3 May 2015

Download Kingroot apk file To Root Android Devices

Root you android device without pc using kingroot apk.Rooting a android device is now made easy with kingroot apk.Generally you need a computer to root android device.But the problem with this method is you actually need developers support for the tool to come out and also every device need a separate tool or with the same tool you need a separate root file that could be flashed to a specific device.The problem with this is these tools may not prompt if the root file is being flashed to a specific device and hence chances of bricking the device is very high.

There are other ways of rooting the android devices that is with apk files.Kingroot is one of those apks which can root your android device with out need of a computer.Its a simple and safe way to  root your device as this not harm your device in any way.

Download kingroot apk file:

We have the all versions of kingroot apk files with us and we are sharing them with you.
How to install and use kingroot apk:
1.Download the kingroot apk files from the above links on to your mobile devices.
2.Now open the application using any file explorer app.You will asked to tick on unknown sources.Make sure that you checked on install from unknown sources and install kingroot apk.
3.Enable usb debugging on your device.To do this go to about device and you find build number.Tap on build number continuously till you see the message you are now a developer.
4.Go back and you will notice developer options.Open it and mark on enable usb debugging.
Come back to the kingroot application and open it.
4.You will find every thing in a chinese script in kingroot application.Don't worry about that.You will notice a green cirlce with word root.Click on it and wait for the process to complete.
6.Once the device is root you can download root checker from the playstore and verify if your device has root access.

Final words on using kingroot apk:

1.Using kingroot apk will not harm your device in any way.This is a safe way to root.You dont need to backup your data at all.But the problem with this is all android device may not be supported.But you can still try this app as it prompt you if it fails to root your mobile or table.
2.Since rooting is risky you will definitely void warranty and you can get back the warranty by simple uninstalling kingroot apk and also by removing the root access on your device completely using super su.
3.Kingroot apk is not not available in playstore since it voilates some of the rules of the google and while installing kingroot you might get a warning message that it is harmful to your device.Just dont care about that and install the apk if you want root access.
4.If your device fails to get root access using kingroot make sure that you have enable usb debugging.
5.If the 3.31 version didn't work for you than try the latest version .
6.We are not responsible if you have messed with you device after have root access.You will be held responsible for all your action done after getting root access.
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