23 Sep 2015

How to hide Root access from apps on your android devices

I have rooted my android device to use some special privileged apps and all was going well until i came across some music streaming and carrier services apps. When ever I try to open them they show a message "this application or service doesn't work on rooted devices".

After searching for sometime on Internet I found various methods to hide root access from apps on my android device.If you don't have any idea on how to hide root access from apps on android devices then don't worry you are on right place.In this post i will guide you to all methods which are available and also other method which is inbuilt to hide root access .

How to hide root access from apps: 

How to hide Root access from apps
How to hide Root access from apps 

#1 Hide root from apps Using Default method:

If you using any custom rom which is based on cyanogenmod or other android roms then you can hide root access from settings itself.If you don't know how to do it then follow as follows.
  • Enable developer on your android smartphone or tablet.To do this go to settings and then to about device.You will find build number of your rom.Tap on it continuously until you see a toast message you are now a developer.Now click on back and go to settings options you will find developer options.
  • Scroll down in developer options and you will find an option to set permissions for root access.Click on it and you will find options as "only apps" ,"only apps and adb","only adb".
  • Just mark on just adb and root access will be disabled completely for apps.
Big drop back for this method is that you will be restricting all apps from attaining privileged permissions.You will not be able to set for individual apps.For this you have to follow either seconds or third method.

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#2 Hide root access using app using root cloak plus:

"Rootcloak plus" is one of the best apps that hide privileged permissions from selective apps .But if you just download the apps and try to use it just cant do the job what is meant for.You need to install another application called cydia substrate .Follow the instructions to install the app.
hide root access using rootcloak app
hide root access using rootcloak app
  • Open playstore on your android device and search for an app called cydia substrate.
  • Download it and install it.
  • Open cydia substrate and you will find just a single tab with message "link substrate" .
  • click on it and wait for few seconds until super user request box pops up.
  • Grant super user permissions as always and once the process is done you will find three tabs.
  • Click on second one which reboots the device.
  • Once your android device reboots ,open playstore and search for app called "root cloak plus(cydia)".
  • Download it and open the application.
  • when requested for root permissions grant them and you will find just two tabs to go through one is "add or remove" and other is "instructions".
  • Click on add or remove and select the apps from which you want to hide root access.
This method works effectively when you are latest android version that is android lollipop for which xposed framework is not completely optimized. 

#3 hide root access using xposed framework:

Xposed framework is a must have application for all rooted devices.Since this framework is still in development stage for android lollipop and above not many custom roms support this effectively.If you have already using xposed framework then you must be happy for having root cloak module already available. Follow the below procedure to install this module.
  • Download and install xposed framework on your android device.
  • Go to update sections and update the framework and click on reboot device.
  • Once your handset or tablet reboots open framework and go to download section and search for a module called "rootcloak".
  • Install the module and go back to module section and active it.
  • Once you have activated the module reboot the device from framework itself.
  • Once your device reboot open the module and grant permissions if requested and add all the apps from which you want to hide root access.
One of the drawback of using xposed framework is that it might cause stability issues and bootloops in android lollipop or above.If you are okay with that you can use it without any problems.

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Final words on hiding root access from apps:

By following any one of the method which are stated above you will be able to hide root access from selective apps or from device itself.Though all the method are completely safe it is better to stick to second one if your rom developer  don't support xposed module for now.Before using xposed framework it is always advisable to have a rom backup of your android smartphone or tablet.For any other queries do leave a comment below.
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