26 Aug 2015

Root and install Twrp recovery on Lg optimus g pro E980 and E988

After a huge response for optimus g, lg released g pro with bigger better display along with over clocked quad core snapdragon s4 pro processor which is clocked at 1.7ghz.If you take look at rest of the device specifications it comes with 2gb of ram with 16 or 32 gb internal storage options.But important thing for the rom flashers is the device model number.

Just like any flagship it comes in many model numbers like E980,E985 , E986 and E988.But this post that is root and install twrp recovery on lg optimus g pro is specific to model E980 and E988.If you own a Korean version or any carrier variant rooting procedure might work but flashing twrp recovery might result in bricking.

If you have owned a lg flagship device you might know that they come with a locked bootloader and lg didn't response to unlocking requests but this didn't stop developers from unlocking,rooting and there by installing custom recoveries.

One the biggest advantage of buying optimus g pro for and android enthusiast is that you can root and install recovery on this device with just few clicks that too with out a computer.Rooting and installing recovery is a risky process and we are not responsible for all the nuclear war that go in your heart if this process bricks your device.So proceed further as if you don't care if your device dies in middle of process.

Root and install twrp recovery on lg optimus g Pro E980 and E988:

Root and install Twrp recovery on Lg optimus g pro E980 and E988
Root and install Twrp recovery on Lg optimus g pro E980 and E988
About Twrp recovery:
Team win recovery project abbreviated as Twrp is one first recovery to offer a completely touch driven interface.The ui is completely xml based so you can customise the interface with different themes and also this is only recovery that supports themes.Unlike the clockworkmod recovery this recovery has the option to wipe all the data,cache,dalvik,system,internal with just only one swipe.Of course you have to choose what to be wiped on the device.
Twrp recovery for Lg optimus g pro E980 and E988
Twrp recovery on Lg optimus g pro E980 and E988
Features of Twrp:
  • Touch interface:It is one of the first if not he first recovery to offer a complete touch based user interface which makes navigation a lot easier and later cwm also introduced touch based recovery.
  • Individual Backups: Creating a complete backup is a must for any flasher but it eats up a lot of space of your internal or external storage.Twrp will let you to backup individual portions of rom, this saves lot of space on your android device.This feature comes handy when you are flashing kernels.If You can backup just boot img before flashing a kernel if it fails you can restore just boot img instead of complete nandroid backup.
  • Advanced wipe:There are two options for wiping your device partitions one is wipe and other is advanced wipe.If you choose just wipe option it factory resets while advance wipe option will allow you to choose what to wipe and what not.
  • Theme Engine: This is one of the best feature and is only available in Twrp only.Since ui of twrp is xml based you can customize its ui with already available themes or you can create your own theme if you can.
  • Multi rom:As the name says you can boot more than two roms on your device and is exclusive to twrp only as of now.This feature may not be available from official twrp team and booting more than one rom requires a modified kernel by your rom developer.
Since twrp recovery officially supports lg optimus g pro E980 and E988 you can expect much faster bug fixes and new updates.Before flashing recovery you have to first root your device and then install it.
Before proceeding:
  • Check you Lg optimus G pro model number by going into about device and confirm that you are using either of E980 and E988.This is essential as flashing Twrp recovery on other variants harm your device or even brick it.Make sure that lg mobile utility drivers are already installed on your computer.If you don't have then do install them
  • You must have updated it to latest official software version that is available if you are starting from scratch.
  • Root: You need to have root access on your optimus G pro to flash recovery.
  • Backup:Backup all your data which includes contacts,apps,photos videos etc everything to computer or any cloud networks as flashing Twrp recovery on optimus g pro E980 and E988 might erase all the data on your device.
  • Backup Efs partitions: This is for those who already have twrp installed.Backup all your efs partition of your Lg optimus G Pro on current Rom or firmware.Just in case if you loose signal or imei  you can just restore it back.
  • Battery: Charge your Lg E980 or E988 to 100% so that you wont encounter any battery related problems while flashing it.
  • You must have a unlocked bootloader to flash recovery.
  • Downloads:Towel root apk on your device or roottool kitkat zip file on your computer.Download trwp recovery for e980/E988 on your device.

Root Lg optimus g pro E980 nd E988:

You can root your device in two ways.One requires a computer while other dont.Rooting with app is the safest and easiest method.

Root optimus g pro using towel root:

  • Download towel root apk on your device and install it.
  • Enable usb debugging on your smartphone.Go to settings and then to about device.You will find build number there.Tap on it until you see a toast message yo are now a developer.Go back and you will find developer options.Click on it and mark on enable usb debugging.
  • Open towel root apk and you will notice a tab which says make it ra 1n.Click on it and wait for the process to complete.
    root lg optimus g pro e988 e980
    root lg optimus g pro e988 e980
  • Once the process completes just reboot the device.
  • Download and install busy box and super user from playstore for full root access.

Root optimus g pro using roottool kit:

  • This method is applicable only for kitkat based device.
  • Download and the roottool kitkat zip file on your computer and extract it.You will notice a file called startroot.bat.
  • Install lg usb drivers on your computer.
  • Enable usb debugging on you device and connect it pc using usb cable.
  • If its first time you are connect your device to pc let the driver installation complete.
  • Now click on the batch file and command window prompts up.Press any key to continue .
  • you will notice that G pro boots into recovery.
  • Click on side load option and select install zip and choose root.zip file and flash it.
  • Once the process complete you will have a rooted device.
  • Download root checker app from play store and check if your device has root access. 

Install Twrp recovery using Freegee:

Recovery can be installed on your optimus g pro E980 and E988 using freegee app.You can download this app from playstore and this app requires root access.
  • Open playstore on your smarphone and search for an app called freegee.
  • Install app and run it.When it asks root access grant permission.It download supported devices it and let it be done.
  • Once list is downloaded you will see various options select backup efs first.
  • Now select twrp recovery and confirm to flash it.
  • Once it is flashed yo can reboot to recovery.Freegee might not install latest one so yo need to flash latest official one again using officail app.

Flash Twrp recovery using official app:
  • This method only works when you have root access and an unlocked bootloader.That means you have to flash twrp using freegee first.
  • Open playstore app and search for twrp manager app.
  • Download app and open it.
  • If you are asked to grant super user permissions.Simply grant always.
  • Once you grant the permissions do a swipe from the left and you will find several options.
  • Choose the options "Install twrp" and you will be greeted with two more options.One is  device name  and other to install.
  • Click device name and scroll down  and you will find optimus g pro e980 or e988. Click on it.
  • Now choose which version to be installed and then click on install recovery.
  • App downloads it and flashes it.
  • Once done you can reboot to recovery from the app itself.

Flash using dd method:
  • This method too requires root access and bootloader unlocked.
  • Go to play store and search for a app call "terminal emulator".You will flooded with lot of apps just download any one of them.
  • Download twrp recovery img file from above link and place it on your internal storage.Do not place it it any folder,just copy to roots of your internal storage.If you are confused then just copy and paste in internal storage and rename it to twrp.
  • Open terminal emulator and  type the command "su".If you are requested to grant super user  permissions then  grant them.
  • Type the command "dd if=/sdcard/twrp.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery".
  • Recovery will be flashed in few seconds just keep calm and wait for process to complete.
By following the above procedure you will be able to root and install twp recovery on your lg optimus G pro E980 and E988.If you have any other queries do leave a comment below.
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