25 Sep 2015

Top 5 Best car parking games or simulators for android and ios

Dr. driving is of the most played driving simulator in both android and ios ecosystem.One of the main reason for the success of success of this game is its shear size , straight  forward game play and support for most of the android device including low end devices.

While many of the gamers are obsessed with high graphic intensive games like Nfs most wanted or real racing which of course could only be played on devices which has high end specs  and there are other games which are much popular like temple run , hill climb racing which are no match when you compare the graphics and game size with those heavy games.The reason why these small games are successful is already explained above.

If you search for car parking  games on playstore or itunes you will surly find tons of games but there are only few games which are enjoyable and will immense experience of what you actually downloaded the game for.If you like to play parking simulator games instead of racing one then here is the list of car parking simulators that you should definitely try on  your android or ios devices.

The list the you find here is based on personal experience and taste.I have played many car parking games and generated this list based on the game play ,playability and of course graphics too.

Best car parking games for android and ios:

 Best car parking games or simulators for android and ios
 Best car parking games or simulators for android and ios 
#5 Parking Mania by Chillingo:

Available in both android and ios.It has over 5 million downloads in android alone.You will have to control the car either by manual controls or by using accelerometer,you can chose type of transition too.Game play is straight forward collect all the coins and park the car with out crashing to win a medal.Unlike the the games with are mentioned above.
parking mania for android and ios
parking mania for android and ios

One of the biggest drawback of this simulator is that is 2d game play or you can say its top view.If you want to enjoy 3d parking games then go for other games which are mentioned below.
Download parking mania game for android and ios
#4 carparking by Icloudzone:

With over 10 million downloads in playstore it self it is one of most downloaded car parking simulator in playstore.Game play is simple you have to choose one car from three different cars and select select any one of the mode from normal,enhance and ultimate.Both in normal and enhance mode you will have only 29 levels which the ultimate mode has 60 levels.

carparking by Icloudzone
carparking by icloudzone
You will be forced to play from starting point if you crash the car even once.Though the game graphics may not impress you. you will be frustrated with annoying adds for every now and then.This is available in both playstore and appstore.
Download this game : Itunes or playstore

#3 Dr. Driving by SUB inc:

As you know by name itself how popular this game is.It is undoubtedly one of the most played games on android and ios.Though it is not all about parking it still as some levels where you need to park the car to complete the game.
dr driving simulator
dr driving car simulator
Game play is simple choose the type of car and repair damage  with coins which you will collect while playing and play it.Once you start the game countdown begins and you have to complete the level within time.Any collision with other vehicles will make you lose the game.
Download dr.driving on itunes or playstore

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#2 Backyard Parking 3D:
Though it has just 1 million downloads it surely the best car parking simulator or game which you can play.It has excellent controls and has great graphics with nice background music.You will be parking in garages with different cars which include each of small hatchback,sadan,Suv and a pickup truck.
backyard parking
backyard parking

Game play is fairly simple.You will 3 chances of hitting obstacles before successfully parking the car.For each car you will have two modes.One is easy and other being challenge. For each completion of a level you will be earning one to max 3 stars which can be used to unlock other cars and levels.
Download backyard parking for android

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#1 Parking Reloaded by Waldschrat Studios:

With over million download ,this is the best parking game that you can play on both android and ios devices.Graphics,background music,excellent controls  makes it to stand from the rest.Another best thing about this games is that it comes completely free and you don't need to pay anything to unlock levels or cars.Different types of car include hatchback,sedans,police car,a van and a sports car.
Parking Reloaded by Waldschrat Studios
Parking Reloaded by Waldschrat Studios
Game play is simple you will be racing with another car and at the end you have to park the car.Each car has two types of modes.One is easy and other is challenge.Both the modes offer 12 to 18 levels to play and in each level you will ear stars which are used to unlock other cars.For perfect parking in each level you will win 3 stars and last one to park will earn single star.You can make 5 to 7 collisions with vehicles or obstacles until you lose the game.
Download parking reloaded for android

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Final words:
This completes the list Top 5 Best car parking games or simulators for android and ios that you have to play right now.This may or may not agree with the list.It completely depends on how you see and play these games.If you think the list is incomplete please let us know through comment section.We will be thankful if you can point other best parking games so that we can add them in this list.
Thank you
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