19 Jul 2015

Install Philz touch Cwm recovery on Sony Xperia T3 D5103 D5102

CWM based philz touch recovery is already available for Sony xperia t3 with model numbers D5103 and D5102. IT was released back in 2014 but still there is not much development going on as result only few roms are available for this device.

If you take look at its specifications it comes with a snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.4gh with 1gb of and 8gb internal storage.Primary camera has 8mp sensor while secondary has just 1.1mp.It is available in 3g and 4g lte variants.We have 3 models depending on network and chipset.D5102 is 3g variant with chipset Qualcomm MSM8228 while D5103 and D5106 are lte variants with chipset Qualcomm MSM8228-2.

This recovery which you are going to flash is only for D5103 and D5102 model of xperia t3 and we take no responsibility if you have bricked your device after flashing this on D5106.

Philz touch cwm recovery on Xperia t3 D5102 & D5103:

Philz touch cwm recovery on Xperia t3 D5102 & D5103

About Philz Touch cwm recovery:
This is originally developed by a xda senior member and recognised contributor phil3769 and has abandoned this project.Though recovery uses cwm as base and draws inspiration from other popular recovery too.
This recovery is compiled by Siddhesh.K15 for D5102 and by Xenon1978 for D5103, a big thanks to them for bring this recovery for our xperia T3.
  • Touch interface: User interface is completely touch driven and is very similar to cwm in navigation.
  • Backup and restore:Just like twrp this recovery allows us to backup and restore individual partitions.
  • Supports theme:This recovery too is based on configurable GUI which means you can flash themes if you don't like its interface.
  • Modes:There are four modes to navigate between options.One is by simple touch and others double tap or semi touch and last being no touch in  which you have to use volume buttons to navigate and power button to confirm.
  • You can make adjustments to scrolling speed,touch accuracy and menu height.
  • Set custom image as background.
  • Screen brightness can be adjusted easily. you can turn off display and can adjust delay,set colours to individual elements.
  • you can hide on screen button if you don't like them.
  • Twrp back and restore support too is added.
  • Create a custom zip file.
  • set a lock to recovery so that no one can mess with it without your permissions.
  • Now can now create efs backups from recovery itself.
  • Aroma file manager too is available and has terminal command support too.
These are some of the features of philz touch recovery and you can explore rest you installing this on your Sony xperia t3 D5103 or D5102.
  • Check Model: As we know we have three variants of  xperia t3 check which variant you are using.
  • You must have a unlocked bootloader.Don't try this on locked one as you might end in bricking it up.
  • Battery: Charge your Xperia t3  to at least 90% so that you wont encounter any battery related issues while flashing this.
  • Backup:Backup all your data which includes apps,contacts,photos videos etc everything to computer or any cloud storage as installing  philz recovery might erase data on your xperia t3.
  • Download:Philz recovery for xperia T3 D5103(androidfilehost ) and Xperia T3 D5102(androidfilehost mirror).

Flash CWM Philz recovery using adb or fastboot:
  • Make sure that you installed adb or  fast boot on our laptop or computer.
  • You must be familiar with basics adb and fastboot commands to try this method.
  • Enable usb debugging on your Sony xperia t3.Go to settings and then to about device.You will find build number there.Tap on it continuously until you see a toast message you are now a developer.Go back and you will find developer options.Click on it and scroll down and you will find usb debugging,mark on it.
  • Now open fastboot folder and copy and paste recovery images for respective model numbers which you have downloaded and rename it to boot.img.This file is actually a modified kernel with philz recovery installed.
  • Type the command "adb devices" and you will notice a pop on your xperia t3 to grant access to your device.Grant permissions .
  • Now type the command "adb reboot-booloader" and press enter and device enters boot loader mode.If it fails to boot into bootloader disconnect it from computer and power off it completely.Now hold volume up button and connect it to computer.
  • Once you are in boot loader mode type the command "fastboot devices" to know if your device is detected.If your device is detected you will get a key before list of devices.If not reinstall fast boot drivers.
  • Now Type the command " fastboot flash boot boot.img" and recovery will be flashed on your phone.
  • Once your device boots into recovery you can now flash roms,kernels or any other mods.
How to reboot to recovery?
Once you have it installed on your xperia t3.You cam enter recovery using fastboot or by button combinations.
  • If you are using fastboot type the command "fastboot reboot-recovery" and hit enter.Device boots into recovery.
  • If you don't want to use fasboot then power off the device completely and wait for few seconds to confirm that it is completely off.
  •  Press power button and release it as soon as you feel vibration.
  • When you notice Sony boot logo continuously press volume down button until it boots into recovery. 
By following the above guide you will be able to install philz recovery on your Sony xperia t3 d5103 and d5102 and remember that you cannot use it on D5106.If you have any other queries don't forget to leave a comment below. 
Install Philz touch Cwm recovery on Sony Xperia T3 D5103 D5102 Reviewed by Radha Krishna on 23:44 Rating: 5 CWM based philz touch recovery is already available for Sony xperia t3 with model numbers D5103 and D5102 . IT was released back in 2014 b...

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