18 Jun 2015

Lollipop based Euphoria Os custom Rom for Sony Xperia Z Yuga C6603

Install latest version of android lollipop on your sony xperia z yuga with the help of Euphoria os custom rom.This Rom too is unofficial and is compiled by a developer named "Rohan purohit" on xda.We sincerely thank him for bringing this awesome custom rom for our sony xperia Z yuga c6603.
This rom too is a feature rich rom like Resurrection remix rom for xperia z and is quite stable for daily usage.Before flashing this rom make sure that you follow some important steps which are mentioned below.

Install Euphoria Os custom rom On Sony Xperia Z yuga C6603:
 Euphoria Os custom rom On Sony Xperia Z yuga C6603

About Euphoria custom rom:
Euphoria os is and after market firmware based on android open source project.You will get latest android version with this rom.It comes with lot of added features over pure aosp Rom.Since we don.t have official support from euphoria team we have a unofficial rom.
sony xperia z yuga c6603 roms euphoria os
Features of Euphoria os:
  • Theme engine: It comes with a cyanogenmod mod theme engine so you can play with lot of themes.This is a great way of customizing your android device. You can theme each and every element of user interface all the way from wallpapers to boot animations.There are lot of themes available in playstore and some are premium too.
  • Heads up notification: This notification system is similar to that in google'e one.Swipe left to dismiss notification and right to put it in background.Swiping down on it will open notification drawer and it merges in it.
  • Wake options: Depending on the device you will have double tap to wake the device option in display settings and of course you have the option to put the device into sleep by double tapping on status bar.There is a option to wake phone after connecting charger.
  • Animations: You can have custom animations for app opening and closing or while scrolling.
  • Navigation: Besides device wake options you can even adjust dimensions of navigation bar and set custom actions too like long pressing  back button to kill recent app.In landscape mode navigation goes left hand side and yeah there is an option to disable this too if you don't like it.

  • Security:  Privacy guard is available in this Rom along with blacklisting of calls and messages.
  • Sound: AudioFx is available for better quality of music.Other features include increasing volume ring tone,profiles,less notifications,you can disable volume adjustable sound,separate ring tones and notifications volume as usual.
  • Power: Advance reboot option is enabled by default so you can boot into recovery,fast boot,soft boot easily.
  • Screen recorder: There is screen recorder option too in display settings to record your actions on your device.
  • Quick settings panel is customizable and brightness control too is available.
These are noticeable features of euphoria OS Rom and there  are lot of other features too which you can explore on your own by flashing this custom Rom on your Sony xperia z yuga c6603.
  • Backup:Backup all your data which includes apps,contacts,photos videos etc everything to computer or any cloud storage as flashing Euphoria os custom Rom on Sony xperia z yuga will erase all your data.
  • Battery: Charge your Sony xperia z to at least 90% so that you wont encounter any battery related issues while flashing this.
  • Backup Efs partitions: Backup all your efs partition of your sony xperia z yuga on current ROM.If you loose signal you can just restore it back.
  • Lock Gps: Lock your gps position on your current rom.If you use this a lot then you have to lock it so that it could work even after flashing other roms. It's easy to lock gps .Turn on gps in settings and find your current location in google maps and now now have locked on to gps.
  • You must have a unlocked boot loader for trying this out.
  • Custom recovery: You need a custom recovery like twrp or cwm installed on your xperia z.Without it you can not flash roms at all.
  • Downloads: Euphoria os for yuga (android file host mirror)and google apps. Transfer them to internal storage of your device.

Flash Euphoria os rom on Xperia z using recovery:

  • Download Euphoria os rom for xperia z yuga  and Gapps transfer it to sdcard or internal storage of device.
  • Power of  device completely and wait for few seconds to confirm that it is off completely.
  • Press power button and when device boots up leave power button.
  • While you xperia is powering up you you will notice led light blinks.When this happens you have to press either volume up or down continuously until it boots into recovery mode.
  • Sony xperia z yuga boots into Twrp  or cwm recovery.
  • Once you are in twrp or cwm click on  backup and select all partitions which you want to backup. It might take about 5 minutes for backup to complete. Don't interrupt backup process.
  • Once backup of your existing rom is completed click on back button.Wipe data,cache and dalvik cache and wipe system partition too.
  • Now select Install and navigate to location where you have placed your Rom and gapps zip files.
  • Flashing rom might take about 5 minutes or so.Once flashing is complete do a factory reset again.
  • Now reboot to system.Wait at least 15 minutes for initial boot to complete and once done you can explore ROM features.
After flashing rom is you have soft bricked xperia z then press and hold power button to forcefully shutdown it and using button combinations enter recovery and restore backup which you have made.
If you have an other queries regarding flashing euphoria os custom rom on sony xperia z c6603 then leave a comment below.
Lollipop based Euphoria Os custom Rom for Sony Xperia Z Yuga C6603 Reviewed by Radha Krishna on 12:47 Rating: 5 Install latest version of android lollipop on your sony xperia z yuga with the help of Euphoria os custom rom.This Rom too is unofficial an...

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