12 May 2015

How To Root Haier W860 using Framaroot

Root Haier W860 without pc using framaroot application.Haier  W860 is Midrange smartphone from Haier with decent specifications.The device sports a 5inch display with 480x800 resolution.The device is powered by a mediatek  quad core chipset clocked at 1.2ghz which is backed up with 512mb of ram.The internal storage is 4gb which is expandable upto 32gb with external card slot.The primary camera on the device is 8mp while the secondary camera is a 1.2mp shooter . Device runs on android jellybean.

If you are searching for rooting it and could not find a a solution then you are on right place.In this post we will guide you to root  Haier W860 without need a pc using framaroot application.

Why to root Haier W860?

  1. To reduce over heating: If you have observed the device over heats while small playing games too and also during heavy browsing  for a long time.You can actually reduce the heat by under clocking the cpu using some cpu controlling apps.
  2. To improve performance: By rooting the device you will be able to free some same by uninstalling apps which you don't use and this might decrease the load on cpu as well as free up some ram and internal storage which ultimately improve the performance of the device.
  3. To improve battery life: Battery life on this device is quite low .But by rooting you will be able to improve the battery life a bit by using apps like greenify.
  4. To install custom roms: Installing customs requires root access as well as custom recoveries installed.Some recoveries like twrp can be installed on your device easily if you have root access.This device doesn't have twrp yet.There is no twrp available for W860 yet.
  5. To move apps to sdcard: Though some of the apps can be moved to sdcard but only some portion of the app can be moved to external sdcard.If you have to move app data (obb files)then you have to root W860 .
  6. To block adds: There is no short for games and apps in the android platform ,most of the free apps comes with adds which can hinder your experience while using then and sometime they are too annoying.You can block ads on your W860 if you have root access using ad blocker.

Root Haier W860:

Root Haier W860 with framaroot apk by following the below explained procedure.
How To Root Haier W860


  1. Charge your device to at least 30%.of course it doesn't take much time and battery to root using framaroot file.
  2. Backup all your data:Just in case if any thing goes wrong you restore them.
  3. Enable usb debugging on your device.To do this go to about device and find build number.Tap continuously on build number until you see the message you are now a developer.Go back and you will find developer options.Click on it and mark on enable usb debugging.
  4. Download framaroot apk file  and transfer it  to sdcard.
Root Haier W860 using framaroot:
  1. Download the framaroot application and transfer it to your device internal or external storage.
  2. Go to device settings and then to security and mark install from external sources.
  3. Now open a file e and navigate to the location where you have placed framaroot application and click on it to install it.
    install framaroot on Haier  W860
  4. While install if fyou get a pop up saying that "framaroot is trying to bypass android security system" dont worry about that just mark on "I understand and want to install it" and click on "install anyway".
    ignore warning while installing framaroot Haier
  5. Go to app drawer and you will find the framaroot application,open it.
    open framaroot Haier  W860
  6. You will find three roo exploits and chosse anyone of the optins and click on install super su.
    root root Haier  W860 using framaroot
  7. It might take a minute or so for the process to complete and once done reboot the device.
  8. If you dont find supersu after rebooting the device then go to playstore and install supersu app.
  9.  To check if your device is rooted or not install root checker app from playstore and verify it.
Final words on rooting W860:
Rooting Haier W860 will void your warranty and also we don't hold any responsibility if you brick your device while doing so.Even though this process will never harm your device in any way so its worth trying even if you don't know the rooting and stuff.All your data on the device will not affected and you don't need to worry about any data loss at all.If you don't have root access after trying this then try it again and make use that usb debugging id enabled.

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