2 May 2015

Download USB Drivers for Meizu smartphone

Here is the usb drivers for the meizi smatphones.Meizu released their first smarphone in the year 2009 with the launch of m8 mini one of cource there were few other mobiles before.In the recent time there are proving well in the smart phone industry.Meizu smart phones run on a customized os called flyme os.

Meizu doesn't provide any pc suit for their smart phones like samsung or other oem .Since the device runs on android operationg system yu can actually use android debugging dridge as a usb driver to have a connection between meizu smartphone and your computer.

Usually when you connect your meizu smartphone to your computer drivers will be automatically installed.But the limitation with that is you can only transfer files like images,videos,document,apks or any other data.
Sometimes even after connecting your meizu smartphone your computer may not detect your device and in this case you need drivers to bridge a connection between computer and your device.If you couldnot find usb drivers for meizu smartphone then you dont need to worry about that we have the drivers for all of your meizu devices.You can download them  here.

Download Usb Drivers for meizu smartphones:

USB Drivers for Meizu smartphone

Meizu devices usb drivers
Meizu Mx4 pro
Meizu Mx4
Meizu Mx3
Meizu Mx2
Meizu Mx 4 core
Meizu Mx
Meizu M1 Note
Meizu M1
Meizu M9

How To install meizu drivers:

  1. Download the meizu usb drivers from the abouve links on your computer.
  2. Extract the zip file which you have downloaded and you will get a .exe file.
  3. Right click on it and run it as administrator and command prompt will pop up with some instructions.
  4. You will requested to install adb and fastboot,Type y and press enter.
    meizu usb drives adb and fastboot
  5. Once you press enter it requests to install adb and fastboot system wide.Type y and press enter.
    install meizu usb drivers
  6. Once you type y and press enter  you it shows "do you want to install drivers" .Type y and press enter and windows device manager will pop up to install the usb drivers.
    device driver manager
  7. Click next and installation will be continued,Once the drivers are installed restart your computer.
  8. Once the computer restarts  connect your meizu smart phone to your computer and your device will be detected by the computer.
Final words on usb drivers for meizu:
From the above links you can download usb drivers for meizu device an by following above instruction you can successfully install usb drivers.Even after installing the above drive if you meizu device fails to connect to computer then uninstall the drivers and install them again.
Download USB Drivers for Meizu smartphone Reviewed by Radha Krishna on 10:26 Rating: 5 Here is the usb drivers for the meizi smatphones. Meizu released their first smarphone in the year 2009 with the launch of m8 mini one o...

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