015 is great.

Flash cyanogenmod custom rom on moto e 2015:

Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 custom rom on motorola moto e 2015

Cyanogenmod 12.1 is android 5.1 based custom rom which is still in alpha stage and may contain lot of bugs.Cyanogenmod is one of the best custom roms available in the android development community.They support lot of devices .This rom is based on android open source project with lot of added features.  One of the best features of the cyanogenmod is the theme engine.This theme is similar to that of the miui rom.There are lot of themes available in the playstore.The best part of the theme engine is the overlay of one theme elements on top of other that means you can actually use icons and wallpapers of one theme over other theme.

Cyanogenmod rom is usually available in three types one is nightlies which gets updated with new features every night and are quite stable for daily usage.second one is the snapchat which is monthly build version which will be stable version and other one is the release candidate.Some times nightlies are considered must stable than the snapshots.Other features of the cyanogenmod roms include a double tap on status bar to sleep,network speed indicator which shows the ongoing Internet traffic on status bar.There is inbuilt kernel tweaker if you want mess with the frequencies and governors.

As of now this rom is unofficial and may not have complete features of cyanogenmod rom which official cm has but you can give a try as we have very less custom roms for motorola moto e 2015(Surnia) as it quite new to android development.

So,Whats working?
Everything seems working properly which are essential for daily basis like
  •  Calling
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Fm 
  • airplane mode
  • Gps
  • Camera
Whats not working?

  • Skype issue
  • Some wifi related issues.
Supported models:
  • XT1521
  • XT1523
  • XT1524
  • XT1526
  • XT1527

Flash rom on mote e using Twrp recovery:

  1. Download the rom and transfer it to sdcard or internal storage of device.
  2. Power of the device completely.
  3. Press volume up and power button simultaneosly and once you see bootloader screen release buttons.
  4. Using volume down as a navigation button move to recovery and click on volume up button to confirm action.
  5. Once you are in twrp recovery backup existing rom first.
  6. Wipe data,cahce and dalvik cache.
  7. Flash rom and then gapps.
  8. Reboot
Wait atleast 20 minutes for intial boot to complete and once done you can explore rom features.
Final words on custom rom for moto e 2015:
This is a simple tutorial guiding you to install cyanogenmod 12.1 rom on moto e 2015 surnia.As this rom is meant only for lte variant of the device don't try to flash it on 3g variant as this would hard brick the device for sure as they have different chipsets.As this rom is still in alpha there may be more bugs than expected.If you facing any issues while flashing this rom then you can contact us by commenting or through our facebook page.
Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 custom rom on motorola moto e 2015 surnia (lte variant) Reviewed by Radha Krishna on 00:19 Rating: 5 Motorola mote e is a popular device of Motorola in 2014.With its success Motorola launched its seo...

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