6 Aug 2015

How to Install Twrp recovery and root Lg G watch R lenok

One of the biggest advantage of having having android on smart watches is that you can modify its os if you dont like it.Lg g watch r has a snapdragon 400 process which means it can run custom roms with ease just like our smartphone does.Though this smart watch may not  be capable of doing things that a smartphone does, you can improve its performance and  battery life with the help of custom roms or by simply rooting it.

Lg g watch r has device specific codename as "lenok" and though this is new to android development we have some roms already available that are quite stable and can be used as daily drivers.But in order to flash them you need to root it first and install custom recovery just like any typical android device.

Root method and Twrp recovery is already available for this device which means you can mess with g watch r. This is an official twrp which means you will get updates to it when a new feature is added to recovery. Flashing recovery is a easy process but at the same time it is risky and if you are have weak heart towards your gadgets then we advice you to go for this.

But if want to enjoy custom roms and want to improve your g watch r further both in terms of performance and battery life then go ahead and flash this recovery.No one is responsible if you brick your g watch r and only you will be responsible if your g watch r dies in this process.

Install Twrp recovery and root lg g watch R:

Install Twrp and root Lg G watch R lenok gwatchr
Install Twrp and root Lg G watch R lenok 
About Twrp recovery:
Team win recovery project abbreviated as Twrp is one first recovery to offer a completely touch driven interface.The ui is completely xml based so you can customise the interface with different themes and also this is only recovery that supports themes.Unlike the clockworkmod recovery this recovery has the option to wipe all the data,cache,dalvik,system,internal with just only one swipe.Of course you have to choose what to be wiped on the device.
twrp recovery lg g watch r gwatchr
twrp recovery lg g watch r
Features of Twrp:
  • Touch interface:It is the first recovery to offer a complete touch driven interface which makes navigation much easier and later cwm also had touch interface.
  • Individual Backups: Creating a completely backup is a must for any flasher but this occupies a lot of portion of your internal or external storage.Twrp will let you to backup individual portions of rom, this saves lot of space on your android device.This feature comes handy when you are flashing kernels.You can backup boot img alone if you want and can restore it when flashing kernel fails.
  • Advanced wipe:There are two options for wiping your device partitions one is wipe and other is advanced wipe.If you choose just wipe option it factory resets while advance wipe option will allow you to choose what to wipe and what not.
  • Theme Engine: This is one of the best feature and is only available in Twrp only.Since ui of twrp is xml based you can customize its ui with already available themes or you can create your own theme if you can.
  • Multi rom:As the name says you can boot more than two roms on your device and is exclusive to twrp only as of now.This feature may not be available from official twrp team and booting more than one rom requires a modified kernel by your rom developer.
Though all these feature might not be available for lg g watch r as it a smartwatch and doesnot need all these things.
  • Charge your lg g watch r lenok to 100% before proceeding further.
  • Enable usb debugging on your smart watch first.
  • Backup all your data first before proceeding further.This method of rooting will erase all your datat on this device.
  • Download Twrp recovery for lenok on your computer.
  • Download and iinstall adb or minimal fastboot on you computer.

Install Twrp recovery on lg g watch r lenok: 

  • Download  fastboot on laptop and install it.You can install it any location but choose location as c: which is default location.
  • Learn some basics adb and fastboot commands first.It is Easy to try and use these commands.
  • Power off your lg g watch r and wait for few seconds.
  • Now you have to put it in fastboot mode and connect it to computer.If you dont know how to put it in fastboot mode then power on the device as usual by holding power button.When you see lg  logo tao 10 and 4 o clock continuously until it boots into fastboot mode.If you fail to put it in fastboot mode then swipe from 10'o clock to 4'o clock on lg boot logo.
  • Once it is in fastboot mode connect it to computer using usb cable.
  • open the fastboot folder which is located in "c:\programming files".Right click on empty space by holding shift and you see an option "open cmd here".
  • If you don't find this option then press windows and R buttons at same time ,Run pops up and type cmd to open command prompt.
  • Now go to fastboot folder and copy the location of it which you can see in address bar of folder.
  • In command prompt type the command "Cd location of fastboot folder" and press enter.You will notice that fastboot appears in command line.To paste location right click on empty space in cmd and several pops up.Select paste.
  • One you press enter you have to notice minimal adb and fastboot in command line instead of c or some thing.
  • Once you are in fastboot window type "fastboot devices" and press enter.If your device is detected you will get a serial number in list of  devices attached.If not uninstall drivers and install them again.
  • Now type the command "fastboot oem unlock" this will unclok bootloader and also erases all the data on the device.
  • Once the bootloader is unlocked if it reboots put it in fastboot mode again.
  • Download twrp recovery for lg g watch r lenok and paste it in fastboot folder.rename it to recovery so that you can flash it easily.
  • Now type the command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" to flash twrp.
  • In few seconds recovery will be installed.

How to root Lg G watch R Lenok:

  • Download latest version of supersu and transfer it to sdcard of smartwatch.
  • Now put the device in fastboot mode and reboot it to recovery.
  • Once you are in twrp recovery click on install and select supersu zip file which you have downloaded and swipe to confirm flash.
  • Once flashing process is completed just reboot it.
As it reboots just finish the setup process and now have rooted your lg g watch r lenok with out any troubles and also have twrp recovery installed on it so that you flash custom roms too.If you have any other queries just leave a comment below.
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