11 Oct 2015

Unlock bootloader,Install Twrp recovery and Root Oneplus Two (oneplus2)

Oneplus one changed the face of a Chinese manufacturing company which was just founded in 2013.The price of the device along with industry leading specs made smartphone enthusiasts go crazy about this device.This company has a become a brand instead of being called another Chinese manufacturing company.

One of the primary reasons for oneplus one to become huge success is the cyanogenmod.Being open to android development ecosystem this device attracted so many developers to compile different roms. The second generation of their flagship too had huge demand and but it is hard to get as you need an invite to buy it.

If you take a look at the device specifications then it comes with a octacore snapdragon 810 processor along with 3 or 4gb of ram depending on internal storage.It sports a 5.5inch screen with 1080p resolution.Primary camera is a 13mp sensor which can shoot videos at 4k wile the secondary camera is 5mp unit which can record videos in 1080 p which should be great for selfies.There is a finger print sensor too for better security.Finally it is powered by a 3300mah battery which should last all day long.

If are lucky enough to have it then you must be aware by now that it has got some good custom roms to play with if you bored with the oxygen os(stock rom).but before flashing custom roms you have root oneplus two and install a twrp recovery.If you don't know how to do it then don't worry at all in this post we will guide you to Unlock bootloader,Install Twrp recovery and Root Oneplus Two.

But before going further you have to keep in mind that this is a risky process.If anything goes wrong then there are chances of heart attack,nuclear war or even explosion for which we hold no responsibility at all so you have to proceed at your own risk.

 Unlock bootloader,Install Twrp recovery and Root Oneplus Two:

Unlock bootloader,Install Twrp recovery and Root Oneplus Two (oneplus2)
Unlock bootloader,Install Twrp recovery and Root Oneplus Two (oneplus2)
Before proceeding further:
  • Battery: Charge your oneplus two to at least 80% or full to avoid any battery related issues.
  • install drivers of oneplus two on your computer as you need to bridge your device to pc.
  • Backup:backup all your app data or any personal data from your device to cloud or your computer as unlocking bootloader will erase all the data .
  • Update: You need to update your oneplus two to latest version of software that you receive through Ota.
  • Usb debugging:Enable usb debugging on your handset.If you don't enable this device might not be detected in fastboot mode.Open settings app and scroll down to about device,You will find build number.Tap on it continuously until the countdown goes to zero and you will see a toast message you are now a developer.One done go back and you will find developer options, open it and search for enable usb debugging and enable it.
  • You have to unlock bootloader of oneplus two before flashing twrp recovery and rooting it.
  • Downloads: Download Twrp recovery for oneplus two on your computer and supersu on your handset.
  • Install adb or fastboot on your computer.

About Twrp Recovery:
Team win recovery project abbreviated as Twrp is one first recovery to offer a completely touch driven interface.The ui is completely xml based which means you can customise the interface with different themes and also it is only recovery that supports themes.Unlike the clockworkmod recovery this recovery has the option to wipe all the data,cache,dalvik,system,internal with just only one swipe.Of course you have to choose what to be wiped on the device.Being a developer friendly device,twrp officially supports it under the codename oneplus2.
install twrp recovery on oneplus two oneplus2
twrp recovery for oneplus two
Let see the features of Twrp:
  • Touch interface:It is one of the first if not he first recovery to offer a complete touch based user interface which makes navigation a lot easier and later cwm also introduced touch based recovery.
  • Individual Backups: Creating a complete backup is a must for any flasher but it eats up a lot of space of your internal or external storage.Twrp will let you to backup individual portions of rom, this saves lot of space on your android device.This feature comes handy when you are flashing kernels.If You can backup just boot img before flashing a kernel if it fails you can restore just boot img instead of complete nandroid backup.
  • Advanced wipe:There are two options for wiping your device partitions one is wipe and other is advanced wipe.If you choose just wipe option it factory resets while advance wipe option will allow you to choose what to wipe and what not.
  • Theme Engine: This is one of the best feature and is only available in Twrp only.Since ui of twrp is xml based you can customize its ui with already available themes or you can create your own theme if you can.
  • Multi rom:As the name says you can boot more than two roms on your device and is exclusive to twrp only as of now.This feature may not be available from official twrp team and booting more than one rom requires a modified kernel by your rom developer.
Since twrp recovery officially supports oneplus two  you can expect much faster bug fixes and new updates.Before flashing recovery you need to unlock bootloader and then flash it using fastboot.

