8 Dec 2015

Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 custom rom On samsung galaxy E5 E500H (e53g)

Some devices gets exposed to android development community before going live into market and there will be some device which will see hardly see any development even after getting released for more than year.Samsung galaxy E5 is one of those device for which it took too long to get exposed to custom android development.Even it took a lot of time for the root exploit to come into public.

But the important thing for custom android development of galaxy E5 E500H is the recovery which is already available.But there are almost no custom roms available for galaxy e5 E500H till now.There is only one custom rom which is also the important one and has the possibility of becoming a base for coming custom roms it is none other than Cyanogenmod.

This is not the latest cyanogenmod that is Cm 13 but it is based on android lollipop 5.1.1 that is Cm 12.1.If you are disappointed with this then one good news for you is that all other devices which received cm 13 are unofficial build and are not that stable.

This custom rom for Galaxy E5 E500H is not that stable but as being a first custom rom you can try it on your device and see how it runs.Since there are lot of variants of galaxy E5 you have to be careful on which model you  are flashing this.If you don't have E500H then its better to stay away fro this as flashing this on other variants might brick it for sure.

Since flashing is a risky process we take no responsibility for any type of damage that can happen to your device if it fails.So proceed at your own risk.

Install Cyanogenmod 12.1  rom On galaxy E5 E500H (e53g):

Cyanogenmod 12.1 custom rom On samsung galaxy E5 E500H (e53g)
Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 custom rom On samsung galaxy E5 E500H (e53g)
About Cm 12.1 custom rom:
This rom is compiled by an xda folk "Jackeagle", a big thanks to him for bringing this amazing rom for this device.As this rom is still in early stages of development you will find bugs here and there.Fm radio is not working and also usb mtp has some issues.
Features of Cm 12.1:
  • Theme engine: Theme engine is from the cyanogenmod custom rom which basically changes the look user interface from lock screen  to ring tones all the way up to boot animations.The speciality of the theme engine is the ability to choose individual elements of every theme you have installed.So you like the ring tons and wallpapers of one theme and icons of other theme then you can have them at a time.Just open the theme chooser and you will understand how to do it.
  • Performance control:A default cpu manager app to control frequencies and governors.You can adjust cpu frequencies and also set them on boot too.
  • Trebuchet: This is the default launcher that ships with cyanogenmod rom.But if you flash gapps then you might loose this.It doesn't have too many features like nova or other launchers but its simple and fast.
  • Software Updates: Cyanogenmod rom is usually available in three types one is nightlies which gets updated with new features every night and are quite stable for daily usage.second one is the snapchat which is monthly build version which will be stable version and other one is the release candidate.Some times nightlies are considered must stable than the snapshots. 
  • Status bar Tweaks:Status bar has lot of tweaks which include a brightness slider.Slide in status bar to adjust brightness of the screen.Double tap on status bar to sleep device and also network speed indicator for on going traffic info.
  • If you root apps don't work then that is no response form super user it means it has been disabled and you can enable it in developer options easily.
These are the features of cyanogenmod cm 12.1 custom rom for samsung galaxy E5 E500H and you can explore its features by flashing this on your device.
Before going further:
  • Check you samsung galaxy E5  model number by going into about device and confirm that you are using E500H variant of the device.
  • Make sure that kies is already installed on your computer.If you don't have then do install them.
  • You must have updated it to official software that is already available if you are starting from scratch.
  • Root: You need to have root access on your samsung galaxy E5 E500H to install cyanogenmod 12.1 custom rom.If not you have to follow the whole guide.
  • Backup:Backup all your data which includes contacts,apps,photos videos etc everything to computer or any cloud networks as installing CM 12.1 on galaxy E5 e53g will erase all the data on your handset.
  • You must have already rooted it.If not we have separate guide on how to root samsung galaxy E5 E500H and also how to root Galaxy e5 E500M.Checkout the respective guide.
  • Backup Efs partitions: This is for those who already have twrp installed.Backup all your efs partition of your samsung device on existing rom. Just in case if you loose signal or imei  you can just restore it back.
  • Battery: Charge your galaxy E5 to 100% so that you wont encounter any battery related problems while updating it.
  • Downloads: Android marshmallow for samsung galaxy E5 (androidfilehost mirror) on your computer or device itself.If you want gapps download them too.
  • Recovery: You need a custom recovery like twrp already installed on your galaxy E5 E500h.

Flash Lollipop based cm 12.1 on galaxy E5 using twrp recovery:

  • Download resurrection remix rom for galaxy E5 (cm-12.1-20151203-UNOFFICIAL-e53g.zip)and Gapps transfer them to sdcard or internal storage of device.
  • Power of the device completely and wait for few seconds to confirm that it is completely off.
  • Using button combinations reboot into recovery or use quick boot app to enter recovery.
  • Once you are in twrp recovery click on backup and choose all the partitions and make backup first. It might about 5 to 10 minutes for backup to complete and do not interrupt backup process.
  • Now click on wipe and select system,data,cache and dalvik cache options.Don't select internal storage.
  • Once you have wiped required partitions go back and click on install.
  • Navigate to location where you have placed your marshmallow zip file and select it.
  • Swipe to confirm flash and wait for 5 minutes for process to complete.
  • Again click on install and select gapps this time,swipe to confirm to flash.
  • Once gapps are flashed reboot to system.Wait at least 15 minutes for initial boot to complete and once done you can explore its features.
If the rom doesn't boot after 20 minutes then press and hold power button for about 15 seconds and the device goes off.Now boot into recovery and do a factory reset again and reboot it to system.If the rom still doesn't boot then restore the backup which you have made and wait for further update.
Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 custom rom On samsung galaxy E5 E500H (e53g) Reviewed by Radha Krishna on 16:53 Rating: 5 Some devices gets exposed to android development community before going live into market and there will be some device which will see hardl...

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