4 May 2015

unlock bootloader,install recovery and Root Evercoss one X androidone smartphone

Root your Evercoss one x android one device easily with android one tool kit.Evercoss one x is budget device from Evercoss partnered with google to provide the latest updates under android one program.The device comes with a mediatek quadcore cpu clocked at 1.3ghz which is supported by 1gb ram and 4gb  internal storage.The primary camera on the device is 5mp while the rear camera is 2mp.The primary camera can record videos upto 720p.

If you are searching for rooting your Evercoss one x and could not find a way to do it,don't worry you are on right place.In this post we will guide you on how to root Evercoss one x without any problems.

Why to root Evercoss one x?

  1. To improve performance: Rooting Evercoss one x can improve the performance of the device by using cpu controlling apps that is by tweaking the frequencies of the cpu.
  2. To install or move apps to sdcard:You can move apps to sdcard on one xeasily using any third party apps but the problem with those apps is that you can move only some part of the app that is the apk part only if you were to move the obb part then you have to root one x
  3. To Improve Battery Life:The device may not give the battery backup which you are expecting.Since the device has a 480x854 display most of the battery will be consumed by the screen itself and you can do nothing with that.But by rooting you can install some battery saving apps which saves battery by lowering the cpu frequencies when not required.
  4. To block ads:You can block ads in the free apps or in the browser or even in you tube if you have root access on one x.

How to Root Evercoss one x:

Root Evercoss one x easily with a tool developed by a xda developer anil293 kit but before you have to take follow some important steps before going further.
unlock bootloader,install recovery and Root Evercoss one X

  1. Charge your device to atleast 70% so that the rooting process continues without any trouble.
  2. Enable usb debugging on your device.To do this go to about device and you will find build number.Tap on build number continuously till you see a toast message you are now a developer.Go back and click on developer options and mark on enable usb debugging.
  3. Download and install android one tool kit setup on our computer.
  4. Backup all your data to computer as this process might erase all your data on one x.

Root Evercoss one x:

  1. Connect the one x to computer using usb cable.
  2. Open the android one toolkit on your computer and click on install drivers.
    install drivers of evercoss one x
  3. Click on list devices and make sure that your device is listed.
  4. Now click on unlock bootloader and you notice that the device enters fastboot mode and message appears to unlock the bootloader.
    unlockbootloader of evercoss one x
  5. Press volume up button  to confirm  unlock the bootloader.
  6. Once the bootloader is unlocked select any one recovery and click on flash recovery.
    flash twrp,cwm on evercoss one x
  7. It takes few seconds for the recovery to be flashed.
  8. once the recovery is flashed you can click on root to root one x.
    root evercoss one x
  9. Once the root process id done you can disconnect one x from the computer.
  10. Open the app drawer and you will find supersu installed.
  11. If you don't find any super su head on to playstore and download supersu app.
  12. Open the app and click on check root access.If a box pop up asking for root permissions then you are good to go.
  13. Finally you have rooted Evercoss one x.

Root one x with locked bootloader:

  1. You can root one x with locked bootloader too.
  2. Enable usb debugging on your device and connect it to computer.
  3. Click on list devices to confirm if your device is detected.
  4. You can see tab with root on locked bootloader.click on it and wait till one x is rooted.
    root evercoss one x on locked bootloader
  5. Once done device will restarts and you will find supersu installed on your device.

Un-Root Evercoss one x:

If you have messed up with the device or you want to go to complete stock.You can do it with this tool.But there is a limitation.You have to be on stock rom.You cannot restore the system if you have bootlooped the device.

  1. Enabled usb debugging on device and connect it to computer.
  2. Run the android one tool kit and click on list device to know if your device is detected.
  3. Click on fastboot button and you will notice that the device enters fastboot mode.
  4. Now choose stock recovery and click on flash recovery.
    flash stock recovery evercoss one x
  5. Once stock recovery is flashed its time to lock the bootloader.
  6. Click on lock bootloader and the tool locks bootloader.
  7. Once the bootloader is locked reboot the device and you will still have root access.Go to app drawer and open the super su app.Go to setting and you will find the option to unroot permanently.

Final words on rooting Evercoss one x:
This is simple tutorial explaing how to root Evercoss one x on both locked and unlocked bootloader and also we have show you how to unroot evercoss one x easily.As you know rooting is risky process proceed at your own risk.We are not responsible if you have bricked the device.in this process.If your unable to get root access or facing anykind of issues let us know your problem by commenting below or you can contact us through our facebook page.

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