Unlocking bootloader of oneplus two:

Bootloader unlocking process of oneplus2 is very similar to that of nexus devices and if you don't know how to do it then follow this step by step guide.

Must read: Basic adb and fastboot commands
  • Download and install oneplus two drivers on your computer if you haven't done it before.
  • Now power off the device completely and wait for few seconds to confirm that it is completely off.
  • Hold volume down/up(only one) and power button at same time for few seconds to boot into fastboot mode.If you are requested to chose a language while booting into fastboot.
  • If you are unable to boot into fasboot mode manually then you can do it using advanced reboot option which you have to enable it in developer options. 
  • Once you are in fastboot mode connect it to computer through usb cable and if you notice any driver installation process let it complete first.
  • Download  fastboot on our laptop or Pc and install it.You can install it any location but choose location as c: which is default location.
  • open the fastboot folder which is located in "c:\programming files".Right click on empty space by holding shift and you see an option "open cmd here".
  • If you don't find this option then press windows and R buttons at same time ,Run pops up and type cmd to open command prompt.
  • Now go to fastboot folder and copy the address location of it which you can see in address bar of folder.
  • In command prompt type the command "Cd location of fastboot folder" and press enter.You will notice that fastboot appears in command line.To paste location right click on empty space in cmd and several pops up.Select paste.
  • One you press enter you have to notice minimal adb and fastboot in command line instead of c or some thing.
  • Once you are in fastboot window type "fastboot devices" and press enter.If your device is detected you will get a serial number in list of  devices attached.If not uninstall drivers and install them again.
  • Assuming that you have backed up all the data type the command "fastboot oem unlock" and hit enter.
  • You will be prompted on your handset with yes or no to unlock bootloader of oneplus two.Click on yes to confirm or no to reject.Once you click on yes unlocking process initiates and will be completed in just 2 to 3 seconds.Remember that this will erase all the data on your device.
  • Once done type the command fastboot reboot and it reboots to system.

Install twrp recovery on oneplus two:

As you have unlocked your bootloader in the first step its time to flash recovery so that you can root oneplus two.
  • Download twrp recovery image from the abouve link and transfer it to the minimal adb and fastboot folder.
  • Rename the recovery img file to "recovery",so that you can type the command easily.
  • Connect the device to system using usb cable again by keeping it in fastboot mode.
  • Now type the command "fastboot devices " to see if it is detected.If it is not detected by fastboot reboot the device and enable usb debugging and see if it is detected.
  • If detected type the command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" to flash the recovery permanently.Hit enter to flash it.
  • once done just type the command fastboot reboot to restart the handset.

How to root oneplus two:

Now that you have installed twrp recovery on your oneplus2 you can root it easily by flashing supersu file.Follow below steps for guidance.
  • Download super su zip file from the above link and transfer it to internal storage of oneplus two.
  • Go to developer settings and enable advanced reboot option.
  • Press and hold power button and choose reboot option.You will get three reboot options choose "reboot to recovery" and hit enter.
  • Once you are in Twrp recovery click on backup options and select all the options including efs and swipe to confirm backup.
  • Click on back and now select install and choose the supersu file which you have downloaded earlier.
  • Swipe to flash it and once done reboot system.You have successfully rooted your oneplus two.
  • To check if it is rooted or not open playstore and download root checker app and run it.If it asks for superuser permissions the you have root access for sure.
Now that you have root access on your oneplus two you can install some root apps and also tweak cpu or gpu parameters so that you can improve performance ot battery life.But before doing all these stuff you have to backup efs partitions of oneplus two.
Final words:
By following that above procedure you will be able to Unlock bootloader,Install Twrp recovery and Root Oneplus Two (code name : oneplus2).If you have any queries you can comment here or approach us using our social media profiles.
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