2 May 2015

Root Infocus M2 using Kingoapp application

Root infocus m2 easily with kingoapp application.Infocus M2 is available exclusively through snapdeal at a very affordable price.It sports a 4.2 inch hd display with hd resolution.The device is powered by a 1.3 ghz quadcore processor which is backed with 1gb of ram.Infocus m2 is available in both 3g and 4g variants.The internal storage is 8 gb which is quite low but for the price its decent.The device runs on android 4.4 kitkat.Finaly the battery on this deivce is a 2010mah battery.

If your are searching on how to root infouc m2 and could not find a solution then dont worry you are on right place. In this post we will guide you to Root Infocus M2 3g variant using kingoapp application.

Why to Root Infocus M2?

  1. To improve performance: Rooting Infocus M2 can improve the performance of the device by using cpu controlling apps that is by tweaking the frequencies of the cpu.
  2. To install or move apps to sdcard:You can move apps to sdcard on infocus m2 easily using any third party apps but the problem with those apps is that you can move only some part of the app that is the apk part only if you were to move the obb part then you have to root infocus m2
  3. To Improve Battery Life:The device may not give the battery backup which you are expecting.Since the device has a hd display most of the battery will be consumed by the screen itself and you can do nothing with that.But by rooting you can install some battery saving apps which saves battery by lowering the cpu frequencies when not required.
  4. To block ads:You can block ads in the free apps or in the browser or even in you tube if you have root access.

Root Infocus M2 using kingoapp:

Before rooting infocus m2 you have to take certain steps so that you can carryout this process with out any problems.
Root Infocus M2 using Kingroot application

  1. Enable usb debugging on your device.To do this go to setting and then to about device.Tap on build number continuously till you see a message you are now a developer.Go back and you will find developer options.Click on  it and search for enable usb debugging and mark it.
  2. Charge your device to atleat 60%.
  3. Backup all your data to computer or to cloud storage.
  4. Download and install device specific drivers.
Root Infocus M2 using kingoapp:

  1. Download the kingoapp application on your computer and install it.
  2. Connect infocus m2 to computer through usb cable and launch the kingoapp application.
  3. Once you launch the application the device will be automatically detected and if the device is not detected  disconnect the device and make sure you have enabled usb debugging and connect it again.
  4. Now click on root and wait till the process is completed.
  5. Once done disconnect the device from computer and head over to play store and search for root checker app.
  6. Download root checker app and run it.Grant super user permission when prompted.If you have granted permissions that means infocus m2 has root access.
Final words on rooting infocus m2:

This is a simple tutorial on rooting infocus m2  uisng kingoapp application.Though rooting with this will not harm your device we are not responsible for any kind of damage to the device.Once you have rooted your infocus m2 you can do what ever you want on your device But keep in mind that playing with some rooted apps might cause device to boot loop and at this point it actually hard to get it back to normal working state as we don't have stock firmware yet.
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