14 Jul 2015

Install Twrp recovery on sony Xperia T mint and Lt30p

If you want to flash custom roms on your sony xperia T then it is must that you have to flash a custom recovery first.One of most used recoveried in android is twrp and is officially available for sony xperia T.
If you are here searching for a custom recovery for your xperia T then we will guide you to install twrp recovery on your xperia T.But before flashing you have follow some steps so that you dont encounter any troubles before or after flashing recovery.
Since flashing recovery is a risky process we are not responsible for any earthquakes or tsunamis that arise in your heart if you brick it.So be careful and flash at your own risk.

Twrp recovery for sony xperia t mint and Lt30p:

Twrp recovery for sony xperia t mint and Lt30p
About Twrp recovery:
Team win recovery project abbreviated as Twrp is one first recovery to offer a completely touch driven interface.The ui is completely xml based so you can customise the interface with different themes and also this is only recovery that supports themes.Unlike the clockworkmod recovery this recovery has the option to wipe all the data,cache,dalvik,system,internal with just only one swipe.Of course you have to choose what to be wiped on the device.
Features of Twrp:
  • Touch interface:It is the first recovery to offer a complete touch driven interface which makes navigation much easier and later cwm also had touch interface.
  • Individual Backups: Creating a completely backup is a must for any flasher but this occupies a lot of portion of your internal or external storage.Twrp will let you to backup individual portions of rom, this saves lot of space on your android device.This feature comes handy when you are flashing kernels.You can backup boot img alone if you want and can restore it when flashing kernel fails.
  • Advanced wipe:There are two options for wiping your device partitions one is wipe and other is advanced wipe.If you choose just wipe option it factory resets while advance wipe option will allow you to choose what to wipe and what not.
  • Theme Engine: This is one of the best feature and is only available in Twrp only.Since ui of twrp is xml based you can customize its ui with already available themes or you can create your own theme if you can.
  • Multi rom:As the name says you can boot more than two roms on your device and is exclusive to twrp only as of now.This feature may not be available from official twrp team and booting more than one rom requires a modified kernel by your rom developer.
Coming To twrp Recovery for Sony Xperia T you can flash it on in may ways and we disucuss some of them here.
  • Battery: Charge your xperia T mint or Lt30P to at least 90% so that you wont encounter any battery related issues while flashing this.
  • You must have updated your xperai T to latest firmware available.
  • Backup:Backup all your data which includes apps,contacts,photos videos etc everything to computer or any cloud storage though flashing twrp recovery on Sony xperia T will erase all your data.
  • Backup Efs partitions: Backup all your efs partition of your sony xperia U  on current Rom.If you loose signal you can just restore it back.
  • You must have a Unlocked bootloader for sure.
  • Downloads:Download Twrp for Xperia T mint and Twrp for xperia T ls30pTransfer them to internal storage of your device or to fastboot folder depending on method you use.

Method 1 using Twrp manager app:

This is easiest method of flashing twrp on your Sony Xperia t Mini and Lt30P and this rewuired an unlocked bootloader with root access.
  • Open play store app and search for twrp maanger.
  • Download app and open it.
  • Grant super user permission when asked.
  • Once you grant the permissions do a swipe from the left and you will find several options.
  • Choose the options "Install twrp" and you will be greeted with two more options.One being  device name  and other to installed version.
  • Tap on device name.Scroll down  and you will find Sony Xperia T mint and Lt30p.Choose right variant of your device.
  • Now choose which version to be installed and then click on install recovery.
  • Download begins and you have wait till it finished downloading and flashing.Minimizing app might alter download and will not flash twrp recivery.
  • Once done you can reboot to recovery from the app itself or use button combinations.

Method 2:Flash twrp using adb and fastboot

This method is quite hard for a newbie but we recommand this method so that you can get used to it.In order to try this method you have to unlock xperia T bootloader.Download recovery from twrp.me and follow below flashing guide.
  • Install adb or  fast boot on our computer.
  • You must be familiar with basics adb and fastboot commands to try this method.If you dont know about those command do check out our guide.
  • Enable usb debugging on your sont Xperia T mint or Lt30p.Go to settings and then to about device you will build number there.Tap on it ocntinuosly until you see a toast messgae "you are now a developer".Go back and click on developer options and mark on enable usb debugging.
  • Connect your Xperia T to computer.
  • Now open fastboot folder and copy and paste recovery image which you have download in from their official website.
  • Type the command "adb devices" and you will notice a pop on your note 3 neo to grant access to your device.Grant permissions.
  • Now type the command "adb reboot-booloader" and press enter and device enters boot loader mode.
  • Once you are in boot loader mode type the command "fastboot devices" to know if your device is detected.If your device is detected you will get a key before list of devices.If not reinstall fast boot drivers.
  • Now Type the command " fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" and recovery will be flashed on your phone.
  • Disconnect phone from computer and using volume down key select recovery and click volume up button to confirm to boot into recovery.
  • Once your device boots into recovery you can now flash roms,kernels or any other mods.

Method 3: flash twrp using DD method

This method requires root access and you can use terminal command app on your xperia T.
  • Go to play store and search for a app call "terminal emulator".You will flooded with lot of apps just download any one of them.
  • Download twrp recovery img file from above link and place it on your internal storage.Do not place it it any folder,just copy to roots of your internal storage.If you are confused then just copy and paster in internal storage and rename it to twrp.
  • Open terminal emulator and  type the command "su".If you are requested to grant super user  permissions then  grant them.
  • Type the command "dd if=/sdcard/twrp.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p11".
  • Recovery will be flashed in few seconds just keep calm and wait for process to complete.
There are the 3 method with which you can flash twrp recovery on your Xperia T mini or lt30p.If you have any other queries regarding flashing twrp on xperia T do leave a comment below.
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