15 Jun 2015

Xenonhd custom rom motorola moto g 1st gen falcon

Slowly we are seeing a lot of lollipop based custom Roms for Motorola moto g 1st gen aka falcon . Xenon hd rom is one of them which offers lot of features too besides stability and performance.This rom comes with encryption so if you are non encrypted rom by flashing this rom you will have a encryption enabled bt default and you cannot disable also.
  • Backup:Backup all your data which includes apps,contacts,photos videos etc everything to computer or any cloud storage as flashing Xenonhd custom Rom on Motorola moto G 2013 aka falcon will erase all your data.
  • Battery: Charge your Mote G 2013 falcon to at least 90% so that you wont encounter any battery related issues while flashing this.
  • Backup Efs partitions: Backup all your efs partition of your Moto G on current ROM.If you loose signal you can just restore it back.
  • Lock Gps:Lock your gps position on your current rom.If you use this a lot then you have to lock it so that it could work even after flashing other roms. It's easy to lock gps .Turn on gps in settings and find your current location in google maps and now now have locked on to gps.
  • Custom recovery: You need a custom recovery like twrp installed on your Moto G 2013 .Without it you can not flash roms at all.
  • Downloadsofficial Xenonhd rom falcon and google apps.Transfer them to internal storage of your device

Install Xenonhd custom rom on Moto g 1st gen falcon:

Xenonhd custom rom on Moto g 1st gen falcon xt-1033
XenonHd custom rom:
This rom is based on android open source project with lot of features.They aim at providing a custom firmware which is fast,stable and has better performance with decent battery life.Moto g falcon is officially supported by "team horizon" which build xenonhd rom.
  • Personalization: There is a separate tab for personalization where all the feature of this  rom are grouped together in there options.Home,status bar and miscellaneous.
  • Status bar: You can enable or disable brightness slider from notification panel.You can enable quick pull down to access full notification panel with just one swipe.Notification count is also available which displays number of notifications on status bar.
  • Weather report: This feature displays weather on status bar itself.When you pull down notification panel it displays weather.
  • Network traffic: If you want to know your download of upload speeds or network speed of your carrier while you are on Internet then enable this option.It displays ongoing network speed in status bar.You can adjust time interval too.
  • Clock and date: Enable or disable clock on status bar.It also displays am/pm and you can align your clock in three position on status bar.You can also modify colors too.

  • Battery mods: Choose your batter icon style on status bar which includes circle,percentage,bar or even hide it.
  • Quick settings: Change order of quick toggles in status bar and you have the option to enable or disable hap tic feed back for touches.All notification can be displayed in expanded mode.
  • Navigation bar: Navigation bar size can be adjusted or you can even disable it forever.Custom actions can also be set.
  • Notification: "Heads up" takes care of your notifications.You can even disable it if you don't like it.Do not disturb mode is also available.If you want to exclude some apps from showing notification you can blacklist them.Time delay for notifications can also be adjusted.
  • Expanded mode: You must be familiar with this too if you are using lollipop rom.This rom lets you to choose what apps you can run in expanded mode.
  • Double to sleep on status bar is also available.
  • Buttons: This let you add or modify hardware button actions. Long pressing power button will display screen shot,reboot recovery or boot loader besides normal power actions.Volume buttons can also be used to wake the device.
  • Privacy Guard: If you don't like apps to access your personal information you can block  it using privacy guard.
  • Layers pro: Its a theme engine similar to that of cyanogenmod theme engine.
These are some of the features of xenon hd custom rom for motorola moto g 1st gen aka falcon you can explore rest of the features by flashing this Rom on your device.

Flash Xenonhd rom using twrp or cwm recovery:

Flashing instructions for all the roms are similar.You need to have a custom recovery installed on your device.
  • Download Xenonhd  rom and Gapps transfer it to sdcard or internal storage of device.
  • Power of the device completely and wait for few seconds to confirm that it is off completely.
  • Press volume up,power button and Volume down simultaneously and once you see boot loader screen release buttons.
  • Using volume down as a navigation button move to recovery and click on Volume up to confirm action.
  • Moto G boots into Twrp  or cwm recovery.
  • Once you are in twrp or cwm click on  backup and select all the partitions which you want to backup. . It might take about 5 minutes for backup to complete. Don't interrupt backup process.
  • Once backup of your existing rom is completed click on back button.Wipe data,cache and dalvik cache and wipe system partition too.
  • Now select Install and navigate to location where you have placed your Rom and gapps zip files.
  • Flashing rom might take about 5 minutes or so.Once flashing is complete do a factory reset again.
  • Now reboot to system.Wait at least 15 minutes for initial boot to complete and once done you can explore ROM features.
Since this is a official Xenonhd rom you will not experience any bugs if at all they will be solved much quickly.If you experience any boot loop after flashing this rom then just wipe all partitions correctly and flash it again.
By following the above procedure you will be able to enjoy Xenonhd rom on Motorola moto g first gen aka falcon.If you have any problem just leave a comment below.
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