1 Jun 2015

Install render kernel on Motorola moto X 2014 Victara

Install render kernel on Motorola moto X 2014 Victara for improved performance.Motorola moto x 2014 is the flagship from Motorola with high end specs unlike the predecessor which had mid range specs though it was a flagship device.IF you take a look at the specification the device comes with a snapdragon 801processor which is a quad core and clocked at 2.5ghz and the gpu is adreno 330 ans is supported with 2gb ram and is available in 16/32 or 64 gigabyte storage options.

Display is 5.2 inch with 1080x1920 resolution and is protected by corning gorilla 3 layer. The device was initially released with android kitkat and later updated to lollipop.The primary camera is 13mp which can record 4k video while the secondary is 2mp.The battery on the device is 2300 mah which Motorola promises you to get through a day.

Though you might have flashed custom roms on Motorola moto x 2014  you need to flash a custom kernel to improve its performance further.If you are running cyanogenmod on your moto x then flash this render kernel to enhance its performance further.
  1.  Backup all your data on device to system or cloud storage though you will not loose data by flashing kernel.Just to be on safer side.
  2. Charge your device to at least 50% so that flashing continues with out any problem.
  3. Enable usb debugging on your mobile.Go to about device and you will find build number,tap on it continuously until you see a toast message you are now a developer.Go back and you find developer options.Click on it and check "enable usb debugging".

  4. You must be rooted and must have installed twrp recovery.
  5. Backup efs and modem partitions too.If you loose signal you can restore them back.
  6. Download Render kernel for moto x 2014 on your computer and transfer it to internal storage or sdcard.

Install render kernel on moto x 2014(Victara):

Install render kernel on Motorola moto X 2014 Victara
Render kernel for moto x 2014:
This kernel is developed by a developer render broken on xda. aiming to improve performance performance of your device with decent battery life.
  • Synapse support: Synapse is a cpu and gpu controlling app with lot of features.You can add your own profile or use other profile in the form of scripts.
  • Hot plugs: Msm Hot plug,Intelli plug and Bricked hot plugs are available.You can choose what ever you want.
  • Msm Limiter.
  • Available Governors:Slim, Intelli Active, IntelliMinMax, and Impulse
  • Schedulers:Fiops, Row, Bfq-v7, Sio, Deadline, Noop, Cfq and Zen Schedulers.
  • Under clock and over clock: Cpu is under clocked up to 146 Mhz and over clocked up to 2.88gz.If you need battery life keep cpu frequencies low and if you need performance raise frequencies.
  • Wake gestures: Sweep from left to right on on locked screen to unlock it and similarly sweep from left to right at the bottom of the screen to sleep.
These are some of the features of render kernel for moto x 2014.You can explore other features by flashing this kernel on your device.

Flash kernel using twrp recovery:

  1. Download  Render kernel on moto x 2014 and transfer it to sdcard or internal storage of device.
  2. Power of the device completely wait for few seconds to confirm that it is completely off.
  3. Press volume up  and power button simultaneously and once you see boot loader screen release buttons.
  4. Using volume down as a navigation button move to recovery and click on  volume up button to confirm action.
  5. Once you are in twrp recovery backup existing rom first.It might take 5 minutes or so .
  6. Wipe cache and dalvik cache.
  7. Flash render kernel and wait till rom boots up.

Final words on render kernel on moto x 2014(Victara):

Once you have flashed render kernel on your motorola  moto x 2014 you can improve its performance and battery life.While flashing this kernel you have to keep on thing in mind you can flash this kernel only on cyanogenmod ROM.If you flash this kernel on other roms then it might soft brick it.In such case you device boots up but stops at boot logo.Just hold power button for 15 seconds and device force shut downs.Now reboot to recovery and restore backup which you have made.If you have any other queries then just leave a comment you will help you to solve your problem for sure.

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